Earth's Axis has changed

May 23, 2015

5-2015 More Flooding

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In the past month, we have had nearly 27 inches of rain. That is more than 2 feet of rain in 30 days. This is north central Texas. The water  has pooled over a foot deep in standing water on our adobe yards like a swamp… not to mention swarms of mosquitoes and snakes. This is clearly not normal Texas weather. The temperature has even been in the 40’s. Not something we see after April.

I have both a digital weather system and an analog weather system to cross check these measurements. Yet, our honest national weather service still has us listed as a severe drought area on the US drought map. Which just shows you cannot expect anything the NWS says as valid. They are deliberately underreporting & misreporting the weather. You need to install your own digital weather system if you want the actual measurements and temperatures.

It has rained here on a daily basis for 2 weeks straight now. As much as 2 1/2 inches in a matter of hours and an inch per day average. This is from massive melting and evaporation of the polar glaciers creating increased humidity and increased precipitation.

We are up to our knees in standing water while California is drying out. This is the first time in 17 years that our lakes have been filled to capacity. It will take at least 3 weeks of totally dry, hot weather and full sunlight before these pools of water dry up in our yards. I am astonished our septic systems are still functioning with standing rain water covering the entire area. It is like a giant swamp over a foot deep in the lower spots and 6 inches deep on flat ground. We have also been consistently overcast for months now with less than a handful of days where we have seen sunlight. It is also still raining with no prospect of relief in sight. There is nothing but daily rain in the forecast for a week in advance… as it has been for over 2 weeks. So we may not have dry yards again for at least a month…. depending on whether the rain will stop.

Although I like the cooler, wetter weather when compared to our normal super hot, dry desert conditions… I’m not too fond of the mosquito filled, snake infested swamp conditions we have had for the past 2 months. This is Texas. Not Florida.

Nor do I like to hear about California drying up. California has a different problem. During the 13 years I lived in northern California, I noticed the weather systems always stayed offshore during the week days and the rains only came inland during the weekends. This was due to the heat bubble or wall of heat produced by the exhaust of bumper to bumper traffic and industry.

Tornadoes in the Midwest are also affected by these heat bubbles which make them veer around major cities where concrete holds heat and heavy traffic and industry are located. The heat of car exhaust and industry affects the weather systems. The increase in population, cars and industry and the loss of forests has affected those weather patterns in coming onshore in California. But now, with the shifting of the planet, California is 2000 further south in the summer and 2000 miles further north in the winter. This changes the temperatures & behaviors of the ocean currents. The changes in ocean temperatures has affected the formation of storms off shore as an additional problem. Thus, between the heat of pollution and the change in ocean currents & temperatures, California is no longer getting the storm systems it needs. Every part of the US is being affected by these changes. Just look at the blizzards in the NE US and the disappearing coastlines. It won’t be long before FL disappears altogether. The gov’t has been running bulldozers round the clock to shore up the beaches and widen the mouths of rivers and dredge to artificially maintain the coast lines. We can expect our planet to undergo many more severe weather changes as we continue to shift on our axis.

Even as recently as the last week of April, the sunrise and sunsets were already infiltrating through our north windows.

We also have these internet hirelings who try to disseminate disinformation through geometric formulas. This is to intimidate you from asking questions. All of the BS in the world will not change the fact that the sun is rising and setting to the NORTH of the US during the month of June. Every 3rd grade student knows the sun position should never be north of the Tropic of Cancer in Mid Mexico at any time of year. That is the farthest north point the sun should ever be on the Summer solstice, June 21st… the longest day of the year. So, when you see someone trying to buffalo you with formulas… just remember the sun should NEVER be north of mid Mexico at any time of the year. Thus, you should not be seeing the sun rising and setting to the north if everything was normal.

They can try to twist your perception and intimidate your confidence or loudmouths shaming you into submission. Or they will try to use star positions to confuse you. If you go to there are star charts which show just how similar the star positions are with a 2000 mile difference. The difference is negligible. Nothing you would be able to notice or measure… and you should also keep in mind that the stars are constantly in motion. The reason there is negligible  difference in the star positions between these latitudes is because the distance to the stars is so vast. A 2000 mile difference in the stars we see between viewpoints from mid Mexico to the Canadian border is very nearly identical which you can see for yourself on the star charts.

But, as I have told you many times… they cannot hide the sun from you. Ignore anything you have been told by any of us. Just look out your north window in June at sunrise and sunset. If it is rising and setting to the north of Mexico… you can clearly see the sun is not where it is suppose to be… with your own eyes. Don’t let anyone twist the truth of what you can see.

The weather changes are just the tip of the iceberg… quite literally. We will know if there has been any additional shift of the axis since last year when we are able to see the measurements of the sun this coming June 21st.


  1. Monterrey in Northern Mexico is a city where extreme weather rules. We shoujld be used to it, but last year 2015, from January to May there was rainfall like never before. I was concerned about it, and at the same time concerned about the deterioration suffered by my car because of thousands of potholes that sprung up like mushrooms all over the city. So far this 2016 has been completely different, much drier, although one day to our surprise we woke up to snow capped mountains. By next day it had all melted away. This year promises to be hot but the weather patterns have changed a lot since I arrived here in 1975.


    Comment by Rose Girl — March 5, 2016 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

    • I have been to Monterrey about 18 years ago. High mountains and I heard about the monarch butterfly migration there but did not get to see it. One of the locals told me how hard it was to drive with a blizzard of butterflies and how the windows had to be kept closed to keep out the swarms of butterflies.

      The shifting of the axis would place you in a farther position to the north during the winter, thus allowing for snow and farther south in the summer allowing for other weather changes during those months when your location is shifted out of the tropic zones. Your weather should be closer to normal during the spring and fall equinox, hence in the normal tropical positions.

      Has the butterfly migration been affected?


      Comment by mmc7 — March 7, 2016 @ 1:42 am | Reply

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