Earth's Axis has changed

May 25, 2016

5-2016 Verifiable Data; NOT Doomsday antics

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I take exception to any implications that this is some doomsday site. I only post factual data about the position of the sun. I keep everything simple & easy to understand.  You can look outside each June 21st and verify what I have posted.

I have never said it was doomsday. Or incited panic. Or try to recruit followers. I do not have an agenda nor some crazy end of world ravings.

I have said the axis will eventually shift the Earth onto its side. NOT upside down. There is insufficient land mass at the north pole to invert our planet completely.  I have also said this would create Tsunamis & other problems. But this can be a survivable situation which is why I caution about coastlines & tsunami’s which is a real event as it was in 2004 & 2011 (among others).

I also have info on surviving such situations. But I do not claim doomsdays or other shock & awe tactics to prey on people. I simply post the sun’s position each year and my opinions on what our situation is at the time.

It doesn’t matter to me whether anyone believes the axis has shifted. I already know the truth. This site is for your benefit not mine. I have nothing to gain in this endeavor.

There is also a difference between pole shift: magnetic shift and axis shift. This site only addresses the shifting axis tilt of the Earth which we measure each year on the longest day (the summer solstice) when the sun is at its furthermost north position. Which was the Tropic of cancer in mid Mexico. Yet we are seeing the sun north of the US. Any schoolchild knows the sun should never be farther north than mid Mexico’s latitude.

As for pole shifting, something quite different, the magnetic north may creep around the north pole a few miles each year but that is mostly caused by the shifting axis. Not some huge pending magnetic pole shift. Our universal forces will prevent any magnetic pole shifts. If it ever does, the drain water would reverse spin direction but that wont happen.

The galaxy & universe have universal constants of magnetic fields & gravity which keep the solar systems & planets aligned & orderly. Unfortunately, it cannot prevent the axis from shifting as the Antarctic land mass Gyroscopic counter balance anchor loses weight or mass as the land based glaciers melt. This loss of anchor weight allows the planet to physically shift further on its axis. I  am not dumb enough to put a date on this event because I do not know when. I can only watch, measure & judge by the situational changes. It appears to be soon. I will know better in June. When Earth’s axis reaches a tipping point, the earth will shift the remainder onto its side. But it will continue to rotate & we can survive once the tsunami flood waters recede. But we will have to live between the tropic zones for the best survival region as we rotate horizontally. I believe it is Uranus which rotates. like this. I’ll have to look it up.

So disregard these “pole shift” sites & magnetic reversals. It is NOT the same thing as an axis shift. Neither a pole shift nor magnetic reversal are going to occur. We will only see the creeping variations in magnetic north because the axis tilt continues to change. The shifting of our axis in turn affects the molten planetary core & orientation with the galactic constants as we continue to rotate in our changing tilt conditions.

The axis shift is NOT related to the magnetic poles. Those soothsayers predictions have come & gone. They are after fame, power, control & money. They also tried to piggy back on the axis change. Neither them or their ideas are associated with the axis change or our site. I have not earned one penny for my effort. Nor fulfilled any vice. My only interest is the truth. If I’m wrong I will correct it. I simply measure the sun each year & keep track of the changes.

However, this does not mean our gov’t & scientists are not capable of doing something stupid to affect the Earths magnetic poles. Who knows what giant Cern-like device they may have built at the poles. Our scientists are quite capable of utter stupidity which could destroy the planet. Remember the movie “Crack in the world”? I  hope they aren’t this stupid but after Cern & other such colliders built under residential areas, I have to wonder. It is always a possibility so we need to keep an eye on the gov’t & their hireling scientists.

The gov’t  can’t easily hide the sun. They can only try to divert your attention. I try to point out any diversionary tactics I see such as a farce hole in the earth. They are trying to divert us from something. I just don’t know what. It could be the axis change or something totally different. But we need to beware and keep an eye on them.

Everyone can see the sun is not where it is supposed to be. I do my best to keep everyone informed on the situation & provide survival info should we ever need it.

I already know these things about the axis shift & how to survive; so it makes no difference to me whether others believe or not. I don’t need to post the info for my sake. It is for yours. The time & effort is all free. I do not place ads on this site. WordPress does that for themselves.

But there is no point in panicking. We can’t do anything about it except to have emergency preparations ready for any type of disaster. Place your emergency gear in giant plastic Ziplocs so it will float in case of flood.

I can only guess when the planet will shift over when we reach the tipping point. We were very close in 2014 before the reversion or wobble. Keeping an eye on the gov’ts behavior can provide major clues. I try to point out these diversions as well.

You don’t actually think the gov’t will tell you if a disaster is pending? It may be some other disaster we aren’t expecting. The gov’t & their buddies will run to their elite shelters built at our expense & leave the rest of us to die at the mercy of FEMA & the troops to corral & contain you away from their shelters.   This isn’t speculation. I was on a major metro Emergency management group with FEMA & their red cross cohorts. I already know what they plan to do.

The earth may shift over in the next 10 years or it may not do so for 100. This is why I measure the sun’s position each year & post it. I also invite others to do the same. Hopefully, our efforts will give us some advanced warning of the final shift.

This is not a doomsday site. Panicking is a waste of energy. Everyone is free to believe as they wish but they wont be bombarding anyone on here by posting their bad altitudes. This is a group who are interested in the facts & collaborate on the observations & measurements around the globe.

We help each other to know the facts & when or if we should worry & how to survive. Continue to post your observations of unusual weather, solar activity etc under your regional comments.

June 20 & 21 are coming soon for our next Summer solstice measurements.

Be Ready to take measurements.







  1. How many have heard of Wind Harpe. A military weapon used in creating wind velocity. Tornadoes. Hurricanes.etc. Used with windmills. The reversed windmill affect can help. How many have heard about another planet where this country began another civilization and how our government began putting nuclear on the Moon. The suns ozone as well is affected. Read. The Untold History of the United States. They must have another planet civilized or they wouldn’t be destroying the Moon. The other planet must need our atmosphere to survive I heard they think they can mechanically engineer the orbit as the other planet takes our place to continue an orbit pattern.


    Comment by Anonymous — January 3, 2017 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

  2. August 13th 2016, sun rise was at about 6:35 am seems late, at about the 2 o’clock position, seems to far north, Fulton KS


    Comment by Dan Dillon — August 13, 2016 @ 7:26 am | Reply

  3. I just found this website because I´m looking for some answers. I live in the South of Chile and we are about to have the longest night of the year… but a while ago i noticed that the sunrise occurs earlier than it should be, today it was around 7:30 in the morning !! it should be almost 45 min. later… the same thing happens with sunset. Something really incredible is happening and nobody notice!!


    Comment by Susana U. — June 20, 2016 @ 9:27 am | Reply

    • We have over 85,000 visitors from around the world who have noticed the changes in the sun. It may be a small percentage but it is a beginning.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 20, 2016 @ 9:35 am | Reply

  4. By the way, another interesting info. According to NASA and others sources, the snowfall accumulation in Antarctica had been “adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.” Although you say that the cause of axis rotation would be the Antarctic ice loss, still I’ll be looking forward for your next reading of the sun. Our planet is rare but we’re deliberately prevented to know. Thanks


    Comment by Pier — June 16, 2016 @ 9:10 am | Reply

    • You actually believe NASA’s reports when they are 100% dependent on gov’t & taxpayer funding? Not to mention it is physically impossible to replace the loss of thousands of years of ice in just a few years. They are clearly betting on public gullibility to believe such a fantasy tale.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 18, 2016 @ 3:50 pm | Reply

  5. Just an interesting thing to add, it so happens that the city I live close to has a giant sundial installed near city-centre. It is 40′ tall.
    Was installed in 2000 as part of the city’s Milleneum project.
    How could this sundial be useful for measurements taken this June 20-21?


    Comment by copperbounty — June 13, 2016 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

  6. Hi! I really do feel that what you are describing is factual. I’ve been watching the skies closely for over a year now. Started with the chemtrail watching…but after all those months of photographing the sun and skies…I’ve noticed something odd. I’m not sure if it is odd or not…but I’d love to send you 2 pics. A before and after I should say. A pic of where the sun would always set seen from my backyard in Feb 2016…and today June 9 2016. The sun has completely shifted northeast!! By ALOT. Please email me if interested in the pics 🙂


    Comment by Maria — June 9, 2016 @ 6:32 pm | Reply

    • The only true comparison would be the same dates on different years. The sun naturally shifts several thousand miles during the spring & fall. The best comparison would be the same date June 21st from year to year.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 18, 2016 @ 3:57 pm | Reply

  7. Thank you for your insight on this matter.
    Could only agree of the sunset now at North- and appears going slowely Eastwards already…Some fast movement last couple of monh as I recall locking out from my window..
    I will appreciate any data provided by you.
    Have you any idea of how Sweden will be affected? Know a tsunami about 200m could be expected. Have a diabetic teenager to take serious action in reaching some quantity of insulin. It could only be stored in cold..but it may not be of any choize beating a ticking bomb..One week is what she survives without her injections…And that thought of panic..How could one not.grieve under circumstances nobody could change…
    One way ticket to Mars please..

    Thanks and my best regards.
    Maria Ekman

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Maria Ekman — June 5, 2016 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

    • Having diabetes myself & being insulin resistant I can understand your concerns. I also realize that juvenile Diabetes is quite different. A friend of mine has a son now in his 20’s with lifelong juvenile diabetes. Every gov’t has hoarded stockpiles of medicines for their own needs. While I realize insulin has a short lifespan even when cold & is damaged by too much cold; the alternate medicines in their stockpiles may be of benefit. My country is self serving so their stockpiles will only be made available to the Elite. The rest of us are out of luck unless we excavate the holes they will crawl into. (Denver airport shelter).

      However, Sweden is known for its care of those in medical need. They will definitely have pills like Metformin, glimepiride, Januvia, etc. and probably new medicines we don’t know about, in their stockpiles.

      I would imagine that your country will do a better job caring for her medical needs. Is a pancreas transplant a possibility? Most people don’t know this can be done. But they never volunteer the info. We have to ask. Age would be a factor of viability. I only found out it could be done when I saw medicare covered the cost of a pancreas transplant.

      However, my friend said juvenile diabetes had other problem factors that a transplant could not fix.

      I would recommend asking your gov’t what measures they are taking to ensure such medicines would be available during a catastrophe. Do Not mention any specific catastrophe or timeline. Not only would they be disrespectful, they would not have been informed or have any such personal knowledge of any potential catastrophes. So just ask in general terms what measures they have taken to provide such medicines if a global catastrophe occurred & damaged the entire infrastructure of global Industry. Isn’t Sweden the country with the seed vaults?

      A benefit of the catastrophe would be the loss of junk foods, sugar, etc which have such a bad effect on our blood sugar. Our diabetic diets would have much less bad foods to contend with after such an event. So a lower need of insulins.

      The sun appears to be moving faster because it has to travel much farther in the same amount of time to change from the newest Southern tropic of Capricorn to the newest tropic of Cancer northern point. Since both lines are presumably 1200 miles further south & further north on each solstice, then the sun has to travel the extra 1200 miles from the equator on Mar 23 past the original tropic of Cancer location to reach the new northern location. So it must move faster to get further north in the same number of days. Nothing is actually moving faster. It is the dynamics of the changes in the angles which makes it appear so.

      Since all the Tsunamis have seemed to occur in the Pacific & Indian Oceans, it seems we are shifting downward toward the south near the Asian & Indian continents. The downwind thrust caused the ocean to surge northward as we saw in the December 2004 Indonesian Tsunami. Sweden has landmass to the south so it is unlikely you will suffer a Tsunami. There is also no evidence that the surges would shift in the opposite direction causing any Tsunami threat to Sweden. So your Tsunamis danger is quite low.

      However, once the planet shifts onto its side, it would get very very cold & continuously dark for several months of the Winter season. Normal during Spring & fall. Then very very hot with constant sunlight during the summer seasons. Constant extremes beyond any current norms. The choice would be underground homes or moving nearer to the equator for more stabilized conditions.

      We are not in any immediate danger of a big final shift. I can only get an idea of our situation each year in June when I measure. We got much better last year. It could be many years after we are all gone for anything to happen. It could be sometime between 2020 & 2027 or it could be 100 years. I cannot predict. I can only measure what I see & estimate our situation at that time.

      The sun is already past the points of 2006 & 2015. So we will be significantly farther north by this Jun 21st.

      Things always occur slowly on a planetary scale. No reason for immediate concern. But I will continue to post my measurements each June as long as I am alive to do so.

      I’m sure there are members of your gov’t whom have family with diabetic needs. Just ask your gov’ts emergency services agency as to what preparations they have made for critical medicine needs & what should you do if a global emergency occurred & her medicine supply was cut off.

      Do NOT mention any specific catastrophe. Especially not about axis shifts, tsunamis or asteroid strikes. They wont take you seriously, nor would they be informed of such an event. Only those elite will be privileged with that info. None of us will ever hear about it. Not even the gov’t employees. But they should have emergency plans. Just be general about your questions or they will treat you like a conspiracy Theorist or paranoid. Just ask in generalities. Very calmly. Ask about emergency preparations for any type of global disaster which could cut off the manufacture & availability of her medicines.

      The UK used to have a great public program for climate change called “Resilience” which they have since changed. Check your gov’t websites for disaster planning & services. It doesn’t hurt to find out what they are doing about these issues.

      I also have some regional posts on this site’s side menu bar for people living in various global regions to post comments about unusual weather or strange things they’ve heard etc. Your region should be Europe. See what others have said. Or add your own concerns.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by mmc7 — June 5, 2016 @ 8:20 pm | Reply

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