Earth's Axis has changed

December 12, 2014

12-2014 Canadian Inuit tribes Warn Earth’s axis or wobble has changed

(I would like everyone to take a look at this link sent to me by a friend in Canada. Their Inuit tribes are warning that the Earths axis has changed or the wobble has changed because their sun is no longer behaving as it used to. The position of the sun and the sky has changed. This is exactly what I have been saying. Here is the link to their story.

We also had a commenter on the “2014 changes in solar position” article who  posted additional links for info about the Inuit observations of the changes they have seen in the sun and the stars. I just love it when people claim the stars are the same and have not changed. I ran the star charts for a 2000 mile latitude variance and the differences were virtually indistinguishable. You would have to be using an advanced laser measuring system to detect any variance at all. When you are dealing with the vastness of space, a 2000 mile variance on earth is not worth a pinpoint of change. You can get into your car and drive hundreds of miles and the stars will be virtually standing still with the only exception of the earth’s rotation making any difference.

Take a look at the star charts of Mexico compared to the Dakota’s at the same date and time. The difference is so miniscule 1200 miles apart that you could not tell the difference with the naked eye when looking up at the stars. These gov’t paid disinfo attackers like to use this as a point of attack. So look for yourself. 1200 miles does not mean anything in the perspective of stars hundreds of light years away. If these were orbiting our planet, then yes, we could see a difference. But the stars are on a vast scale. So take a look at the star chart comparisons on this page and check it out for yourself. Especially Polaris. The difference is so miniscule, you would not see the difference. Especially with the earth rotating. But these charts have frozen the details in place so you can do a side by side comparison of two points 1200 miles apart.

Anytime you see a lot of vicious attacks on someone or information, that should tell you that the gov’t is desperately trying to silence that person or ridicule their info. If you notice, they completely ignore erroneous info such as the photo of the naked sloth which lost its hair and was beaten to death by Panamanian teens last year and posted on the internet as an alien monster. While a sloth is admittedly an odd looking creature, especially after losing its hair to mange or some other condition… I know a sloth when I see one and so should anyone in Panama which has a large sloth population. But no one has said a word about that photo or any of the other recognizable creature photos. They only attack valid information. They leave the quackery alone in the hope that it will ridicule the entire subject. But they attack and destroy anything or anyone with valid info. So use that as your guide. Those under attack are usually valid. I do not allow hired attack dogs to post on here. I have zero tolerance for gov’t disinfo attacks. You won’t see them on here.

What people don’t seem to understand is that the entire scientific community is dependent upon the gov’t for their jobs. Every university received gov’t grants and accreditation. Every aerospace job is tied to DOD or NASA taxpayer dollars. Every professional astronomer depends upon observatories and space telescopes tied to gov’t entities. Nearly every foreign country is tied to US gov’t loans or US corporation loans. Even their retirements are tied to gov’t monies.

Not one scientist dares to speak out on these issues for fear of their jobs. Many don’t want to see or hear anything about it. Some have been twisted by the company they keep. The gov’t hired pit bulls would also attack and discredit any whistleblower who dares go public. Other scientists in their field would be compelled to attack and discredit any scientist who dares to speak out on subjects forbidden by the US gov’t. They are even afraid to speak amongst themselves since they don’t know who might report them. When my uncle worked for LANL, even their homes were wired. They moved to a nearby town just to get away from the constant surveillance and monitoring the gov’t does to scientists. But even that would not have stopped the constant monitoring. Even with the FOIA release of documented info which reveals the things our gov’t has done… people bury their heads in the sand and don’t want to believe it. They also have short memories about these events.

The gov’t uses compartmentalization to keep anyone from sharing info with others in their field. Any scientist who dares to come forward would lose their job, their reputation and their ability to work in their field. Just ask Bob Lazar what happens to someone who speaks out. They destroyed his job, his reputation, his employment records, even his academic records were destroyed. The gov’t minions hounded, harassed and nearly killed him but decided to leave him a broken wreck as a warning to others. They found others who were willing to sell out for a price (like Friedman) to attack and destroy Lazar. I know he was genuine. He worked at the same place as one of my relatives who was also a scientist. But our Pavlov’s programmed society of sheeple has become like a pack of wild dogs who attack and eat their own at the first sign of blood. The gov’t has used the media, targeted programming, labels like Conspiracy theorist and use paid disinformation hirelings to control the population and flow of information.

So don’t expect any other scientist to come forward and tell you the truth about the axis change. No one is going to risk their neck for a thankless public who attacks and eats their own. If the public is not willing to protect and support those who come forward with info, then they don’t deserve to know the truth.

But the one thing they cannot hide is the sun. Despite all the efforts they have made to convince the public it is perfectly normal… all of you over the age of 50 know that the sun should never, ever be farther north than the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) on the longest day (June 21st). That is the farthest north the sun should ever be. If you live north of the tropic of cancer such as the US, Europe, Russia, Canada, etc., you should never, ever see the sun setting or rising to the north of your location. You should never have sunlight through your northern windows. This is one thing the gov’t cannot hide from you. Their only option is to twist your thinking and make you believe it is normal. Especially those of you who are not old enough to remember the sun’s behavior before the axis shifted.

We have had the gov’t disinfo discreditors try to nitpick and use the artic circle by saying that people living in the artic circle would have noticed if there was something wrong with the sun or their attack dogs claiming to live there themselves…

Well, someone has noticed!  The Inuits are not puppets of the gov’t like our scientists have become. So they are not afraid to speak out. They have noticed the changes and so far, they haven’t kowtowed to the gov’t (yet) and the puppet scientists whose jobs depend on gov’t grants, contracts, foreign aid, corporate monies, trade agreements and taxpayer monies.

I had said in previous articles that the sun in Alaska and Iceland used to dip below the horizon for about 4 hours in the summer before the axis shift in 2004. It was still twilight during those 4 hours so it was never dark in the summer months. But the sun did go just below the horizon  for about 4 hours in the summer prior to the axis shift. Now it does not dip below the horizon in the summer at all.  (all references to flat land, not mountainous).

Since the axis shift in 2004,  the sun never dips below the horizon in the arctic circle. It is even worse now with the additional shift which has occurred in the past year. The sun in the arctic region is now always above the horizon and is much warmer. This is severely increasing the rate of melting of the polar ice. As the land based ice melts… (especially at the south pole), it affects the planetary balance. The south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor maintaining our balance and axis tilt. As that ice melts and disburses into the ocean, the axis slips and the sea levels rise. At some point, the axis angle will reach the tipping point and the earth will end up laying on its side. One scientist did say that he had evidence this has happened 11 times in earth’s past which is why there are findings of tropical forests in the arctic and Antarctic circles.

This is not a magnetic reversal of poles and the planet does not have enough land based weight at the arctic to flip upside down. Earth will end up lying on its side because most of the weight is at the equator. The weights do matter because the earth is tied to the gravitational pull of the sun. We do have another planet in our solar system which is currently lying on its side. We also have one rotating backward because it inverted. Earth’s balance is regulated by the ice at the south pole. As I described above, it serves as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains our axis tilt. As the ice there melts, our axis slips. The more it melts, the more it slips. With the sun higher above the arctic horizon, it is hotter and increasing the rate of melting.

These changes affect our weather. You can see this polar ice melting in the increase in humidity levels, the increase in rain, flooding, snowfall, blizzards and the increase in fog and overcast skies. We haven’t seen the sun for the past month in the south central US. The constant overcast reminds me of the high fog in northern California which caused a daily overcast there during the summer months. The daily high fog overcast in California rarely was above the 300 ft altitude clearance required to fly a private plane on visual flight rules. We rarely had a clear day. We never had this issue in Texas until now.  This isn’t just overcast. It starts out as ground fog every morning, then slowly begins to clear but the sky never clears. This high fog remains over us the entire day. Just like it did in California. But this is Texas. We never had such weather before the axis shift and it is this past year after this second shift when these foggy overcasts began to occur and now we have not had a clear day in a month.

What was even more bizarre was to see rainy overcast throughout the summer months. This was normally a desert climate. Dry heat. Zero rain between July and Sept. Triple digit heat usually above 110 between July and Sept. But this last summer 2014, we had rain every week and temps in the 80’s and 90’s. One thunderstorm after another. This is unheard of between July 1st and Sept. 1st. I had just measured the first significant increase in the position of the sun on June 21, 2014 since the initial shift of the earth’s axis in 2004 which shifted the earth’s axis about 1200 miles. I measured and photographed the position of the sun every summer on June 21 beginning in 2006. It remained the same until June 21 2014 when I saw a significant increase in the sun position, indicating a shift of perhaps an additional 800 miles totaling about a 2000 mile difference from the position of the earths axis prior to the initial shift in 2004.

My friends near the eastern Canadian coast are suffering from violent wind storms and thunder snow which used to be a rare occurrence. Those spiral weather patterns which used to be reserved for the equatorial and tropic regions are now occurring over the US and Canada because we have shifted into those zones during the summer and into the arctic zones during the winter.

Only the spring and autumn have the sun in normal positions but with the increased tilt positional changes, the spring and fall weather now changes more rapidly to  go from the one extreme to the other to transition between summer and winter.

My friends who live near the glaciers of Alaska have the opposite situation. They used to have 20ft of snow on their rooftops. I have photos of them using snow blowers to clear their roofs. Now the winters rarely go below 45F degrees with very little snow in the inches instead of feet. They no longer have any use for their snow blowers and the glaciers which they can see from their homes are melting and disappearing. These are dramatic changes in our weather and environment.

You do not need to wait for official announcements by the gov’t or weather or scientists. They will lie about the shifting axis until the last moment the planet shifts onto its side and then plan to save their own hides in their underground shelters under Denver built at taxpayer expense while leaving everyone else to fend on their own and to die.

If you want to know the truth, contact people in Alaska and rural Canada who are above the age of 50 who have lived in those regions most of their entire lives who remember what it used to be like. Anyone under 50 is unlikely to be old enough to remember what it was like before the axis shift. Don’t bother with people who work for universities or aerospace entities who are all dependent upon gov’t grants and contracts or taxpayer dollars. They will adhere to the gov’t approved dogma. Retired engineers who were not associated with DOD contract corporations and scenic artists would be the best who would be detailed oriented enough to notice changes without being tied to gov’t controls or propaganda.

Now that the axis has shifted so severely, it is beyond our ability to fix it. There is nothing we can do to undo the damage. We can only hope to delay it or keep it at status quo but only if we made immediate efforts to cease any pollutants with fossil fuels and industrial pollution. We have plenty of natural energy from solar, wind, water, etc. and the technology to use it despite what our crooked energy companies would lead everyone to believe. The most ridiculous energy company scam is to create hydrogen fuel from oil at some horrific expense to keep their profits and control over it. Any high school student can tell you that water is H2O (two parts hydrogen which is easily released with electrolytic treatment). We have unlimited water in the ocean which could be turned into hydrogen and there is no sane reason whatsoever to be extracting hydrogen from oil. But our population doesn’t seem to care about these scams and controls maintained by the energy companies who run our gov’t and our politicians. If we don’t immediately do something to stop the melting of the polar ice, we may very well see the earth’s axis slip onto its side within our lifetimes. I would hope it would delay until after our lifetimes… but we don’t have years for our gov’t to decide to do something… which they never will because the energy companies run the govt. They will only care about money and power until their last breath no matter what destructions may befall the planet.

The gov’t estimates such a calamity is expected to occur about 2020 and they already have their underground refuge facilities stockpiled at our expense under Denver which is ready and waiting to save the worst of our planet’s population who are responsible for all the deceit and damage and coverups… leaving all the rest of our Pavlovian programmed population to fend for themselves. Just wait and see what kind of wild animals our population will become once this occurs. I hope someone will direct their rampaging toward the air vents of the underground Denver facility. The access is under the new airport. The one with the murals of world destruction. Here is an excellent overview of those murals. If you have not seen them, you need to look at this page, the photos and the descriptions.

If the final axis shift doesn’t happen in our lifetimes, then don’t worry about it.

However, if it does happen in your lifetime and you are one of the few who had the sense to know the sun is out of position and now you have the Inuits who have verified this as well… should the worst happen, the best place for survival is to head for central America between Columbia and Mexico, away from the coast lines, away from volcanoes… but above 300ft due to the rising seas. You will need a mountain fed water source because the water table will be contaminated by the rising oceans. You will also need to be able to have soil and conditions to grow crops and access food sources.  Preferably in a home capable of surviving off the grid without utilities or commerce or medical. There are survival preparation ideas available on



  1. I was just reading through some of your older posts and found this one. You mention that if the earth does shift over to its side, then the best place to be is in Central America. Given that that is an impossibility for most of us, what are our prospects here in the U.S.? I’m in Northeastern OK at around 700′ elevation. Any guesses what the climate in the central part of the U.S would be after a shift? I’m assuming that being away from both coasts would be essential. What elevation would you need to be above in the central U.S? Any other suggestions for your readers on how to survive this if you’re not under the Denver Airport;-)?


    Comment by Rob — June 18, 2016 @ 11:24 pm | Reply

    • I will include a website which has a wealth of emergency preparations; although I need to add a few more ideas such as packing everything in waterproof Ziplocs & styrofoam containers which will float in a flood. I had forgotten to include those.

      The conditions really depend on which way we shift in perspective to the sun onto our side. I’m assuming it will be at the same Angle. Spring & fall weather will still be normal even with the planet on it’s side & continuing to rotate vertically. It will still look like the sun is rising east to west as it does now.

      However, the summer & winter is where we would see drastic changes. During the summer months the north pole would have full overhead sunlight 24 hours & high 3 digit temperatures. From the midwest, we would also have 24 hour daylight but it would be above our north horizon at an angle and not near as hot as the north pole. But without darkness it could get quite warm.

      The winter months will be the worst. The south pole will have the full overhead light and we will be in total darkness & freezing cold. The only escape would be near the equator for normal temperatures year round.

      You would need underground homes. Solar power would be useless in the winter & water would be frozen unless buried deep below the frost line which may increase as much as 72 inches below ground level. Even wind power might freeze the components of windmills to function. a source of winter power will be a problem. You may have to store fossil fuels for heat & light like the 18th & 19th centuries. But remember, venting to prevent CO2 asphyxiation is essential. Especially underground. Any flame source must be vented.

      You also need to be above 300 ft in the event all the glaciers melt during those summon months. Preferably above 400 ft. Plus a source of fresh water. Do not pollute the water table with septic. Rain water may be hard to find in winter & summer.

      For the Denver airport, I recommend the locals should obtain those large highrise pile drivers to punch a few holes in their cozy retreat. Dig them out.

      Keep in mind that a sudden final shift could produce a Tsunami wall of water hundreds of feet high capable of covering an entire continent like the movie “2012”. This may have been the reason the western states have so many salt lake puddles from being filled with a wall of water from one of the past 11 shifts. It took hundreds of years to evaporate. Even Texas & Florida could remain under water.

      The 400 ft elevation is for after the tsunamis settle down. The residual water could remain on land for hundreds of years. Hopefully, 700 ft is enough. I’m only at 660 ft myself. I cannot predict the tsunami effects since it is totally dependent upon how acutely & suddenly the planet shifts. I cannot predict when it will occur but I feel it might be between 2020 & 2026 based on the gov’t behavior but I will know better this week.

      Don’t forget to hide any shelter from the view of roving hoards who will kill for the supplies you have.

      Also check the info on


      Comment by mmc7 — June 19, 2016 @ 1:19 am | Reply

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