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September 20, 2017

9-2017 Emergency Evacuation Needs

Since there are so many recent instances of floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, fires & other catastrophes which may force your urgent evacuation from your homes, there are critical items we often forget to take with us.

You need to post a list of emergency items by each door as reminders.  With all the recent disasters, it would be a good idea to review all the lists & emergency kit contents now so you can prepare in advance to grab & go when a disaster strikes.  Tetanus shots, vaccines & pet shots must be up to date.

Vehicle fuel tanks should be kept full. Small fishing  boats would be handy with  paddles & fuel if possible. Buy several inflatable boats & manual air pump & patch kits plus paddles, ropes, knife & tow hooks. Multi air chambers to avoid sinking  if punctured.  Enough rafts for family, pets & possessions to escape high water.

See additional links at bottom for more emergency planning suggestions.

Primary items to Remember  (only if safe. Don’t risk lives).

  • Every member of your family must escape first
  • All your pets must be rescued in carriers
  • Place All medicines, med supplies, Dentures, partials in Zip locks.
  • Diabetics glucose test kit, meds, insulin.
  • Wheelchair, walker, cane, crutches, oxygen, asthma meds
  • Wallets, purses, checkbook, money, cards  (med ins, DL, CC), keys, ID
  • Cell phones & charger cords, eyeglasses
  • Laptop/Slate & charger cord & mouse
  • Grab Photos and negatives  & school yearbooks in plastic ziplock bags
  • Take all Jewelry in zip locks.  Do not  tell anyone!
  • Important papers in zip locks.  (Deeds, certificates, licenses,  shot & vaccine records (human & pet), permits, degrees, prenup, div, address books)
  • hearing aids, disability needs
  • sharpie marker to write ID on pet carriers, bags, property
  • Put pets in carriers on leash with ID
  • Pets should all have tags & collars with ID & contact info

Secondary Items to pack if enough time to be safe

  • Small weapon & ammo,  gun permit & knife.
  • tooth brush, paste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, hairbrush
  • Babyfood, bottles, formula, diapers, clothes, shoes
  • Shaving needs,  toilet paper
  • Underwear, clothes,  socks, shoes, towels, coats in plastic
  • snacks, water, juice for family in plastic
  • pet food, water & bowls, can opener, litter, seeds
  • Hand cleaner
  • First aid kit, benadryl, snake bite med, poison ivy cream, antiseptic, Neosporin, bandages
  • Blankets
  • Flashlight & batteries
  • Extra plastic bags for trash & laundry & stools.
  • Extra ziplocks

If you have extra time or advance notice to be safe before a flood:

  • take all  remaining valuables possible into attic in plastic
  • Guns, paintings, cameras, anything that would be damaged by water & to protect from thieves
  • place items in plastic, in attic & hide under insulation
  • Move electronics, desk computers & other portable items as high  in house or attic as possible  or to relatives out of area.
  • Hide fur coats & gowns, suits, silks in giant ziplocks or vacuum, waterproof storage bags & hide safe from water & looters.
  • Move collectibles & items prone to water damage  or  looters to safe place  (attic or at relatives out of flood zone) away from danger
  • Leave large furniture, beds & appliances. Hernias are more expensive than new furniture.
  • large Appliances & cars can often be repaired
  • Portable Power tools & expensive tools, hide in attic
  • Move dry goods to highest shelves. 
  • Paperwork to highest location. Toys to highest location. Pesticides & chemicals in garage to highest shelf stated in giant ziplocks.
  • Turn off main breaker if flooding.
  • Use DRY board to gently shut down main breaker if standing in water instead of hand.

Advanced preparations for emergencies:

  • Mark names & phone on everything with Sharpie marker.
  • Keep carriers & cages in your garage for ALL of your pets with extra food, towels & leashes. 
  • Walmart & pet stores have standard Nylon carriers for cat sizes were $20-35.
  • Cardboard carriers will fall apart when wet
  • Buy inflatable rafts to fit your family, pets & belongings & store in garage. Academy stores.
  • Buy an inflatable mattress or two & store in  box in garage.  Handy as raft to tow supplies & as beds in shelter.
  • Use foot or battery pump to inflate.
  • Extra Batteries, rotate every6 months
  • Have rope in garage and basic tool kit.
  • Keep your car gas tank full. 
  • Buy several boxes large & giant zip lock bags.
  • Use sharpie to mark name & contact info on pet carriers & other property for evacuation such as inflatable beds, rafts, paddles, camping gear, plastic bags, computers, etc.
  • Portable CB radios & fresh batteries.
  • Your phones will not work in disaster zones. FEMA may scramble all radio frequencies  (except their own) & shut off all landline & wireless phones in area. This is their authority under the executive order mandates by the presidents.
  • Leaving 911 access only which will overload after 30k callers. I know this from working with FEMA. They also did this during Katrina to keep bad info isolated from press & public. 
  • Remember FEMA pulled down antenna in St Bernard Parish emergency management to prevent Communications about deaths & no supplies.
  • Satellite phones may work better for disaster zones but require clear skies. More Below.
  • All pets should wear ID tags & microchips. 
  • Keep ax in attic for escape. 
  • Beware of fallen electric lines (esp in flood)
  • Beware trees falling over in soft soil
  • Beware of local industry hazards from storm damage or power loss
  • Beware wild  animals, snakes, large reptiles, sharp debris, leaking natural gas lines, phony officials, looters, hypothermia, sewage, bacteria in flood water and any busybody pressuring you out of your house if you are still safe there.  Just say no.
  • Save the car if possible or leave before water rises. 
  • Keep hammer in car to break window if submerged.
  • Do not drive at night or through water.
  • Tetanus shots if cut or injured.
  • Every room in house, garage should have a large fire extinguisher,  fire alarms & CO2 detectors.
  • & large extinguisher inside car behind driver’s seat.


  • Get out before the water is too deep to drive. 
  • At least get your car to high ground before it floods if you plan to stay. (High Parking garage & ride taxi or friend home before storm). 
  • Brakes may not work if wet.
  • Water above tailpipe will stall vehicle.
  • Do not abandon your family or pets unless fire and no other choice.


  • Break house windows to vent smoke to access trapped family & pets from outside if safe to do so.
  • Use Wet sheets, wet blankets for protection, wet bandana for breathing.
  • Have extinguishers in every room and ladder stored outside for access.
  • Rope ladders in each room for 2nd floor escapes. No bars on windows.
  • Have tools handy.
  • Crawl low & protect lungs.
  • If you pass out from heat, smoke or no oxygen, you will die.
  • Do not risk your life.

Do not stay in a burning house.

  • Every room in house, garage & inside car should have a large fire extinguisher & alarm fire & CO2 detectors.

Detailed disaster kits & planning info link for any catastrophe

AFTER a flood: Not everything is lost

  • Low cost Gov’t loans are available for disaster victims thru FEMA.  It is their only virtue. Loan application processing.
  • Cars, mowers, dish washer, washer & dryer, refrigerators can often be restored. I have seen it done.
  • Make sure your current home owners insurance policy includes “like” replacements. Otherwise, they will replace your $600 brass Hunter wireless fans with a cheap $35 fan from Walmart.
  • Make sure roofers remove clear plastic on back of each tile or it will not stick down & will flap up & break off in high winds. A roofers trick to get return business.
  • DVD’s & VHS can be rinsed with water & special cleaner.  The DVD  wet Case paper removed & washed in bucket  & DVD  polished dry with smooth Nylon cloth to prevent scratches. These clothes are often found for polishing eye glasses.  Such as lenscrafters. Only the DVD Case paper insert would be lost. Perhaps a new paper image could be printed later.  A temporary cover could be cut to fit the case meanwhile, If My collection were involved, it would affect 6000 movies & series.  At $7-20 each or $55-100+ per season, they are too valuable to discard. Blue ray is far worse at $35+ each. I refuse to subsidize Disney’s greed.
  • The DVD players would need to be replaced if flooded. 
  • Jewelry, clothes, curtains & lamps can be cleaned
  • There are specialty cleaners for flooded items but over charge & crooked.
  • Wall to wall Carpets & pads must be discarded & replaced. 
  • Separate floor rugs can be cleaned.
  • flooring needs to be replaced; underlayment bleached, demolded & dried. Then replaced with solvent-free adhesive & new flooring. California approved MSDS.
  • Insurance should pay for cleaning costs.
  • Be sure to turn off breakers before spraying or working around electrical devices.
  • Sheetrock must be removed & replaced below water level
  • Use dilute bleach in walls behind sheet rock & floor underlayment to kill mold & mold spray to kill spores.
  • Air conditioner compressor can be cleaned with  water hose outside & sprayed with antimold inside the A frame but may need new  upper A frame unit inside. The air ducts should also be replaced and vents & filters cleaned.
  • paper window shades replaced, blinds cleaned & compromised double pane windows & doors replaced.
  • Fireplace cleaned.
  • Kitchen cabinets are mostly wood & need replacing. Anything wood in floodwater is ruined
  • Tools should be ok after cleaning & coating with lubricant.  Saltwater will corrode or must & must be rinsed clean.
  • All wood doors in house which were wet need replacing.
  • Replace wooden knife blocks & cutting boards in kitchen.
  • Discard any boxes of damaged products in water.
  • Use diluted bleach to clean every surface in house contaminated by floodwater or potential mold.
  • New furniture. Solid oak may be cleanable depending how long it was wet.  Masonite drawers bottoms may need replacing. May need extensive repairs or replacement  of solid oak furniture. A clear polyurethane coat may help restore solid oak, mahogany or Cherry wood after cleaning. Do not use bleach. Detergent is better for wood.
  • You are battling ecoli bacteria, parasites, insects, mold spores & water damage throughout the house.
  • Wear filter masks when cleaning & working or observing restoration. It would almost be easier to tear it down & start from scratch.
  • Pillows, quilts & comforters replaced.  The filler cannot be cleaned. A special hand made case could be emptied, cleaned & refilled.
  • If the flood was above the 1st floor in a 2 story home, the mold & bacteria is between levels & you are breathing it. Extensive costs. They will try to cut corners & leave ceiling without replacing where a deadly stachybotrus could be hiding. Most insurers wont cover mold removal. Special mold traps could reveal mold.  Also bacteria traps.
  • Everything in the kitchen must also be disinfected. Every utensil, pot, pans, walls, etc.
  • Stuffed toys discarded & children rooms sanitized.
  • Pools drained & sanitized. Windows cleaned. 
  • Maybe repair & rent out old house while building or buying a second new home free of mold & bacteria.
  • Perhaps group cleaning parties like barn raising would help ease the task as a group of 6 neighbor families tackled each home in groups, one room at a time.

Vehicles. After the flood.

  • Cars are also restorable but need new Carpet, new seats, new trunk liner, new roof fabric, air conditioning disinfected & demolded. Ducts replaced. New radio, filters, oil, gas, seatbelts, fluids replaced, dashboard, interior liners & covers removed & disinfected. engine overhauled. Brakes cleaned. Trunk cleaned. Battery & headlights replaced. All lights replaced. Quite, a task & who knows how many electronic circuits are bad.

For future evacuation planning, here are posted emergency kit preparation for various needs.



December 22, 2016

Dec 2016 Solstice ~ Southern Hemisphere

If those of you in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Southern South America, Fauklands, South Africa or Southern Hemisphere areas south of the tropic of Capricorn missed the solstice measurements, you still have a few days left.

Although the ideal time to measure is on the Dec 21st solstice for your region, a few days wont make that much difference. The sooner the better. So if you forgot or ran into cloudy weather, you can still do the measurements as long as you do them before Dec 31st.

As I said, the sooner the better but we don’t have to be perfect since we aren’t using laser instruments.

I would rather have a close idea of the measurements a few days late than none at all. The differences of a few days are minimal.

So please try to do the measurements if you live in this region. You still have 9 days grace to do it. The sooner the better. You can also split the days if needed to get both sunrise & sunset from different days as close together as possible.

How to measure:

Pretend you are standing in the center of a giant clock face laying on the ground under your feet. We will orient your clock opposite of ours if it helps.

If you pretend 12 is due south, 3 is west, 9 is east and 6 is north, you can estimate the angle of sunrise & sunset at the point where the sun is in contact with the flat horizon. (if you have mountains on one side, just do the flat horizon only. One side is still helpful).

So, if you are in southern Australia, for example, your sunrise will probably be somewhere between 10 & 11. Your sunset may be between 1 & 2. It varies based on where you live.

If you wish to check the noon shadow, choose a pole or post which is straight & at least 6 ft tall. Measure the length & direction of the shadow at noon. If you are south of the tropic of Capricorn, your shadow should be cast toward the north. It will vary based on where you are located. If you have no shadow or a very tiny shadow because the sun is directly overhead, that is very important info. The sun moves in an arc so your noon shadow may be very different from your sunrise & sunsets but provides very important info. The arc may be  so extreme it could be opposite of your horizon settings. So it would be helpful to know if your noon shadows are pointing South or north. And how short the shadows are. This could tell us if we are closer to the sun. Or if the shape of our orbit or rotation has changed. So don’t let the differences confuse you. But those with no noon shadow also tells us exactly where the noon arc is directly overhead so our estimates can be more accurate since we don’t have fancy equipment.

But at least everyone is able to see the changes. The gov’t cant hide the sun but they create phony websites with false measurements & fancy animation to convince you the sun is normal. Especially to those not old enough to remember the original tilt sun positions. Or they try to discredit anyone who tells you otherwise. Remember Bob Lazar? He stuck his neck out to share the truth with the public & nobody supported him when they sicced their jackals on him. But in this case you can see the sun position for yourself and you know the sun should never be further north than the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) June 21st or further south than the tropic of Capricorn on Dec 21st, the summer & winter solstices. Don’t ask for opinions from skeptics or anyone else, for that matter. Just look outside at the sun on Dec 21st (Southern hemisphere) and June 21st (Northern Hemisphere). Don’t take anyone’s word for this. You can verify it just by looking outside on those dates.

If you choose to orient your imaginary clock face with 12 facing north, as we do in June from the northern hemisphere,  it will change all your readings so be sure to let me know if your 12 faces south or north.

You have a few days grace so try to get those measurements if possible. I’m too far north to do the December measurements so I have to depend on you who live there. So if you live in the southern half of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chili, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Fauklands, Lesotho, Sandwich Islands, Swaziland, Tasmania, Antarctica or any number of southern islands, it is your turn to do the sun position measurements.

On your location info, just provide the closest town large enough to find on a map. Details are not necessary. If you need to check the “official position of the tropic of Capricorn” use Google Earth. It is a free program which allows you to see satellite images of the earth. If you go to “view” on the toolbar, click on “Grid” and it will show you all the tropics, meridians, equator, latitudes, & longitudes. You will be able to see how far south you are located from the original tropic of Capricorn. You can turn the grid on & off as needed.

I also recommend under “View” selecting “show Navigation” and “always” so you can maneuver the earths position & orientation. It is a very useful & fun program. It also has satellite images of the moon & Mars as well. All free. I’ve been using it for 13 years.

If you live north of the tropic of Capricorn, you wont be able to provide the details we need for the December solstice.

I need as much of the following info as possible and as soon as you can before Dec 31st. Sooner the better.

Your location: Country & closest big town.

Clock orientation: 12 is pointing South or north?

Sunrise position on clock: when sun contacts horizon

Sunset position on clock: when sun contacts horizon

(optional) Pole or post height: in feet & inches

(optional) Noon pole/post shadow length: in feet & inches

(optional) Direction of Noon pole/post shadow: north or south

time of sunset: optional but interesting to track annual changes

time of sunrise: optional but interesting to track annual changes

Any unusual weather from anywhere would also be interesting. Such as the record rare snow & hail in New Zealand and series of quakes around 2012? This really demonstrates the extent of changes caused by our altered tilt.

October 26, 2016

10-2016 Important Observations from Australia

I am pasting a comment below from John in in Australia, which is of great interest for everyone. John can also add more details by commenting to this post.

From John:

I have been watching this site on & off for some time and now feel I should have an input. As a retired Avionics Engineer and experienced international sailor who has designed and certified International Airline navigation systems including VLF Omega, Satnav and of course GPS.

I now live in Cairns Australia and intended to travel down to Rockhampton that is on the Tropic of Capricorn but there was no point at our Winter Solstice and I had already used a protractor and pendulum to check the Southern Cross that seemed to 10 degrees higher than expected, confirming your findings.

As we know the Sun should not go further South than Rockhampton, so I used a Lookout above Cairns at dawn on 21st of June 2016 and used the fence rails as a physical reference then. I continued to roughly take sightings after that date on and off when horizon was visible.

We kept moving south ( sun moving North) for approximately 6 to 7 weeks before Sun stopped and changed direction. The distance is approximately 600 statute miles and the locals around here can tell by the weather that something has changed! The technique described here could be used by your readers and I will take sightings around our Summer Solstice and continue the Sun changes direction again.

Keep up the good work.






August 30, 2016

8-2016 Cloud drones

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I thought this was interesting. Especially since more than one of us has seen these. My photos are at the bottom.

It appears that cloud drones & artificial clouds are real. These are 2 different things. One is a new level of spy devices. The other is for weather modification & cooling.

This link says they saw a cloud drone with twinkling lights.

They also plan to use artificial clouds to cool an open top sports stadium. Clearly, they were too cheap to pay for a retracting roof & central heat and air system. The artificial clouds will likely cost more. It doesn’t look anything like a cloud. It is a flat rectangular helium filled structure with RC quad copters.

Then there are cloud seeding drones. Or drones which seed clouds.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to create a cloud drone. Just buy an RC quadcopter with a camera & video like the paparazzi use to obtain overhead photos of celebrities. Spray paint it white, then glue white trash bags & cotton or other white fluffy materials like fur or wool etc., on the bottom & sides to disguise it like a cloud. Something lightweight to not weigh down the drone. Ensure there is enough airflow for the RC drone quadcopter. Use the video Camera hidden on the bottom to guide it & take pictures. You can also include a GPS device, phone or Tom-tom. Be sure to blackout any lights on the device.  Crushed frozen CO2, steam or insect foggers could also be adapted to create cloud cover.

A few years ago, I saw a single small cloud hovering over my yard lower than 100 ft (closer to 50 ft) high for 2-3 hours. The cloud was smaller than a house. Possibly smaller than a car. It was the only cloud in the sky. With the Earth rotation & air currents, it is impossible for a cloud to hover for 2-3 hours in one spot. Then it drifted away. I took photos of it & forgot about it until yesterday when one of our site visitors mentioned seeing one like it.

Also interesting was the weird cloud I mentioned seeing under the gatling gun lightning storm 3 weeks ago, which was exactly the same shape. Like one of the old shuttles on the Starship Enterprise. A Rhombus shape.

(when I mentioned this older cloud  to my family member who retired from the CIA & then became a contract agent; he told me how they used to put cameras in fence posts at certain intersections. When I laughed about it, he walked down my road & showed me a hollowed out fence post with a Camera view hole less than 100 ft from my house.) They are always PO’ed about various issues I post for the public. Tough. Everything I post was obtained from freely available public info. Not my problem if their censors missed things.

Here is the photo of the cloud which hovered for 3 hours, I saw a few years ago. It was also silting some type of white powder. Very curious.

Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.

Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.


Same cloud slowly drifting away.

Same cloud slowly drifting away.






August 23, 2016

8-2016 Unusual Lightning & Storms

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As I mentioned on previous posts & comments, the lightning is becoming increasingly bizarre. Just a couple weeks ago, we had an incident of concentrated grouped lightning as if it had been shot out of a gatling gun. Over 30 huge trees were simultaneously blasted to pieces on a half mile section of rural country road near Dallas. I saw the tight group of simultaneous bolts strike when I was a short distance away. I then drove past all these shattered trees lying all over the road. These were from separate bolts which struck all those trees at the same time. Not a multiple branched bolt. I saw the strike. A group of individual bolts. I’ve never seen tight grouped lightning before. All 30+ huge shattered trees lying on a half mile section of the rural country road I was headed toward. This storm produced two grouped strikes in 2 different spots within 2 minutes. The second group hit 4 miles away. A couple blocks behind the Walmart. Near where I stopped for salads.

The 30+ trees I mentioned were large windbreak trees planted along the edges of a rural country road. It looked like the Tasmanian devil had destroyed them. The sky was clear above this spot at the leading edge of the storm. No tornadoes. I  had seen the lightning strike before I reached that section of the road on my return trip home.

I had driven down that road less than an hour earlier for a quick errand.  It was a small storm about 10 miles square. If I had not seen all the bolts strike there at the same time, I never would have known what happened to all the trees. There were some startled construction contractors  near  the location at the time of the strike who were trying to clear the trees just minutes later.  They saw the  lightning from about 100 ft away. If anyone had been driving when those 30+ bolts struck, they could have been killed.

That same storm which produced those concentrated groups of clear-sky lightning bolts from the leading edge of the storm, also had this weird shuttle or rhombus shaped cloud about a square block in size (hanging under the main storm cloud) which then impacted the elevated highway. This cloud was also unnatural in appearance. It  is a miracle someone didn’t have an accident just looking a these oddities of lightning & cloud while driving.

We’ve had 4 unusual lightning incidents over the past 6 months. These storms also appear to be artificially supercharged. One hit took out 2 brand new power poles & sheered off the top 1/3rd  of the poles & cross bars & power lines (100 ft away). Another hit my house. No damage.  Another  hit my power pole & damaged my transformer fuse housing (10 ft from the house). Another hit my neighbors yard (50 ft away). This all occurred during 2 weeks of separate storms this past spring; within 100 ft of my house. I’m beginning to feel like a target.

Especially since our gov’t has classified all lightning data as they would only do if they had found a way to weaponize it. Why else classify it? It WAS just an act of nature until Darpa & CIA got their hands on it like they did the U2 & starwars particle beam.

Returning to the weather:

Back in June 2007, I saw 2 ION storms, two days apart. I’ve mentioned this before. Ion storms are very rare. Lightning protection is one of my specialties. These are the only Ion storms I’ve ever seen. They are usually near the north pole & a result of a severe solar flare. That same week which I saw the 2 ION storms near Dallas was the same time the ISS (Int’l space station) just happened to lose ALL of its computers & backups. Coincidentally, a space shuttle had just arrived a few days earlier with a full set of replacement computers & evacuated the ISS crew until the computers were repaired & restored.

4 months later, NASA tried to blame the failure all on Russian technology.


The Ion storms tell us it was a huge solar flare. The fact that the shuttle arrived ahead of time with a full set of replacement computer packs before the ISS computers failed tells us NASA knew about the flare headed toward Earth in advance. The fact that NASA tried to blame it on the Russians 4 months later tells us NASA didn’t have the decency to let the Russians know about the Solar flare they detected with their SOHO satellites. NASA didn’t tell anyone else on Earth either which could have destroyed many other satellites & global electronic systems.

This photo of an aurora borealis over Hudson Bay on June 10, 2007 (below) demonstrates there were abnormally high ion particle levels when I saw the 2 ion storms in June 07. There was also a double sunspot reported at the time. This tells us that NASA deliberately concealed this data & knowingly risked the health & welfare of their astronauts with exterior work divisionary projects when they knew conditions were unsafe without atmospheric protection. The 2 ion storms I witnessed & the catastrophic failures of all the ISS computers & backups during June 2007 clearly show the dangerous levels of CME (solar ejections) around earth at the time which NASA & SOHO concealed & 4 months later falsely blamed on the Russians and the records have all been  doctored to hide it. NASA & CIA are clearly hiding hazardous environmental events & weaponizations from the public.


NASA has also been backfilling job openings with former CIA, blackops & military. NASA stated this on an announcement several years ago.  So they are no longer the public space agency. It is all about cover up of anything they find. Russia has also been backfilling their space agency with former KGB generals. At one time (2003), maybe still, they had the photos & resumes of the RSA execs. All KGB generals. Makes you wonder what everyone is hiding. Some of us already know. You wouldn’t believe it, so I won’t bother to try. The CIA has already been infiltrating MSSS, JPL, Northrop Grumman & other aerospace contractors for decades. They  are  also sabotaging the efforts of the commercial space corporations to impede their efforts. (Read about their spectacular launch failures). The black ops have also long since infiltrated the ranks at MSSS to censor the imagery before NASA ever sees it. I  had relatives & friends who worked for several intelligence agencies and DOD.

I contacted NWS/NOAA; NASA & meteorological universities years ago to obtain images of the Ion storms. I called them lightning storms to keep it simple. Every one of them told me that All lightning data & imagery are classified. I could not believe my ears. The only reason to classify lightning would be if they have weaponized it. After seeing the gatling gun lightning here a couple weeks ago, it would certainly qualify as weaponized & unnatural. There certainly was nothing in any of these strike locations which would have caused or instigated such lightning behavior. I’m a national expert on lightning protection (among other things). So I don’t speculate on these issues lightly.

All I wanted on the Ion storms was video so I could share it with you. Now we have been getting clear sky leading edge storm lightning bolts like fired weapons near Dallas. Near me, for that matter. I’m not so sure this is random.  I can say for certain this was not natural. Since my house was hit, I had everything upgraded to protect it from these strikes. They can try but it is well grounded.

I noticed yesterday, the power company is changing out all the transformers in the area. I don’t know if it was the power companies idea or the neighbors after they saw me having all my lines, poles, grounds & transformers replaced. The power company is real nice about changing everything out for free or trimming trees. Oddly enough, the lightning strikes began after the power company replaced the main line & poles in this area but had not changed our drops or transformers.

The hits shattering the 30+ trees 3 weeks ago were not associated with any power equipment. There was none there. In fact, there was nothing to attract the lightning where it hit all those trees. There were more trees of equal size & numbers plus power poles on the opposite side of the road where the lightning did not hit, which would have been a more appealing target for lightning. So it made no sense.

I find it interesting that I’ve only seen one lightning strike in my entire life until this year. That one strike was a substation transformer when I was a teenager which shot a fountain of sparks 50 ft into the air like a giant Roman candle firework. The only lightning strike I ever saw until the last 6 months …and now it is like being targeted all within 100 ft of my house except for the 30+ trees and those were within 5 miles and on the very road where I was driving. I would have been at that very spot during the strike if I had not diverted a quick stop for food. The timing would have been impeccable if I had not diverted. Makes you wonder why the timing was so precise as to my perceived route location…

I did see a row of about 50 bolts hit the edge of the everglades at the same time near the airport in Broward County, FL about 13 years ago when I was there to install a better grounding system. But these were well spaced bolts hitting a swamp. The water table in Ft Lauderdale was only a foot below the soil when you dig a hole. It is brackish water. A mix of salt & fresh water. Makes a great battery. I’m  not counting these bolts as strikes. Only where I’ve seen actual bolt strike & impact damage on an object.

There was a company in South San Francisco in the 80’s who unintentionally turned their soil into a battery with sand & seawater & acid. It take special skills & knowledge to create a ground bed under such conditions.

The difference between an Ion storm & lightning storm is the sound & discharge. An Ion storm flashes & flickers rapidly like a strobe light. There is no thunder. Instead, you hear loud electrical arching, buzzing & clicking. Similar to the sound & flashing of a downed mainline electrical cable or an electrical panel shorting out. Imagine giant rapidly flickering, flashing strobe lights in the clouds with only the loud sound of arching, buzzing & clicking. No thunder. No bolts. No crashes. Like being in a scary carnival attraction.

So if anyone sees any strange lightning or storms or the aurora borealis south of Canada, let us know. We need to track these and other unusual phenomena.

I believe it was 1998 when a solar storm sheared the top of earths magnetic field & atmosphere creating a hole spewing a fountain of atmosphere & Ions into space. I wonder if that also thins our oxygen levels as well? Not to mention depleting our protection from solar flares & cosmic radiation & UV.

It occurs to me that a super severe solar flare could strip away earths entire atmosphere, destroying all life on our planet. Not to say it will ever do this, but the potential is there.  Especially since it already sheared off the top of the atmosphere in 1998.  But  has not done so in billions of years, so I guess we are safe. I noticed how NASA lost all interest in the subject after they spent all their project grant money after launching Caper. They didn’t even bother to evaluate the data they gathered. I tried to find it on their site dedicated to this project & their main site as well. They left the entire project in limbo, unfinished.

Here is some info on it.



Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.



Same cloud slowly drifting away.

3 hours later





August 18, 2016

8-2016 Notable & Bewildering Observations

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Recent Abnormalities:

  • Many of our followers have recently been posting comments about unusual conditions and sun positions under the regional observations. I had normally disregarded measurements at this time of year, but I am beginning to notice some  abnormalities which should not be occurring.

  • However, I should add that the sun is in constant motion and is headed for the equator where it will be on Sept 21st. So the only time you can measure the noon shadow and shifted axis from the northern Hemisphere is on June 21st. No other day except the summer solstice. Otherwise the measurements on any other dates can only be used to compare yearly behavior Not to measure axis shift or position. You must also be located at the correct latitude to see the improper noon shadow direction. Mid & southern US can see it. I can see the noon southerly shadow on June 21st from Texas.  The UK and Canada are too far north. It will also depend if the axis shifts again. The June 21st sun position axis has shifted many times since 2006.

  • If you live in the Southern hemisphere it is the opposite and must be measured on Dec 21st and you must live south of the tropic of Capricorn, southern Australia and South Africa to see the noon shadow cast north. Everything is upside down and opposite of those of us living in the north.

  • I had been discouraging everyone not to bother with measurements at this time of year when our planet is progressing toward the Fall equinox on Sept 21st at which time when the sun will be directly over the equator. Even with the changing axis tilt angles, the equator should continue to be the midpoint for the sun during both equinoxes. Only the solstices in June and December will offer notable measurable differences  where the sun is hundreds of miles abnormally beyond each tropic line; closer to the poles… which is why we are seeing the sun to the north of the US in the Summer. And conversely, equally to the south of Australia and South Africa during our winter months (their summer).

  • Noon shadow measurements at any other time of year except the proper solstice dates (June 21st-North) (Dec 21st-South) and from any other latitudes are meaningless. The sun is constantly traveling. It is currently headed for the equator on Sep 21st. You can still see abnormalities but no usable measurements. on any other dates and latitudes.

I apologize for being repetitive on posts and comments but we constantly have new followers joining us who are unlikely to go back and read old posts. I try to make sure everyone understands the basics about the axis tilt and how the changes appear to us and affect our situations. I also encourage people to keep the regional observations updated with their comments so we know what changes are going on worldwide.

Annual Measurements:

  • I typically compare the summer solstice sun positions each year on June 21st for the past 12 years from the same location to ensure an accurate year to year comparison. This provides the best snapshot view of what our planet is doing from one year to the next. It also allows everyone else to do the same comparisons and observations from their locations so they can verify the validity of these annual changes with their own eyes rather than take just my word for it… if they are located at the proper latitudes. Those in Europe can only see it from southern Spain.

  • Also, don’t allow anyone to play mind games to convince you this is normal for the sun to be north of the tropic lines. Nor is this the result of some ridiculous rogue planet or asteroid, etc. scenario which is affecting only the earth while all the other planets and moons in our solar system are perfectly normal. There was one asteroid back in 2003 which I posted, but it is gone now according to NASA. Gravity effects from rogue planets do not jump past 6 other planets and moons to only affect the Earth. It matters not whether NASA is the source. They are puppets for the gov’t funds and have backfilled most of their positions with ex military, blackops, special forces and CIA to spout their dogma. This attrition info was actually provided by NASA. NASA is not the honest, public domain of shared info and space adventurers everyone believes.

Heat Waves:

  • We have had blistering heat waves in Texas this summer and other areas of the country. Despite what the gov’t controlled NWS/NOAA coerces the meteorologists to report (under threat of license revocation), it has been above 102 nearly every day since mid June until last week. But NWS/NOAA just loves to report 97 degrees as the public feel-good temperature instead of the actual 102. Last Friday it was 108 degrees in the shade. 120 degrees in the full sun. I have a full digital, wireless weather station plus 4 additional analog and 2 mercury thermometers to compare the results. Even my car exterior temperature gauge agreed. A storm appeared that same afternoon and dropped the temperature from 108 to 84 in less than a half hour. Our first break since mid June and continues through this week.

  • Plus, there are all the floods in other areas across the country to contend with.

Lightning Strikes:

  • A couple weeks ago we had the most violent, bizarre lightning strikes. I was a few miles away when I saw a group of 40+ lightning bolts hit one area near my home-all at the same time. Like  blasted from a gatling gun. Another similar group of bolts stuck another spot miles away at the same time near Walmart a few minutes later. This same storm also had a bizarre low shuttle shaped cloud which was so low it was below the elevated freeway. Separate from the storm clouds. When I got close to home, I encountered a half mile section of rural road where over 30 trees had been destroyed by those lightning bolts I had seen a few minutes earlier. The 30+ trees had been split into splinters and covered one side of the road for a half mile. This was a rural road with a row of trees as a windbreak along the sides. No reason the lightning should have destroyed an entire section of trees.

  • This also happened 3 other times in the past 6 months except the lightning destroyed brand new power poles. For some reason the storms are becoming hyper charged with lightning. I’ve only seen this once before where I saw 50 lightning bolts simultaneously strike the everglades. One of my engineering specialties was lightning protection & grounding & seismic protection.  So I have extensive knowledge on this  subject. Something has changed. It could be our electromagnetic field from increased solar flare ejections but I tend to suspect human causes. Perhaps one of our gov’t scientific experiments.

  • One time around June  2007, I saw 2 ion storms the same week in Dallas. These are extremely rare. This was when the ISS lost all of their computers & NASA just happened to have sent a shuttle with a full set of computer replacements a week earlier & were able to evacuate the ISS crew during repairs. This was clearly a solar flare and NASA knew about it in advance but told no one. Then they tried to blame the failures on Russian technology. Those Ion storms I saw were a clear indicator of solar flares as the cause.  When I tried to get pictures & info about the ion storms I was told all lightning data was classified. The only reasons I can think of for classifying lightning would be if our gov’t weaponized it or created it artificially or held back info on those solar storms without sharing it with our allies or were using it for dark purposes… or to cover their lies while making scapegoats out of the Russians. NASA clearly knew about the flares in advance from their SOHO satellites in order to get the shuttle and replacement computers there in time to evacuate the crew and effect repairs.

  • Has anyone else noticed bizarre destructive lightning like this? I’m glad I upgraded my grounding system.


  • Yet, here we are two months past the summer solstice and the sun is still setting to the north (very close to our summer solstice position) and setting only 20 minutes earlier than it was in June.  But the axis shift and noon shadow can only be measured on June 21st in the north. Any other date is meaningless.   The constantly changing sun positions are not trackable during this time of year which is why I normally discourage it. It can cause confusion if you are not knowledgeable of the seasonal movements of the sun and how it operates. With the shifting axis it is different each year. So the measurements are meaningless & incorrect.

  • But we can still see abnormalities even if we cannot make precise measurements. I also noticed that the cloudless sky at the northern horizon this week was very bright after the sun had set completely below the western horizon. I would have expected the northern horizon to be much darker after sunset in the west.   But it was as bright  as we might expect to see during midday. It should not have been that bright on the north horizon after sunset. In fact, it was a very bright midday cloudless pale blue on the northern horizon while the western horizon sunset was an intense red with clouds after the sun was completely below the flat horizon. No hills here in any direction. Perfectly flat terrain. I only mention these as curious observations because I have no prior year comparisons to use for this time of year. This has no bearing on position or tracking. We do have a few followers who are trying to do a full year tracking from their various locations but they are just getting started. One is in Canada.

Reversed Drain spin:

  • One other curious observation. This week I saw the water in the drain spinning clockwise. When I turned off the water and back on again, it had returned to the normal counterclockwise spin which is normal for the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere has clockwise draining of water. If the earth had shifted onto our side horizontally, then we might expect to see the drain spin directions randomly change from one direction to the other like this.

  • To get an idea of the bigger picture regarding  drain spin directions, coriolis effect, gravity and magnetic fields… if you were to hover above the north pole and look down at the earth, you would see the planet spinning counterclockwise. This is how the sun rises in the East. Earth turns toward the east.

  • But if you were to hover above the South pole and look down at the earth you would see the planet spinning clockwise. This is how gravity, coriolis effect and magnetic fields work… and why the northern hemisphere drains spin counter clockwise while the southern hemisphere spins clockwise.

Seismic & Volcanic activity:

  • However, with our planet shifting on its axis, we should  take special notice of increased seismic or volcanic activity. Even the behavior of animals fleeing or stampeding can be a warning sign of impending seismic activity. These can also be  evidence of further shifting. There are at least 2 dangerous volcanic calderas near Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and the Southern California Mammoth Lakes region which are capable of wiping out millions of lives. A major shift could set those off.


  • Then I saw this curious article today about a 2011 quake in Virginia which went into questionable explanations about quakes east of the Rockies being rare and due to breakage of mantle rocks. This is the problem with so called scientists these days whose educations are severely lacking. I happen to have earthquake zone maps which we used for increasing equipment building codes to resist seismic damage. Clearly, they are unfamiliar with the New Madrid Fault near St Louis. As I remember, the southern tip of Illinois is categorized as zone 3 for supplemental earthquake bracing. Only to be exceeded by California which is zone 4 requiring a warren truss system to support equipment racks to withstand extreme seismic activity.

  • Fault lines can be  sections where the plates have separated; or pressed together or where sections like the San Andreas fault slide separately. Disturbances can be indicative of planetary shifting. So we should watch for changes in frequency and intensities. These researchers appear to be totally oblivious to the fact that the three 1811-1812 New Madrid fault quakes rattled chandeliers in Washington, DC and tremors were felt in Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It even stopped clocks in South Carolina. Coal dust geysers spewed from the ground near the epicenter.  The founder of the Audubon society described how the land in Kentucky rose and fell in great furrows like waves on the ocean. Chasms were torn into the landscape of Kentucky. Entire lakes disappeared within minutes. Rivers flowed backward and the landscape looked like a rumpled bedspread. Some of these changes became permanent. The damages were captured years later when photographs could be taken.

  • Having lived in California for 13 years, small tremors were a weekly occurrence. Anything lower than 4.0 were completely ignored by the residents. Even a 5.2 would just  rattle a few items on the shelves. Very little to no damage until the upper range above 5.4.

  • But I was in the 7.0 quake. It was quite a ride but the only thing that broke was a sidewalk slab which split in half  and lifted up out of the ground. Not one lamp or curio fell over. The power lines were snapping overhead. But I was 60 miles from the epicenter so we did not have collapsing highways as they had in Oakland… the exact spot where I had been the previous day. If not for the world series, I would have been sandwiched between those collapsed highways on the lower level in bumper to bumper traffic instead of home to watch the game. The world series saved a  lot of lives because that highway was nearly barren of traffic on Quake day despite being 5PM rush hour. Within a minute of the start of the game, the TV channel went dead. The signal was lost a few minutes before the quake reached me. We had no idea what was coming. This was the only quake  we fled outside to escape in 13 years. This was a long rolling quake which continued for 15 minutes where  the epicenter  experienced violent quick jerks lasting just a couple minutes. It makes a huge difference as to your geological ground structure and distance.

  • Those who are not accustomed to quakes get overly excited over the small quakes while those of us who lived with them as a regular occurrence make bets on the quake strength. Just as those who are used to tornadoes will look outside and watch casually as a tornado passes by; while someone who is unaccustomed will run for shelter. You develop a callous response to these frequent occurrences after having needlessly run for shelter. After you have  experienced dozens of quakes or tornadoes, you know  when it poses a direct threat to your welfare and which requires evasive action.

  • Clearly, these residents and scientists in Virginia had little previous personal experience with quakes. Not to mention a total lack of historical knowledge about quakes in the Eastern US by the neophyte scientists.  It is clear that the quality of education has sunk to a new low. Likely further exacerbated by inadequate pay to promote interest from better qualified experts. From what I have seen, the quality of US engineers and scientists has become an embarrassment in nearly every field. Even in medical care. We are forced to import our experts from around the world because we have failed to produce our own. Those home grown “experts” in positions of authority have usually achieved their exalted ranks by the  good ole boy method of advancement by connections and favors or acquired by rich parents and those who play the game of spouting gov’t dogma. Not by talent. Condon was a good example.

  • My question would be what prompted them to published this wholly inaccurate article today; 5 years after the event? Perhaps there is another axis shift pending in the near future or another New Madrid quake on its way? Why else post this article 5 years after the fact?

Here is the VA quake article they took 5 years to publish:


Also ask yourselves why someone would go out of their way to dissuade you from measuring the sun position? Why are they so adamant to stop you?  The position of the sun is the one thing the gov’t cannot hide or control. So they send out their hireling jackals to attack. Their only option is to play mind games & make you believe you are in error. Anytime you see nasty head games & attacks on the messenger, it is usually when the gov’t is trying to block information from the public. My generation would never put up with that. We drove out the crooks like Watergate. We had no tolerance for a corrupt, controlling gov’t. Learn from us.

Remember Lazar, Corso, Schneider, Wellstone, Carnahan, Karen Silkwood, Colby, Patton, JFK, RFK, MLK, etc? These are all people they Silenced. Only Lazar survived but they destroyed his credibility to a thankless public. Plus he had valuable scientific talent. Anytime someone or some critical issue is under attack the public should support those who risk their necks to come forward. Not join with the attackers. I rarely have that problem on here. In my case, I have nothing to prove and no agenda. Everyone can look outside and see for themselves.  I already know the truth so this is for the benefit of others.  I just post my measurements each year & any notable observations. The observations of others from around the world are also quite helpful.

If something should happen with my bad health issues or otherwise & I fail to post annual measurements within a reasonable time after each June 21st solstice, I hope someone else will create another similar post to continue the subject since we now have nearly 100,000 followers. I can’t put this site on automatic because it would leave it open to unmoderated attacks. But that hasn’t been an issue.





June 21, 2016

6-2016 Summer Solstice results

From my location, I was surprised to see the sun at the exact same reverted position this week as we saw in 2015 which had reverted to the 2006 position.

This is still not normal. It is currently setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face.

This also eliminates the evidence of a wobble.

I’m still at a loss to understand why the axis reversed last year when it had been at the tipping point in 2014. Something effected major changes both ways between 2013 and 2015.

The sun is still more than 850 miles north of its correct position. But not as bad as the 2000 miles it was in 2014. Perhaps the gov’t was able to improve the situation?

So we have bought more time before the final shift will occur but this still greatly affects our weather & climate. We saw how quickly the axis shifted from 2013 to 2015 in both directions so we need to keep an eye on it.

So for 2016; no change from 2015.


E clock face solar angle changes













May 5, 2016

5-2016 Greenland, Iceland, Azores & anywhere else Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Greenland, Iceland, Azores & anywhere else Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 New Zealand, Philippines & Pacific Islands Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for New Zealand, Phillipines & Pacific Islands Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 Central America & Caribbean Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Central America & Caribbean Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 Israel, Egypt, Middle East & Arabia Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Israel, Egypt, Middle East & Arabic Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for India, Pakistan & Bangladesh Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 Southeast Asia & Indonesia Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Southeast Asia & Indonesia Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for the China, Mongolia, Japan & Korea Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 South America Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for the South America Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 Russia Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for the Russia Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 UK & Ireland & Europe Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for the UK, Ireland & Europe Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.


We have also had cool evening weather in Texas the past 2 weeks & violent lightning & hail storms and tornadoes. So the conditions in Europe are also affecting the entire latitude. I lived in Europe in the 60’s for 3 years & a business trip in the 90’s. I remember the flat rooftops in England which are not built for snow. I also visited many of the older wineries & champaign vineyards at the time. The frost would have been devastating at this time of year.  The fate of these vineyards are described in Mai’s letter below. Germany has both flat & high angled roofs in the Rhine river valley. France is mostly flat top roofs which are not built for snow.

Note: I must also Caution everyone that adding 2 or more links on a comment usually sets off the spam blocker on WordPress. We have no control over their spam system so be careful not to trip the auto spam filters on WordPress with more than 2 URL’s on a comment. They don’t notify us when they block a suspected spam. The rules don’t apply to the site owners posts. Just on comments.

Also, my apologies. The situation with my friends terminal malady and his belief of the cause has troubled me, so I wasn’t at my best when commenting. l have similar issues as my friend. Similar things happened to Martyn Stubbs & Graham Birdsall years ago when they made NASA videos public. We seem to lose anyone who goes to the public to bizarre medical ailments.

I would much rather see observations of the regions without any links to good ole boy gov’t hirelings & grant dependent sources trying to defer from the sun position issue. It is a game among scientists. Those who spout gov’t dogma like Condon did in the 70’s versus those of us who simply want honesty & truth. But this time, they can’t hide the sun so the situation is visible to everyone. But they will keep trying to divert attention. It bothers me because they know the public doesn’t understand the physics when they come up with these new divisions. Nor the games NASA plays. I was endeavoring to provide an example with the ISS STS 117 incident & how lightning data was classified but that isn’t relevant here. So I deleted my earlier comments.

However, I love the new regional observations I have been receiving. Now we can share Global changes more efficiently. I also added the Regional posts to the side bar menu for easy access. There is also a comment menu for all the latest comments and secondary post menu in the order they were posted.

I want to hear the observations of those who live in the area and the unusual conditions you notice. Not links. So future such links may be deleted.

No star shock wave caused our Sun to rise & set over 1000 miles too far to the north of the tropic lines in Summer & vice versa in the winter. If it could do that, our moon would severely alter its orbit. Not to mention other planets & their moons such as Mars, etc.

Seriously, do you really believe a star shock wave altered our weather? Or could it be the fact that our sun is no longer tracking its normal course? Which one sounds more likely to affect the weather?

Here is a new comment about these interesting weather issues in Europe from Mai Z. So, I’m also adding it to the regional post below. Disregard the links:

Second strongest shock wave found in merging galaxy clusters:
The discovery by a physics doctoral student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

Star with different internal driving force than the sun

Extreme snowfall and frost damage in Europe

In several European countries – such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Belgium – apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen early last week. The snowfall also created challenges with the roofing systems, and occasionally the snow completely ruined things. Snow and cold temperatures are predicted for some places in the coming nights again. NFO, the Dutch fruit growers association, summarised the results per country as follows:

Space to earth weather news/
Second strongest shock wave found in merging galaxy clusters:
Star with different internal driving force than the sun



5-2016 US & PR Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for the US & Puerto Rico Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.




5-2016 Canada & Alaska Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Canada, Alaska & Nova Scotia Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

I must caution you that NASA, USGS, Smithsonian, our various gov’t agencies, the news outlets & grant dependent universities, etc., are not supplying truthful info to purposely mislead the public to maintain the corporate & global economy, product availability, workforce productivity & consumer demand. They reduce everything by no less than 10%. Sometimes on a massive scale to trivialize the facts or minimize the events. If the shift was 850 miles, they will report 8.5 inches. If the death toll was 9,000, they will report 900. (Remember Katrina?)

I was on one of the largest emergency management agencies for a major US Metro. This is standard practice controlled by FEMA & Red Cross. So do not rely on posting links to their statements. I would rather hear what each of you sees & may delete the links.

However, I have long stated for 12 years that the axis shift has been caused by loss of glacial ice on Antarctica which is the planetary gyroscopic balance weight which maintains the Earth’s axis angle.

The cold hot weather cycles are created by these spinning land hurricanes which pull heat & moisture from the gulf & cold air from Canada. As is spins it creates a spiral of alternating temperatures & pattern storms. Usually in April & May. There are also other areas which produce these coriolis land hurricanes at different times of the year for other regions.

You can view these spiral storm Patterns at

Here is a post from Stargazer in Toronto:

I wanted to add that I’ve been trying to analyse observations and put things together with the unusual weather and odd seismic activity as well as reports even by NASA that Earth’s axis is shifting due to ice melt from “global warming/climate change” (you can see the article on my site here I’m in Toronto Canada, one of the observations I made around the end of April that I found odd was that in the late afternoon/evening I would look out my backyard and I noticed the sun was already too advanced in it’s setting position for this early in the year. I will have to start writing my observations down and recording them as sometimes I actually don’t trust my own memory or recollection so I often have doubts that anything may actually be unusual. I will keep an eye on this, I’ve been setting a specific hour that I make the observation and I will continue to do it and see what transpires and I will update IF I think it’s anything worthy.

Also the weather for the last few years aside from the up and down temperatures where there’s never any really prolonged heat or cold wave like it used to happen way back, now it’s only maybe a few days of any type of heat or cold wave but the cold waves seem to be more dominant. The nights get a lot colder for this late in the year (May) and last year June was also like that.


April 24, 2015

4-2015 Flooding & weather monitoring

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Just in the past 5 days, we have had 9 inches of rain in Texas and it is raining again at this very moment. We have lovely pools of water formed on top of the adobe in our yards as much as a foot deep. Our yards are giant ponds now. It will take at least 3 weeks of dry weather to evaporate. The water moccasins are quite happy with it as are the frogs. I haven’t seen this much rain here in 17 years.

It is all due to the axis change which you will be able to clearly see in the month of June when the sun will be 2000 miles farther to the north than where it should be… due to the fact that our planet has shifted on the axis.

Are you ready to believe our massive weather changes are a lot worse than what your gov’t is telling you? Have your official weather reports been off by as much as 10 degrees and are they reporting half the amount of precipitation? I still remember how the weather channel set up on the heaviest traffic interchange this past February where the rush hour exhaust had melted the snow and were claiming that tiny smattering was all the snow we had received… while less than 1 mile away and across the entire metro area, we were covered with over 6 inches of snow. This is how they are falsifying the weather reports.

The gov’ts fix for the global weather changes due to the axis shift is to lie about the weather conditions, misreport the temperatures and falsify precipitation levels. So I highly recommend you should do what I did and purchase a digital, wireless weather station which measures the rain, wind, temperatures, humidity, pressures, forecasts, etc. It runs on solar power and transmits the data to a digital readout in your house. The only thing it does not do well is measure snow. You can do that with a yardstick. I bought mine at Lowe’s. I don’t remember the price but I think it was under $100 when I bought it a few years ago. Probably a little higher now. Well worth the price. Then you will have accurate weather instead of the phony revised weather to make you believe the weather is less severe than it really is.

We already know the weather is being caused by the axis change. The point of this post is to encourage you to obtain your own weather monitoring equipment and measuring systems rather than relying on the lies. Your local meteorologists cannot say anything except what has been sanctioned by the NWS and NOAA without losing their licenses. It doesn’t matter if we have had 9 inches of rain because the NWS will tell them they are only allowed to admit to 3 inches or some other ridiculously modified figure. Start taking control of the information by doing your own measuring so you will know what the true situation is. Plus it will help you see just how much they have been lying to the public.

At this point, most of my mature trees are all dead. Between the weather changes, the sun changes and the aluminum poisoning from the chemtrail fallout, I have dead and dying trees all over my property. At least a dozen are falling over because the roots are dying and the entire trees are pulling out of the ground. There is no disease or insects in the trees. They are literally falling over and pulling out of the ground. Those which have not fallen over, have died at the outer ends of the branches and only have leaves near the center of the tree close to the main trunk.

There are cheaper versions of the weather monitoring stations but they require you to empty cylinders and physically measure the rain. Or come with multiple parts to assemble or mount. It is really impractical. My ACU-Rite system has a one piece outdoor monitoring station which automatically measures the rainfall without any human intervention or effort and drains the water. I bought mine at Lowes but they can be purchased at other locations. I have included a link so you can get an idea of what the weather station looks like. It was easy to mount on the rail of the back deck where it can be charged by solar power. It comes with a digital readout for inside the house which plugs into AC and has a battery backup. I’m sure you can find it for lower prices. The link is just to let you see what it looks like. I don’t know anything about the vendor or website.

Don’t depend on the propaganda you are being fed by the gov’t weather services who are holding our meteorologists hostage by their licenses if they should dare to tell you the truth.

The entire point of these posts is to keep you informed and educated and prepared.

Here is a link to the weather station I use. It is a no fuss system which requires no intervention or maintenance except to keep leaves out of it. Check with Lowes. They may still carry these. Don’t settle for lesser systems. Just mount it on the rail of your back deck where it has full sunlight. Then place the readout inside your house. I keep my readout receiver next to my chair and computer. It also provides the indoor conditions as well as the outdoor conditions. You can also buy some of those cheap temperature gauges to mount in the shade and sunlight to compare if you wish. I always make sure I cross check my data with multiple sources before posting it.

As I said, I don’t know anything about this website or vendor. I just wanted to show you the weather station I use. I have had mine for several years without any problems.



April 5, 2015

4-2015 Reliable Scientists

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I am going to start a list of reliable Scientists… those who have been punished or dared to risk their necks to tell the truth despite efforts by the gov’t and Energy companies to silence them. This will be a continuing list which I will update as I receive more info. Please use the comment feature to send me the names, websites and info about Scientists who should be added to this list. If you do not wish to have your comment published, please note this on your comments. I personally moderate all messages to keep the gov’t attack hirelings off of here, so I will see your request to not post your comment. I will update the names and info for any scientist who has earned our trust in being truthful about the climate and other planetary issues. I am going to start with the few names I know who deserve our respect and have sacrificed to tell us the truth in their respective fields of expertise.  This doesn’t mean they are the only ones and this does not mean they agree with me about the axis shift. But they have valuable information to share and have been punished by our gov’t for refusing to lie or to destroy their research such as free energy from seawater.

It is time we start standing together and supporting those who are risking their necks for our benefit.

Jim Berkland

Berkland devised the only reliable method of predicting earthquakes despite criticism from envious  wannabes.  His methods include a combination of Lunar orbit positions, tidal patterns & animal behaviors resulting  in highly accurate results. He successfully predicted numerous major earthquakes within a week of their occurrence; including the 1989 Oakland Quake and  the March 2011 Japan Quake.  His refusal to withhold his predictions from the public cost him his job as Santa Clara County Geologist he held for 21 years.  He placed the public welfare above his own and refused to withhold his predictions from the public.

His website:

Wikipedia article: (keep in mind that the gov’t hirelings like to trash renegade scientists whom we should herald for their bravery and sacrifice to bring you the truth.)

Bart Bibler

Florida EPA scientist who was suspended for speaking out against the Exxon pipeline and using the banned phrase “Climate Change”.  He is still fighting for his job.

Stanley Pons & Martin Fleischmann

These two scientists who discovered “Cold Fusion” were mercilessly attacked & destroyed by the leeches who present themselves as our scientific community. They were unceremoniously ridiculed & attacked by their peers who sold out to the US gov’t stance & their funds were frozen & denied.

The motive behind these attacks were generated from our oil & energy companies who “OWN” our US politicians. The energy companies do not want development of any cheap or free sources of energy production which would certainly bite into their profit margin. So they sicced their political minions on shutting these brilliant scientists down & had the gov’ts puppet scientist community ridicule these men using gov’t grant money to pressure compliance & other federal funding sources to gain the participation of puppet scientists to attack every aspect of Pons & Fleischmann’s experiment & the entire subject of Cold Fusion.

Our gov’t sent out their piranha  hirelings to destroy Cold Fusion for the benefit of the Energy Corporations and to make Cold Fusion such a stigma label like “Conspiracy Theory” in order to destroy the credibility & reputation of any scientist who dares to research this field. Every supporter was forced to back down to save themselves.

This is the heinous power of our Energy corporations who utterly control our Executive branch, Presidents & Congress. Both scientists left the US for Europe but did not realize that our US Gov’t & Corporations also extend their control over most international gov’ts who also have to play ball because they are subject to crushing debts of loans from our gov’t & our corporations who would destroy their economies. Our gov’t also controls the foreign leaders who are elected as well. Our CIA used to assassinate any foreign leader they didn’t like & sent out their Jackals to create political unrest. If you have any doubts just check out our post WWII controls of Europe & Asia. Our CIA interference with the governments of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, central America, Korea, Japan, Phillipines, France, Cuba, etc. Not to mention the false flag attacks where our intelligent operations pretend to be terrorists. I personally know some of these intelligence operatives involved in these false flag incidents; Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, central America, Panama, Cuba, 911, WTC, Pentagon, Viet Nam, Cambodia,  Thailand, Myanmar, China, South Korea, etc. Only Venezuela & north Korea managed to defend their ground.

Did you know that Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State had negotiated an Agreement with North Korea that the US would supply fossil fuels to them in exchange for their not using Nuclear power, etc? It was George W Bush who defaulted on the Agreement; cutting off their supply of  fossil fuels. Thus, forcing North Korea (who does not have fossil fuels) to seek nuclear fuel sources. Making it look like their fault. He forced them to go with Nuclear. If not for this deliberate act by GW Bush, we would not be dealing with a North Korea nuclear issue today. Bush also deliberately incited the Iraq false wars for his Haliburton buddies to profit & to grab Arab oil fields. In Nov 2001, Bush also defaulted on the Global Chemical & Biological ban treaty as well; & refused to allow a US representative to attend the conference. Bush also squashed the Kyoto pollution treaty for his corporate buddies. If you do not know these things, you should take the time to learn. The crooks are in control & you have a world of information at your fingertips on the internet. Knowledge is Power.

Do not underestimate the corrupt power of our Energy Corporations who literally control our gov’t. They make JR Ewing look like a preschooler when it comes to their crooked international scams & political control. Like they said at Watergate, “Follow the money” and the false corporate shell games where they launder their money & donations. Especially in Caribbean Island bank accounts.

Most scientists are rotten to the core. Gov’t puppets willing to sell out & destroy fellow targeted scientists at the behest of keeping those cheap energy & fuel substitutes off the market. These puppet scientists fill their pockets & accolades doing the gov’ts bidding. The gov’t does the Energy Companies biddings. There is no low too low for them to stoop. We must support these few respectable scientists willing to risk their reputations & careers for the public good. Without our support the gov’t & Energy companies will crush & break them. We will be the losers in these battles.



If you know another scientist who should be added to this list… please submit  their name and info using the comment feature for this post. If I feel the person merits our trust, I will add them. If they are disingenuous gov’t puppets, they will not be added. You may request to keep your comment from being posted and I will only post the info you wish to provide.






April 4, 2015

4-2015 Oceans, Weather Changes, Nuclear reactors & Climate change Terrorism

I normally don’t post comments this often, but when I saw the 600 – 1000 daily visitors worldwide who check this site on a daily basis and the 60,000 different visitors who came onto this site just in 2014 plus the surge in visitors after the Blizzards and Droughts on the news, I felt compelled to offer whatever info I can. Of course, the most critical info will come when I do the annual measurements of the sun in June. I hope you will all join me in taking those measurements. I will post instructions in June, so be sure to check back. That will be the most critical month. The solar measurement results will help to reveal any dramatic changes we may expect to see in our weather… like the additional shift I measured between June 2013 and June 2014 enabled me to warn everyone of the severe record winter storms and blizzards we experienced… 9 months before they occurred. Just using simple, primitive measuring techniques gave us an insight the gov’t and their hirelings failed to provide. They have no intention of keeping the public informed.

I also need to bring attention to the scientists and gov’t employees who are being terrorized, suspended and fired for speaking the words “Climate change” and the pressures to change their reports and wording to meet an unwritten ban on these subjects. So we have mafia tactics being used to silence those scientists and gov’t employees who wish to be truthful in their reports and to the public. It is far worse than any of us could imagine and I have included some additional info about this below. Now you know why you haven’t heard anything and how the truth is being silenced with threats and punishment. Remember Galileo?

I hope everyone got the chance to see the coverage of the Ocean, weather, South Pole glacier melting and droughts on the Aljazeera news channel. If not, they are showing it again in about a half hour. Normally, I don’t watch this channel and never thought I would watch this channel. But I have been impressed over the past week in their professional, quality reporting of issues such as our environment and droughts on their Tech specials. I was pleasantly surprised. Their regular news still has too much politics, too much war and too much middle east coverage for my preference, but I highly recommend their Tech coverage and the factual, unrevised reporting professional quality on global stories such as the Germanwings flight or the sailor stranded at sea for 66 days or the VA hospital scandal without twisting the stories or turning it into an opinionated free for all like I see on CNN, MSNBC, HLN or Faux. So if you get a chance to see their episode tonight on the subjects I mentioned, I highly recommend it. In fact, I am going to publish this post in increments before I finish writing it to give everyone a chance to see the repeat of their TechKnow program tonight and the Florida nuclear plant story is on right now.

In their coverage, they showed how the glaciers on West Antarctica (south pole) are melting at a phenomenal rate. This will increase sea levels by many feet. But more importantly, the south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains the balance of the Earth’s axis. We are currently at the tipping point so it wont take much to shift the planet the rest of the way onto the side. What is even more scary is how the nuclear power plant in Florida Turkey point will be flooded with just a 6 inch increase in sea levels. According to this TV program, they are expecting an 11 ft increase in sea levels from the south pole glacier melt in the next 20 years. This does not mean it will take 20 years for any sea level increase to begin… that 6 inch increase will occur by 2020 if not sooner and continue to rise. A single hurricane storm surge will be more than enough to create a Florida Fukushima. The TV program also talks about how the entire state of Florida will be under water and how the gov’t punishes any employee for suggesting moving the population away from these coastlines. I think those in charge of our gov’t are true followers of the NWO Georgia Guidestone which says to maintain humanity at 500,000,000. You can’t reduce to those population levels without losing the major population centers on the coastlines which are homes to over a billion people worldwide. So if you listen to the gov’t, they would ask you to remain in your burning house and trust them. At some point, you have to think for yourselves and use common sense as to what you need to do.

12 years ago, I spent 18 months working on a project in Florida. I discovered the ground water levels were just barely 1 foot below the soil level… at that time. Yet, the everglades were nearly totally dry. This was brine water… saline. I arrived one morning to find our new water filled ditch with a big alligator inside (crocodile… whatever it was).  Seems he preferred a tiny covered trench to the luxurious giant ponds and fountains connected by endless canals in that area. Who knows why a croc does what he does? However, the water has since begun to fill in the everglades again from both below and above as the sea levels increase.

If the rising ground water levels were that high 12 years ago, I would shudder to think what it looks like now. No one seems to be wondering what is going to become of the millions of people living in Florida… not to mention places like NASA, the USAF launch facility, Disney World, etc. You know without a doubt that Florida is slowly flooding and the gov’t does not deny the water levels are continuing to rise… so why is anyone continuing to live there? Why isn’t someone doing something about this? That should tell you just how interested the gov’t is on saving anyone. They don’t plan to. They will head for their shelters in Denver without one word of warning to the rest of us. You will be on your own, without infrastructure and under the control of FEMA, Red Cross and the National Guard troops at that time… and they won’t be feeding you or helping you. Read my other posts & comments about this issue. I spent 2 years on a major metro Emergency Management Agency. I do know what I am talking about.

In addition to the Turkey Point Nuclear power plant on the Florida coastline which has just barely scraped by after escaping surges from prior hurricanes… it is not the only Nuclear reactor on the US coastline which should be of concern regarding the danger of hurricanes and storm surges. For instance, there were 3 private reactors which you never heard about on the coast of Texas near Port Arthur which were hit by the Galveston Hurricane. They immediately dispatched military to take control of the area and the journalists were escorted around by the military in “approved” areas and kept away from touchy issues like reactors. So we never saw the condition or even the locations or uses for these 3 reactors or what damages or conditions they endured from that storm. We are fortunate to even know they were there. These are not the only ones. In addition to a plethora of reactors lining all of our coastlines, there are mothballed nuclear vessels from the Navy which are parked in Virginia because they are too radioactively hot to decommission for another 30+ years which would not do well in a storm. California has another shipyard full of mothball ships near Vallejo.

How does rising water and storms affect nuclear plants and reactors? Ironically, they require power from an outside source to COOL the reactors and circulate the cooling ponds for spent nuclear fuel rods. They cannot run the circulation pumps from the power created by the same reactor they are cooling so they depend on power from an outside source. If those power lines are damaged by a storm or go down, then the backup generators go online. Some require manual start. But these generators are damaged by storms when they are flooded. This is what happened in Japan. The Tsunami wiped out the external power sources, destroyed the backup generators and scammed the reactors. Without the cooling pumps, the reactors began over heating as did the spent fuel rod pool over heating which began producing hydrogen gas by boiling away the water. The hydrogen collected in the containment buildings then exploded and blew off the roofs of the containment buildings.

Then the reactors melted down through the casings and the spent fuel pools cracked and drained out the water. One of the reactors used plutonium fuel rods which catch fire when exposed to water… unlike the other 3 reactors which needed cool water on their uranium fuel rods. So then we had burning radioactive fuel rods, melting reactor containment vessels which burned through the core containment vessels. Radioactive smoke, steam, water and fallout spewed by the volumes into the upper atmosphere contaminating not only the local region… but every global country in the path of this radioactive cloud and fallout which continued for months. Not to mention the runoff of contaminated water being sprayed onto the reactors which washed into the oceans… and even when collected by barge… they went and dumped it into the oceans elsewhere… so I don’t see the benefit they gained except moving it away from their location but it still contaminated the oceans and was found in Tuna off the coast of San Diego just 5 months later. Not to mention the horrific radiation exposure & cancers of the US sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier who were under the fallout without warning as it literally snowed down upon them.

So the US simply used our military to HIDE the problems with the private reactors after the Galveston hurricane to avoid the Japan scandal. Our gov’t lies to us.  We have no idea how bad it was. They also hid how bad 3 mile island was and I knew people who died from Leukemia less than 10 years later. There were hundreds of victims which you never heard about who were silenced by a court order to receive money for their injuries and medical care. They are all dead now and they are trying to cover it up… so I have included a couple links you should read to see just how honest our gov’t is about nuclear dangers to the public. You may think it is safe because you have not heard anything. They are not telling you the real conditions of the private reactors, military reactors, gov’t, university, medical, sea vessel, weapons, missiles and public power utilities reactors concerning accidents, storm damage, leaks, releases of radioactive venting… etc. So, think of this the next time you see a hurricane, storm or tornado hit a coastline or anywhere a nuclear reactor might be located. How much danger are you in when the next calamity occurs?

Then there was the Al Jazeera coverage of the oceans affecting weather patterns. They had a biologist who said she never considered that the currents and temperatures of the oceans affected weather and climate. These younger under educated gov’t hireling scientists are so tunnel visioned on their own projects that they cannot see the big picture on the most basic of weather patterns. This is grade school stuff. Cold and hot temperature interactions create the storm fronts needed for producing rains. I find it beyond belief that our scientists are so blind. It is indicative of the poor quality of education these days.

One university professor of energy at Berkley said they were told they do not want to hear any Scientists,  professors, employees or contractors using the words “climate” and “Change” together in any sentence. Especially in reference to the state of Florida. So they are even controlling what the scientists and university professors say and teach. All the scientists are tied to gov’t monies through grants, contracts and gov’t controlled facilities or tax dollars. Many who play the game are not any better than the CIA hirelings. They either refuse to see beyond their noses while others have been threatened with their livelyhoods if they speak up about any of these conditions. Many have selective tunnel vision regarding anything but their own projects. The world scientists are controlled by foreign aid, US pressures, threats, loss of job, loss of career, pressures of corporate loans & business from US entities. You will not hear any truth. You will have to peel out the truths one layer at a time starting with what you see with your own eyes. There are only a tiny handful of us willing to speak out.

Monday, April 6, 2015 on the  Al Jazeera channel Techknow program, they are doing more coverage on the flooding of Florida and other global weather changes which you may want to watch. Also, Al Jazeera’s “Inside story” is also doing an expose on how the gov’t is forcing the scientists to change their reports and change the wording to lie to the public and have been fired and suspended for not omitting these unpalatable truths from their reports. Appearing on this report, Bart Bibler from the FL EPA was suspended for his opinions on environmental hazards and for taking a stand against the Energy company pipeline and speaking about climate change which is an unwritten forbidden subject. There was an unwritten ban on expressing any such negative comments  about the environmental concerns or any mention of climate change.  The gov’t employees and scientists are scared for their jobs. Many are being terrorized and they are coming forward to speak about this on this program. This channel will be running environmental programs during the entire month of April so I hope everyone will watch. It is very well done and surprisingly different from what I expected to see on a news channel by that name. It is so far, the only channel which does not seem to be controlled by the US gov’t controls and censoring so watch it while they are still providing open and honest coverage of these forbidden issues.

The reasons the ocean currents and temperatures have changed is because the planet’s axis has shifted. You cannot expect to have the same currents and water temperatures with a 2000 mile positional shift in the summer and winter months. Add that to the changes in the air currents and jet stream patterns. Plus we have increased humidity and moisture from massive glacier melting which is continuing to dump glacial ice into the oceans, changing temperatures, sea levels and salinity. Melting faster because the sun is now more direct over each respective pole during the summer for each hemisphere. The shift has also changed the flow of currents and the weather patterns. So now we have areas with severe droughts and others which are flooding. This is what happened to northern Africa and Egypt eons ago; changing lush tropics into the Sahara desert. This will be the fate of the southern US. If we continue to chop down the forests and jungles, we will see these areas dry up as well. You cannot have tropical rain forests without the tropical forests.

Stealing water to grow crops has been the bane of California water loss for decades. Now, with the axis shift, the land cannot recover due to the weather pattern changes. You also need cold water ocean currents interacting with warm air temps to create the rain storms which fill the reservoirs, lakes and snow packs of California. They need to cover those barren hills with thick trees and forests to cool the land, promote the rain storms and change the weather patterns. They can temporarily use Chemtrails like they do in Texas and Saudi Arabia to produce the rain to water these new forests and produce mountain snow pack until the forests have grown to sufficient levels. I’m sure Californians would volunteer by the thousands at this point to help plant new trees and might even volunteer to buy 10 new trees each for this effort. They might even volunteer to keep them watered. It will also help stop the mudslides and fires to have young, green trees. Drought stricken areas also need to spread out the work day over 24 hours to cut the wall of heat and pollution  produced by traffic jams and industry which blocks the flow of storms from coming inland from the sea. They also need to place a moratorium on building homes and new businesses until they have recovered enough proven water reserves to handle them on a regular basis.

While they claim the production of desalinating sea water requires too much energy, we have seen that there is more than enough solar, wind and geothermal options to make this a cheap, affordable process which these farmers and the public water reservoirs can employ. These excuses are nothing more than political dogma driven by the Energy corporation gluttons who don’t want free, renewable, non polluting energy to be used which could be realized by the public that it is a viable option… far better than making these oil and energy corporations richer. Stop listening to these lies that solar, wind and other renewable resources are insufficient. They are not and are established, cheap sources of energy currently being employed and the number one biggest threat to the Energy corporations who run this country and own every politician running the US and all other countries they have set their sights on.

The public needs to make their presence known in these issues like they did on legislation in Indiana. The public and large corporations who drove those issues should turn their efforts to help California and crush the control of the energy corporation tyrannies. You cannot make a difference by sitting at the computer sending emails and commenting on blogs no one will read. Yes, I see the irony in the comparison. You can take on these oil companies one at a time. Instead of refusing to buy gas for one day… refused to buy gas from ONE particular oil company at a time… such as starting with Exxon or Chevron. One at a time, boycott all the gas stations their company serves. You can buy from any other station. Just not the one being targeted. After you break that one… then go after the next. By the time you get to the third company, I guarantee they will change their tune… just like those state legislator’s and politicians who were dead set against changing those other Laws. This is how you take on the Energy companies. One at a time. Never all at once. They cannot make money if you do not buy their products. It must be a total boycott of one brand and the sub brands they serve. Do not go to the next until that one has broken.

Read my articles on drought and blizzards and weather changes to understand more about how the axis shift has affected the weather. It does no good for me to keep hammering at the same thing, over and over again to people who have already read these statements a dozen times in my other articles or comments. So if you have not yet read these articles and about weather, chemtrails and other issues… please access these through the menu on the side bar where I have made these posts all available. Keeping in mind, some of these are over 8 years old and new info improved my understanding as I continued to research and measure and analyze the situation. Also, be sure to check the website below for info on seismic, volcanic, Tsunami’s and other things which have been affected by the axis shift.

As always, all of the info on the website is verifiable and includes the links to the original sources… respectable sources like NASA, USGS, Smithsonian, NOAA, FEMA, ESA, SOHO, etc. You may need to reload the links for them to appear. Also remember that they cannot hide the sun and you should check the sunrise and sunset position with your own eyes in the month of June if you live in the northern hemisphere. (In the month of December if you live in the Southern Hemisphere). Then you can see with your own eyes that the sun is not where it is supposed to be. Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

The gov’t will try to confuse, intimidate, discredit or ridicule by claiming the shifts to be in centimeters rather than hundreds of miles in order to shame you from asking. They load up the internet with paid hirelings & loudmouths to shout you down and create disruption and abuse anyone who questions by trying to make them feel stupid. (They are not allowed on here). Use your own eyes. Don’t let anyone intimidate you from checking these things for yourself. Don’t expect some joker on Ask or some other site or paid gov’t scientist or hireling to tell you the truth. If they are still lying about Roswell, what makes you think they will tell you the truth about this? They will not tell you anything that might disrupt the economy, the workforce, the flow of money and their profits.

This info is for your benefit. Not mine. I already know the truth and have nothing to gain. You can validate all the info on the website below which provides the links for all sources of info… and remember to use your own eyes to verify the sun is not rising or setting at the tropic of Cancer (located in central Mexico) in June where it should be on the summer solstice June 21st . The sun should NEVER be north of any location in the US at any time. So take a look in June. Especially on the longest day which is the farthest north point the sun should be. Don’t check it in the sky since the sun travels in an arc. Check it at sunrise and sunset in June when it is in contact with the horizon and you can use landmarks to spot the positions. The land must be flat. Mountains will skewer the results.

More info on the June 21st measuring will be posted in June.










January 27, 2015

1-2015 ITYS Blizzards

Our primitive methods of measuring the sun position have been proving quite effective on predicting weather and changes. I have been saying we were going to get hit with severe weather this winter due to the additional increase in the earth’s tilt which I measured last June. I hate to say ITYS… but I’m going to quote myself from a previous post:

“I still believe we will see some record breaking cold weather and heavy precipitation ahead of us in January-February. So, keep your homes stocked up with food, water and blankets and your fuel tanks full and batteries just in case you find yourselves snowed in or without power during an ice storm or blizzard.”

We are talking about unusually severe weather changes. In some of my comments and replies since last June, you can see where I said we would be hit in late January to early February. I’m just lucky I don’t live in the Northeast. Now, get ready for a hot humid summer. The change in the tilt of the earth is real. You can measure it for yourself when you see the sun position is too far north of your home in June (northern hemisphere) when it should never be north of the Tropic of Cancer and too far south in the winter. We can only hope the tilt has not increased again since the significant increase in tilt last summer. (not to be outdone by the huge axis shift in Dec 2004 creating the Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people).

The reason I repeat myself is because many people are just joining the posts for the first time and are not aware of the situation. I won’t lie like the gov’t. You can see everything I am saying for yourself. You can check out the sun position and verify the weather changes, etc. All I am doing is pointing out the situation, what to look for and how to prepare.

However, I just love hearing these weather casters trying to bail themselves out when we knew this was coming since last June.

There will probably be more bad weather over the next month. Don’t let your guard down yet. Possibly into March and early April as well.

I wanted to add this for those of us in the Midwest who are currently enjoying nearly 80 degree weather while our neighbors in the northeast are being pounded with historic levels of  “Snow hurricanes”…


Don’t get too comfortable with this lovely warm weather in the middle of the US. It is not over. We stand a good chance of having more historic ice storms and snows her in the Midwest as well in Feb thru April. But our trees are going the suffer and die from the severe contrasts in temperatures. The changes in planetary position are seriously screwing up the weather patterns which will become more and more unpredictable with historic levels of increased precipitation in snow, blizzards and floods.

If you check all of my past posts and comments you will see where I have explained how the increased melting of the polar regions is creating increased humidity in the air as it evaporates and increases the cloud and storm formations, saturated with all of this increased moisture in the air.  The hotter our summers from the increased tilt, the more moisture in the air causing increased humidity, storms and heavy precipitation. During our northern hemisphere winters, the melting of the south pole is at its highest levels and the amount of ice surface melting and evaporating is even higher than during our summers because the north pole arctic region now has less ice surface exposed but producing increased moisture nonetheless. So most of the axis shifting will occur during our northern winters as we continue to lose the weight of the land-based glaciers on the south pole which act as a gyroscopic anchor point to balance the planet. As that ice decreases, it affects the balance of the planet as well as increasing atmospheric moisture  being produced during the Nov through April months.

The heating from the increased axis tilt has sped up the process many times higher than we experienced prior to 2004.  The added heating of the oceans in polar regions in close proximity to the glacial ice is creating huge storms. The magnetic fields have altered as our tilt has changed our global perspective to the sun’s gravitational field. The gravitational fields are causing the spinning effect of storms… creating Snow hurricanes and Land hurricanes. (my phrases).

Gravity fields are not in straight lines . They are spiral like you see in water drains, tornadoes and hurricanes.  Where hurricanes typically developed in the tropic regions, the (aprox) 2000 mile increase in our tilt has moved these spinning storm formations to appear about 2000 miles north of the tropic of cancer and 2000 miles south of the tropic of Capricorn. Previously, the spiral storms formed between the two tropics and moved west. Those which are not trapped in the Caribbean  move north along the coast lines.

Now they are forming in the north and moving across the landmass. A much different behavior. You can see some of these weather satellite examples of multiyear comparisons which I had custom built by a meteorology college. These are month to month satellite loop images of spiral storms over the US every day at the same time between April and June for the years 2001 to 2007 so you can compare the changes before and after the major axis shift of 2004. You wont see this info on the weather channel or anywhere else. Gravitational fields are one of my areas of research. Until they are ready to accept &  be up front about the axis change they wont be able to apply the gravitational field changes along with the increased moisture and temperature changes which are causing the abnormal weather formations.

You can see examples of these spiral systems forming every year over the central US after the shift. Spiral storms which used to form in the tropics have moved northward in the summer because we are tilted farther south. You can see these satellite loops on this page and see these storms forming in the central US during the late spring months. I had quite a few of these custom loops built to show this effect. The weather service never once mentioned it. I take it back. One female meteorologist mentioned it on the weather channel one Sunday a few years ago and she was never on the air again. This is the reason the scientists say nothing. Here is the page with those custom satellite weather loops.

Also, here is an image of spinning gravitational fields which is called the Coriolis effect. (I usually try to use plain English on the posts rather than scientific terms to make it easier to understand).





January 18, 2015

1-2015 Southern Hemisphere Solar position

If anyone knows someone who lives in the southern hemisphere south of the tropic of Capricorn.. such as Southern Australia, the country of South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay or New Zealand… ask them to look outside at sunrise and sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon and ask them if the sun is to the south of their location right now.

The appearance of the sun position from my vantage point in winter may simply be because I’m too far north to properly evaluate the position of the winter sun.


Our request was answered. We now have the info and response we needed from the southern tip of Australia verifying the sun is to the south of their position, so this verifies our original concerns since the major shift of the planet in Dec 2004 significantly altered and increased the tilt of our axis. The sun which should never be farther north than the tropic of Cancer in Mid Mexico or farther south than the Tropic of Capricorn in Mid Australia is now significantly beyond those points. The sun is now about 2000 miles too far north in the summer shining in our northern windows and too far south in the winter shining in their southern facing windows at sunrise and sunset. I had some concerns that the orbit around the sun had possibly altered the direction of the angle and could not verify from my location, hence my inquiry today which the response has now alleviated those concerns.

We have  now verified our original observations and measurements of the abnormal position of the sun due to a significant shift of our axis in Dec 2004. However, it has also significantly shifted again in the past year for the first time since 2004. We had some smaller shifts but this was quite noticeable. So it will be interesting to see if there are any further changes when we measure again this summer June 21st or if it has settled down again. We also don’t know what the world governments may be doing covertly to address the situation. We do know they are using Chemtrails to cool down the weather. I posted the websites of one of the gov’t contractors on those projects. But if they do something foolish trying to undo the shifted axis, they could make it worse for all of us. Their batting average has not been very good so far. I will make a new post on what we need to look out for. 


January 11, 2015

1-2015 Migrations & wildlife disturbances

I was watching a documentary about Elephant seals appearing in Brazil and New Zealand. Bull Sharks swimming up rivers (including the Mississippi) and living in land locked freshwater lakes. Tropical Lion fish leaving the south pacific coral reefs and taking over the entire Caribbean. Giant crabs have taken over the entire coastline of Europe.

While biologists appear to be completely confused as to the behavior of these animals… I strongly suspect we are seeing these changes in animal and marine life behavior due to the abnormal shifting of the Earth’s axis. Everything is normal for wildlife during Spring and Fall when the earth is at the original positions to the sun, but the extreme shifts during the summer and winter months when the tilt is 2000 miles shifted too far or too south, (depending on the season and hemisphere) is really throwing the animal life into confusion during those months. Even in the Spring and Fall, the changes between summer and winter are much more severe because of the additional 2000 miles it has to change on each end from summer to winter.

If you check the dates, you’ll find most of these lovely nature programs are dated prior to 2005. Before the shift disrupted everything.

We are also seeing a difference in plant growth. I’ve lost over 6 large full grown trees which have just died and fallen over in the past 12 months. Giant, healthy trees. I have other living trees which are pulling out of the ground and falling over. The roots are not holding the tree in the soil. This is adobe clay soil… so it really doesn’t make sense. Most of these trees are close to 30 years old.

This winter we haven’t seen the sun more than 4 or 5 days at most since October. It is either constantly overcast or covered in high fog. Not normal weather for this dry region for certain. I’m expecting a severe ice storm or blizzard some time between Jan 15 and Mar 15 due to the additional shift we measured last summer. Best chance is around the beginning of Feb… and perhaps a last hurrah storm in April. None of these types of weather issues occurred prior to 2005 except those once every 50 year exceptions. If this was a normal winter… we would start warming up at the tail end of January and trees blooming in February. But not since the Dec 2004 axis shift. They try and they die because of the changes. If you want to see just how much the weather has changed, check out the FEMA Website annual declarations of emergencies.

I also have friends that live near glaciers which are rapidly melting and racing across the landscape toward the oceans. What used to take millions of years, now occurs in just a few years. They used to have 20 ft of snow on top of their roof every winter after each weekly blizzard which they had to use a snow blower to remove and now, they barely see any snow at all and their winters are averaging 45 degrees. No need for snow blowers since. Is there any wonder the glaciers are melting? This is Canada and Alaska.

The permafrost in Russia is nearly gone. Just take a look at Google Earth. Greenland and Iceland and the South Pole are severely melting from underneath the glaciers… undermining them to quickly slide away.

We will soon see nothing but weeds, ants, cockroaches and the worst life forms which will outlive us all.

I was glad to see that the TV finally showed the underground cities and maglev trains between all the air force bases coast to coast which the US gov’t has built at extreme taxpayer cost to save their sorry hides when the planet becomes unlivable for the rest of us. No one would believe it. The gov’t kept paying these skeptics and pit bulls to attack & discredit anyone who dared to mention their dark secret black projects. Now everyone can see for themselves these underground cities they have built for all the elite at our expense… which those of us in the know have known about for years. Elective ignorance is the most difficult problem the public has to overcome. All the information they want to know is out there… but they were too pigheaded to realize it and allowed the hired pit bulls to convince them it was false.

Not far from the fancy underground city in Denver, they also have enormous vaults of seeds stored to replant the planet after the disaster occurs. Ever wonder where all of those FEMA and Red Cross supplies went? Very little of it went to US residents. Most of the time, the states & business donations from places like Walmart took care of most their needs while the majority of donated and gov’t supplies were squirreled away underground in Colorado.

I saw where they are using the sonic rad system to keep people out of the access tunnels. I have friends who worked on some of these underground facilities and tunnel systems and I have personally been in the underground cities beneath Houston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc., when I was working on various projects which required me to be in those areas. They also dug a tunnel in Dallas in Dec 2008 after Bush bought his home and extended a tunnel which they bored up through Oklahoma and into Colorado to the facility there. If you go up on Google earth and turn on the earthquake features, you can follow the progress of the tunnels they drill with the large boring machines. They tend to create small earthquakes in the 3.1 to 4.1 range. When Dallas had a quake in Dec 08, it was clear what they were doing. Texas is a zone zero earthquake zone. You can’t get any lower than that on the earthquake scale. I used to design earthquake bracing so I notice things like this. You could follow the route of the tunnel boring by the dates & strengths on the earthquake symbols heading northward. You can actually use these to map out the tunnels.

As a result of the incredible amount of tunnels they have crisscrossing the US, the country was besieged with sink holes in 2013. Now that they’ve finally revealed the underground tunnels and facilities on TV, you don’t have to wonder about it anymore. It isn’t a theory. It is a fact. Only the deluded will refuse to believe their own eyes and bury their heads in the sand.

The amount of luxury items in these underground shelter areas is obscene. This is also why you see our top levels of gov’t stopping at the main air force bases or Colorado whenever a major disaster is imminent. 2001. The huge asteroid which got too close, Etc. Did you know that the communications companies which handle the gov’t circuits are not allowed to touch any of the equipment or systems or make repairs whenever airforce one is in the air? It is hands-off.

Most of the time, you won’t even know something bad is about to happen. Those with reserved shelter invitations will run to the closest USAF bases or DC or Colorado to access tunnel locations and will just let the worst happen without saying a word. Can’t have the economy suffering by evacuating anyone or forewarning anyone. They might not show up at their jobs… and that would cut down on the money for them to waste on their private black projects we pay for. They won’t even do anything about all the major cities on the coastlines which will succumb to the continually rising sea levels. No preplanning, etc. It might disrupt spending.

So, if you see all the top dogs of the gov’t, elite and corporate CEO’s all heading to Denver or their closest airforce base… that should give you a clue something very bad is about to occur. Unfortunately, even the journalists who travel with the President would go on lockdown and not be allowed to contact their network during such an emergency. Don’t expect any help when everything goes to hell. Much less any notice. All I can say, is I hope you live away from the coastlines and above the 300ft elevation where there is some mountain fed stream water and a nearby valley for growing food. Why do you think they chose the highest City in the US to place their main underground city shelter for the topdogs?

This weather and wildlife migration alterations are just the beginning. It is going to get a lot worse. But go ahead and continue on as normal… its only some conspiracy theory… if you put your trust in those who have a first class lodging in the Denver shelter.

December 28, 2014

12-2014 Cold Overcast Winter

Due to the continuous overcast, we have been unable to take any solar position measurements this winter. The continuous weather conditions, overcast skies, high fog and rain have obscured any view of the sun rising or setting or any shadows for measuring. In the past 2 months, I have only seen the sun from sunrise to sunset on two days. This is due to the increased moisture in the air from melting polar ice forming fog, clouds and increased precipitation. I have never seen so many overcast or high fog skies since I lived in California. It was normal to only see the sun in northern California between 11am and 4pm in the summer dry season and rarely any sun in the winter during the rainy season. However, this is not normal for northern Texas. Our shift in axis position has affected all of us in one way or another. Only those of us who have been around for a few decades notice the significant difference with how the weather was 30 to 50 years ago as compared to the weather of the past 10 years.

I suspected we would have a problem obtaining the measurements this winter because of the constant overcast conditions throughout the month of November. So I did not hold out any high hopes we would be successful. The high fog has been fluctuating between about 50 ft above ground in the morning to about 700 ft above ground at midday.

Unfortunately, that means we cannot obtain any measurements this winter and will have to wait for the summer solstice on June 21, 2015 for our next solar measurements.

Ironically, just as I was writing this comment, the sun decided to come out for just the 3rd time in 2 months, but still enough high fog to prevent the appearance of shadows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help with our positional measurements since we cannot see the horizon or sun at sunrise or sunset and we are past the winter solstice on Dec 21st.

If Murphy’s Law holds true to course, I’m willing to bet the sun will be shining the entire month of January. While it would be a welcome change after the 2 solid months of overcast, that doesn’t help for calculating the measurements we needed on Dec 21st. I still believe we will see some record breaking cold weather and heavy precipitation ahead of us in January-February. So, keep your homes stocked up with food, water and blankets and your fuel tanks full and batteries just in case you find yourselves snowed in or without power during an ice storm or blizzard.

December 12, 2014

12-2014 Canadian Inuit tribes Warn Earth’s axis or wobble has changed

(I would like everyone to take a look at this link sent to me by a friend in Canada. Their Inuit tribes are warning that the Earths axis has changed or the wobble has changed because their sun is no longer behaving as it used to. The position of the sun and the sky has changed. This is exactly what I have been saying. Here is the link to their story.

We also had a commenter on the “2014 changes in solar position” article who  posted additional links for info about the Inuit observations of the changes they have seen in the sun and the stars. I just love it when people claim the stars are the same and have not changed. I ran the star charts for a 2000 mile latitude variance and the differences were virtually indistinguishable. You would have to be using an advanced laser measuring system to detect any variance at all. When you are dealing with the vastness of space, a 2000 mile variance on earth is not worth a pinpoint of change. You can get into your car and drive hundreds of miles and the stars will be virtually standing still with the only exception of the earth’s rotation making any difference.

Take a look at the star charts of Mexico compared to the Dakota’s at the same date and time. The difference is so miniscule 1200 miles apart that you could not tell the difference with the naked eye when looking up at the stars. These gov’t paid disinfo attackers like to use this as a point of attack. So look for yourself. 1200 miles does not mean anything in the perspective of stars hundreds of light years away. If these were orbiting our planet, then yes, we could see a difference. But the stars are on a vast scale. So take a look at the star chart comparisons on this page and check it out for yourself. Especially Polaris. The difference is so miniscule, you would not see the difference. Especially with the earth rotating. But these charts have frozen the details in place so you can do a side by side comparison of two points 1200 miles apart.

Anytime you see a lot of vicious attacks on someone or information, that should tell you that the gov’t is desperately trying to silence that person or ridicule their info. If you notice, they completely ignore erroneous info such as the photo of the naked sloth which lost its hair and was beaten to death by Panamanian teens last year and posted on the internet as an alien monster. While a sloth is admittedly an odd looking creature, especially after losing its hair to mange or some other condition… I know a sloth when I see one and so should anyone in Panama which has a large sloth population. But no one has said a word about that photo or any of the other recognizable creature photos. They only attack valid information. They leave the quackery alone in the hope that it will ridicule the entire subject. But they attack and destroy anything or anyone with valid info. So use that as your guide. Those under attack are usually valid. I do not allow hired attack dogs to post on here. I have zero tolerance for gov’t disinfo attacks. You won’t see them on here.

What people don’t seem to understand is that the entire scientific community is dependent upon the gov’t for their jobs. Every university received gov’t grants and accreditation. Every aerospace job is tied to DOD or NASA taxpayer dollars. Every professional astronomer depends upon observatories and space telescopes tied to gov’t entities. Nearly every foreign country is tied to US gov’t loans or US corporation loans. Even their retirements are tied to gov’t monies.

Not one scientist dares to speak out on these issues for fear of their jobs. Many don’t want to see or hear anything about it. Some have been twisted by the company they keep. The gov’t hired pit bulls would also attack and discredit any whistleblower who dares go public. Other scientists in their field would be compelled to attack and discredit any scientist who dares to speak out on subjects forbidden by the US gov’t. They are even afraid to speak amongst themselves since they don’t know who might report them. When my uncle worked for LANL, even their homes were wired. They moved to a nearby town just to get away from the constant surveillance and monitoring the gov’t does to scientists. But even that would not have stopped the constant monitoring. Even with the FOIA release of documented info which reveals the things our gov’t has done… people bury their heads in the sand and don’t want to believe it. They also have short memories about these events.

The gov’t uses compartmentalization to keep anyone from sharing info with others in their field. Any scientist who dares to come forward would lose their job, their reputation and their ability to work in their field. Just ask Bob Lazar what happens to someone who speaks out. They destroyed his job, his reputation, his employment records, even his academic records were destroyed. The gov’t minions hounded, harassed and nearly killed him but decided to leave him a broken wreck as a warning to others. They found others who were willing to sell out for a price (like Friedman) to attack and destroy Lazar. I know he was genuine. He worked at the same place as one of my relatives who was also a scientist. But our Pavlov’s programmed society of sheeple has become like a pack of wild dogs who attack and eat their own at the first sign of blood. The gov’t has used the media, targeted programming, labels like Conspiracy theorist and use paid disinformation hirelings to control the population and flow of information.

So don’t expect any other scientist to come forward and tell you the truth about the axis change. No one is going to risk their neck for a thankless public who attacks and eats their own. If the public is not willing to protect and support those who come forward with info, then they don’t deserve to know the truth.

But the one thing they cannot hide is the sun. Despite all the efforts they have made to convince the public it is perfectly normal… all of you over the age of 50 know that the sun should never, ever be farther north than the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) on the longest day (June 21st). That is the farthest north the sun should ever be. If you live north of the tropic of cancer such as the US, Europe, Russia, Canada, etc., you should never, ever see the sun setting or rising to the north of your location. You should never have sunlight through your northern windows. This is one thing the gov’t cannot hide from you. Their only option is to twist your thinking and make you believe it is normal. Especially those of you who are not old enough to remember the sun’s behavior before the axis shifted.

We have had the gov’t disinfo discreditors try to nitpick and use the artic circle by saying that people living in the artic circle would have noticed if there was something wrong with the sun or their attack dogs claiming to live there themselves…

Well, someone has noticed!  The Inuits are not puppets of the gov’t like our scientists have become. So they are not afraid to speak out. They have noticed the changes and so far, they haven’t kowtowed to the gov’t (yet) and the puppet scientists whose jobs depend on gov’t grants, contracts, foreign aid, corporate monies, trade agreements and taxpayer monies.

I had said in previous articles that the sun in Alaska and Iceland used to dip below the horizon for about 4 hours in the summer before the axis shift in 2004. It was still twilight during those 4 hours so it was never dark in the summer months. But the sun did go just below the horizon  for about 4 hours in the summer prior to the axis shift. Now it does not dip below the horizon in the summer at all.  (all references to flat land, not mountainous).

Since the axis shift in 2004,  the sun never dips below the horizon in the arctic circle. It is even worse now with the additional shift which has occurred in the past year. The sun in the arctic region is now always above the horizon and is much warmer. This is severely increasing the rate of melting of the polar ice. As the land based ice melts… (especially at the south pole), it affects the planetary balance. The south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor maintaining our balance and axis tilt. As that ice melts and disburses into the ocean, the axis slips and the sea levels rise. At some point, the axis angle will reach the tipping point and the earth will end up laying on its side. One scientist did say that he had evidence this has happened 11 times in earth’s past which is why there are findings of tropical forests in the arctic and Antarctic circles.

This is not a magnetic reversal of poles and the planet does not have enough land based weight at the arctic to flip upside down. Earth will end up lying on its side because most of the weight is at the equator. The weights do matter because the earth is tied to the gravitational pull of the sun. We do have another planet in our solar system which is currently lying on its side. We also have one rotating backward because it inverted. Earth’s balance is regulated by the ice at the south pole. As I described above, it serves as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains our axis tilt. As the ice there melts, our axis slips. The more it melts, the more it slips. With the sun higher above the arctic horizon, it is hotter and increasing the rate of melting.

These changes affect our weather. You can see this polar ice melting in the increase in humidity levels, the increase in rain, flooding, snowfall, blizzards and the increase in fog and overcast skies. We haven’t seen the sun for the past month in the south central US. The constant overcast reminds me of the high fog in northern California which caused a daily overcast there during the summer months. The daily high fog overcast in California rarely was above the 300 ft altitude clearance required to fly a private plane on visual flight rules. We rarely had a clear day. We never had this issue in Texas until now.  This isn’t just overcast. It starts out as ground fog every morning, then slowly begins to clear but the sky never clears. This high fog remains over us the entire day. Just like it did in California. But this is Texas. We never had such weather before the axis shift and it is this past year after this second shift when these foggy overcasts began to occur and now we have not had a clear day in a month.

What was even more bizarre was to see rainy overcast throughout the summer months. This was normally a desert climate. Dry heat. Zero rain between July and Sept. Triple digit heat usually above 110 between July and Sept. But this last summer 2014, we had rain every week and temps in the 80’s and 90’s. One thunderstorm after another. This is unheard of between July 1st and Sept. 1st. I had just measured the first significant increase in the position of the sun on June 21, 2014 since the initial shift of the earth’s axis in 2004 which shifted the earth’s axis about 1200 miles. I measured and photographed the position of the sun every summer on June 21 beginning in 2006. It remained the same until June 21 2014 when I saw a significant increase in the sun position, indicating a shift of perhaps an additional 800 miles totaling about a 2000 mile difference from the position of the earths axis prior to the initial shift in 2004.

My friends near the eastern Canadian coast are suffering from violent wind storms and thunder snow which used to be a rare occurrence. Those spiral weather patterns which used to be reserved for the equatorial and tropic regions are now occurring over the US and Canada because we have shifted into those zones during the summer and into the arctic zones during the winter.

Only the spring and autumn have the sun in normal positions but with the increased tilt positional changes, the spring and fall weather now changes more rapidly to  go from the one extreme to the other to transition between summer and winter.

My friends who live near the glaciers of Alaska have the opposite situation. They used to have 20ft of snow on their rooftops. I have photos of them using snow blowers to clear their roofs. Now the winters rarely go below 45F degrees with very little snow in the inches instead of feet. They no longer have any use for their snow blowers and the glaciers which they can see from their homes are melting and disappearing. These are dramatic changes in our weather and environment.

You do not need to wait for official announcements by the gov’t or weather or scientists. They will lie about the shifting axis until the last moment the planet shifts onto its side and then plan to save their own hides in their underground shelters under Denver built at taxpayer expense while leaving everyone else to fend on their own and to die.

If you want to know the truth, contact people in Alaska and rural Canada who are above the age of 50 who have lived in those regions most of their entire lives who remember what it used to be like. Anyone under 50 is unlikely to be old enough to remember what it was like before the axis shift. Don’t bother with people who work for universities or aerospace entities who are all dependent upon gov’t grants and contracts or taxpayer dollars. They will adhere to the gov’t approved dogma. Retired engineers who were not associated with DOD contract corporations and scenic artists would be the best who would be detailed oriented enough to notice changes without being tied to gov’t controls or propaganda.

Now that the axis has shifted so severely, it is beyond our ability to fix it. There is nothing we can do to undo the damage. We can only hope to delay it or keep it at status quo but only if we made immediate efforts to cease any pollutants with fossil fuels and industrial pollution. We have plenty of natural energy from solar, wind, water, etc. and the technology to use it despite what our crooked energy companies would lead everyone to believe. The most ridiculous energy company scam is to create hydrogen fuel from oil at some horrific expense to keep their profits and control over it. Any high school student can tell you that water is H2O (two parts hydrogen which is easily released with electrolytic treatment). We have unlimited water in the ocean which could be turned into hydrogen and there is no sane reason whatsoever to be extracting hydrogen from oil. But our population doesn’t seem to care about these scams and controls maintained by the energy companies who run our gov’t and our politicians. If we don’t immediately do something to stop the melting of the polar ice, we may very well see the earth’s axis slip onto its side within our lifetimes. I would hope it would delay until after our lifetimes… but we don’t have years for our gov’t to decide to do something… which they never will because the energy companies run the govt. They will only care about money and power until their last breath no matter what destructions may befall the planet.

The gov’t estimates such a calamity is expected to occur about 2020 and they already have their underground refuge facilities stockpiled at our expense under Denver which is ready and waiting to save the worst of our planet’s population who are responsible for all the deceit and damage and coverups… leaving all the rest of our Pavlovian programmed population to fend for themselves. Just wait and see what kind of wild animals our population will become once this occurs. I hope someone will direct their rampaging toward the air vents of the underground Denver facility. The access is under the new airport. The one with the murals of world destruction. Here is an excellent overview of those murals. If you have not seen them, you need to look at this page, the photos and the descriptions.

If the final axis shift doesn’t happen in our lifetimes, then don’t worry about it.

However, if it does happen in your lifetime and you are one of the few who had the sense to know the sun is out of position and now you have the Inuits who have verified this as well… should the worst happen, the best place for survival is to head for central America between Columbia and Mexico, away from the coast lines, away from volcanoes… but above 300ft due to the rising seas. You will need a mountain fed water source because the water table will be contaminated by the rising oceans. You will also need to be able to have soil and conditions to grow crops and access food sources.  Preferably in a home capable of surviving off the grid without utilities or commerce or medical. There are survival preparation ideas available on


July 2, 2014

7-2014 Changes in Solar Position


An update on the sun position. For the first time since the significant axis shift in 2004 which we’ve been tracking since 2006, the 2014 summer solstice measurements on June 21, 2014 have shown another increase of the sun position to the north. Where it was setting about 10:00 to the north on a clock face. It is now about 10:15 to 10:45 toward the north from where I measured it in TX & 10:00 from Salt Lake’s viewpoint. I had expected the Salt Lake City latitude to be closer to 9:00 so that means the sun is much farther north of the Tropic of cancer than the 1200 miles I estimated. More like 2000 miles north of the mid Mexico Tropic of Cancer. Perhaps north of Washington State. I wish we had heard from someone in Seattle or anywhere on that latitude.     

This explains the changes in the weather this year. Increased solar position toward the north is increasing melt & evaporation of the glacial ice. Thus, increasing humidity levels. This explains the high fog we are seeing over TX each morning this year. This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of weather in Texas during 20 years of residence. Daily high fog is normal in northern California but not Texas. I have also read some interesting articles on the rampant increases in Greenland’s glacier melting & loss of ice reflectivity indicating heavy bottom melting. So this corresponds with what we are seeing with the sun & unusual weather. Fortunately, our planet still remains the same distance from the sun.

Texas always had a dry heat but I’ve been seeing humidity levels consistently above 89% every day in June. It is 90% as I speak at 5 AM July 2nd. I have a digital wireless weather station to track conditions, temp, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, rain levels, etc.

The top of the photo is true north. The red lines indicate the sunrise & sunset positions from DFW Texas region on the June 21st summer solstice between 2006 & 2013. The yellow line shows the new sunset position for June 21, 2014. A significant change for the worse. Although the sunrise also increased exponentially, the daily morning high fog obscured the view for precise sunrise measurements this year.

E2 sun 2014 image

But once the  southpole ice depletes enough to reduce its function as a gyroscopic anchor to balance the planetary axis angle, the planet will slip onto its side with the poles horizontal (east & west) and the equator vertical (north & south). Earth will not flip upside down because there is insufficient landmass or land based ice weight to invert the planet. Only the heaviest point will rest at the bottom. As the south pole ice melts, it pulls the planet onto its side where it is the next heaviest & widest. Earth is currently near the tipping point where it wont take much for the planet’s axis to make a sudden shift the remaining distance onto its side.  

Once our axis slips our planet onto it’s side one pole will suffer bitter cold & 24 hour pitch darkness during one 3 month season as it points directly away from the sun  & sweltering heat with 24 hour blistering sun at the other pole pointing directly at the sun. The conditions will reverse  during the opposing season. The other middle seasons will still be similar to current norms despite horizontal polar regions although we will rotate toward the north instead of toward the east. It will look close to normal from our perspective even though we would be rotating vertically toward the north. To us, it would still seem to rise in the east & set in the west.   But the two seasons where each pole points directly toward or away from the sun will be dramatically different depending on your position on the planet which will determine the intensity we each will endure at our respective locations.

Whether you agree with my analysis or not, the one thing beyond dispute is the fact that the sun should never be rising or setting to the north of Mexico; much less, north of the US. It should never be north of the Tropic of cancer in mid Mexico on Jure 21st the summer solstice and longest day. Nor further south than the tropic of Capricorn in South America on Dec 21st, the shortest day. (from a US perspective). A lot of effort has been made by the powers that be to salt the internet & documentaries with paid experts with contrived explanations to make it seem normal. But all you have to do is look out your window during the summer to see the sun rising & setting to the north. Depend on your own eyes & common sense to know this is wrong despite any efforts they employ to make you disbelieve what you see.

The one thing they cannot do is hide the sun.


normal axis before the slippage


current axis slip

0EM 26d_increase_AxialTilt

Future axis if we continue to slip

2B90 AxialTilt




May 13, 2014

5-2014 Bizarre Weather

I don’t know about anyone else, but Texas usually has temperatures in the upper 90’s or triple digits by this time. Yet, we’ve had quite chilly temperatures this May. As cold as 30 degrees and today in the 50’s. It has been quite chilly. I had to turn on the heat. I have never seen temperatures like this in the past 20 years I’ve been here.

Even more unusual is the way the sky has been obscured every morning with a high fog… about 100 ft above the ground which acts like an overcast and doesn’t clear until noon. I remember this type of weather was the norm for northern California, but I’ve never seen it in Texas. I’m not complaining because it keeps the temperatures cooler. Even on the warm days this month, the temperature stays in the low 80’s or upper 70’s. These are much better conditions than our previous broiler years.

Last year, it was so hot and void of rain as it had been the previous year as well…  more than half of my mature trees died. This year, we have had an unusual plethora of rain and cool weather. A little late for the trees but welcome. The gov’t had been spraying chemtrails above us for the past several years which spread into an overcast covering in an effort to fight the heat. But this year, the sky is already overcast at sunrise, so perhaps they are spraying the chemtrails farther to the west creating a front which reaches us by morning.

The overcast has been so complete and dark, that I have not been able to see the sunrise or sunset for nearly a month. Back in March it was already rising and setting to the north. An abnormal condition which has been occurring since the major global axis shifts since 2004.

However, with these unusual weather patterns, I will be interested to see if there is any change in the solar position on June 21st as compared to the abnormal past 10 years where the sun has been at least 1200 miles farther north than it should be.

I suspect this unusual cool wet weather is the result of chemtrail spraying. If you have doubts about the chemical aerial spraying, you can check out the websites of these aerial spraying contractors who list the names of the gov’t projects on their websites. I listed some of them on an older post. Also there are state gov’t sites which license the aerial spraying activities. These are genuine sites. They even list the aluminum and SF6 compounds they use. So this is not some crazy conspiracy theory. In fact, any time you hear someone use those labels, you should take notice and listen. Nearly all of those are true issues which have been buried in decades of coverups. The public has been brainwashed to turn against anyone or any issue associated with those labels. It is like Pavlov’s dogs. You have been conditioned to react negatively to certain labels & clever wordsmithing. It saves the gov’t a lot of effort now that the public eats its own. Those people who know the truth about these issues also no longer come forward or stick out their necks for an ungrateful public. Basically, people are shooting themselves in the foot by their programmed knee jerk reactions.

The problem on chemtrails is that the costs of jet fuel is astronomical. I know in the 90’s that it cost $55,000 to fill up one commercial passenger plane per trip. So it must be twice that or more by now. I do have an issue with the fact that our tax dollars are also paying for this spraying in places like Saudi Arabia according to the contractors doing the aerial spraying. They certainly have enough money to do their own spraying at their own costs. I have also seen photos of these trails over Belfast Northern Ireland. I realize the gov’t is desperately trying to use this as an effort to counteract the rising temperatures and rapidly melting ice which has allowed the planetary shifts to occur. But these aluminum compounds and SF6 are actually harming the environment. I support the spraying efforts but only if they find a safer chemical to use for these efforts. I also realize it has to be done globally, but those countries should pay for their own efforts.

The UK was one of the countries most affected by weather changes. Their country was normally cool, damp and foggy year round. I’ve been there a number of times. But they have been hit with numerous heat waves in the past 12 years. This is quite devastating for a population not equipped to handle the high temperatures. They never needed air conditioners prior to these changes and hundreds died. The heat was also accompanied by ravaging weather as well. This explains why we see chemtrails over the UK.

I’m interested to see if the unusual weather changes this year are from chemical spraying projects or changes in the sun position. The position of the sun on June 21st will answer that question.

A reminder for everyone to check the sun position on June 21st at sunrise and sunset at the point where the sun is in contact with the horizon. (Flat horizon… not mountainous.)



March 9, 2014

3-2014 Axis shift Comments

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