Earth's Axis has changed

January 27, 2015

ITYS Blizzards

Our primitive methods of measuring the sun position have been proving quite effective on predicting weather and changes. I have been saying we were going to get hit with severe weather this winter due to the additional increase in the earth’s tilt which I measured last June. I hate to say ITYS… but I’m going to quote myself from a previous post:

“I still believe we will see some record breaking cold weather and heavy precipitation ahead of us in January-February. So, keep your homes stocked up with food, water and blankets and your fuel tanks full and batteries just in case you find yourselves snowed in or without power during an ice storm or blizzard.”

We are talking about unusually severe weather changes. In some of my comments and replies since last June, you can see where I said we would be hit in late January to early February. I’m just lucky I don’t live in the Northeast. Now, get ready for a hot humid summer. The change in the tilt of the earth is real. You can measure it for yourself when you see the sun position is too far north of your home in June (northern hemisphere) when it should never be north of the Tropic of Cancer and too far south in the winter. We can only hope the tilt has not increased again since the significant increase in tilt last summer. (not to be outdone by the huge axis shift in Dec 2004 creating the Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people).

The reason I repeat myself is because many people are just joining the posts for the first time and are not aware of the situation. I won’t lie like the gov’t. You can see everything I am saying for yourself. You can check out the sun position and verify the weather changes, etc. All I am doing is pointing out the situation, what to look for and how to prepare.

However, I just love hearing these weather casters trying to bail themselves out when we knew this was coming since last June.

There will probably be more bad weather over the next month. Don’t let your guard down yet. Possibly into March and early April as well.

I wanted to add this for those of us in the Midwest who are currently enjoying nearly 80 degree weather while our neighbors in the northeast are being pounded with historic levels of  “Snow hurricanes”…


Don’t get too comfortable with this lovely warm weather in the middle of the US. It is not over. We stand a good chance of having more historic ice storms and snows her in the Midwest as well in Feb thru April. But our trees are going the suffer and die from the severe contrasts in temperatures. The changes in planetary position are seriously screwing up the weather patterns which will become more and more unpredictable with historic levels of increased precipitation in snow, blizzards and floods.

If you check all of my past posts and comments you will see where I have explained how the increased melting of the polar regions is creating increased humidity in the air as it evaporates and increases the cloud and storm formations, saturated with all of this increased moisture in the air.  The hotter our summers from the increased tilt, the more moisture in the air causing increased humidity, storms and heavy precipitation. During our northern hemisphere winters, the melting of the south pole is at its highest levels and the amount of ice surface melting and evaporating is even higher than during our summers because the north pole arctic region now has less ice surface exposed but producing increased moisture nonetheless. So most of the axis shifting will occur during our northern winters as we continue to lose the weight of the land-based glaciers on the south pole which act as a gyroscopic anchor point to balance the planet. As that ice decreases, it affects the balance of the planet as well as increasing atmospheric moisture  being produced during the Nov through April months.

The heating from the increased axis tilt has sped up the process many times higher than we experienced prior to 2004.  The added heating of the oceans in polar regions in close proximity to the glacial ice is creating huge storms. The magnetic fields have altered as our tilt has changed our global perspective to the sun’s gravitational field. The gravitational fields are causing the spinning effect of storms… creating Snow hurricanes and Land hurricanes. (my phrases).

Gravity fields are not in straight lines . They are spiral like you see in water drains, tornadoes and hurricanes.  Where hurricanes typically developed in the tropic regions, the (aprox) 2000 mile increase in our tilt has moved these spinning storm formations to appear about 2000 miles north of the tropic of cancer and 2000 miles south of the tropic of Capricorn. Previously, the spiral storms formed between the two tropics and moved west. Those which are not trapped in the Caribbean  move north along the coast lines.

Now they are forming in the north and moving across the landmass. A much different behavior. You can see some of these weather satellite examples of multiyear comparisons which I had custom built by a meteorology college. These are month to month satellite loop images of spiral storms over the US every day at the same time between April and June for the years 2001 to 2007 so you can compare the changes before and after the major axis shift of 2004. You wont see this info on the weather channel or anywhere else. Gravitational fields are one of my areas of research. Until they are ready to accept &  be up front about the axis change they wont be able to apply the gravitational field changes along with the increased moisture and temperature changes which are causing the abnormal weather formations.

You can see examples of these spiral systems forming every year over the central US after the shift. Spiral storms which used to form in the tropics have moved northward in the summer because we are tilted farther south. You can see these satellite loops on this page and see these storms forming in the central US during the late spring months. I had quite a few of these custom loops built to show this effect. The weather service never once mentioned it. I take it back. One female meteorologist mentioned it on the weather channel one Sunday a few years ago and she was never on the air again. This is the reason the scientists say nothing. Here is the page with those custom satellite weather loops.

Also, here is an image of spinning gravitational fields which is called the Coriolis effect. (I usually try to use plain English on the posts rather than scientific terms to make it easier to understand).






May 13, 2014

Bizarre Weather

I don’t know about anyone else, but Texas usually has temperatures in the upper 90’s or triple digits by this time. Yet, we’ve had quite chilly temperatures this May. As cold as 30 degrees and today in the 50’s. It has been quite chilly. I had to turn on the heat. I have never seen temperatures like this in the past 20 years I’ve been here.

Even more unusual is the way the sky has been obscured every morning with a high fog… about 100 ft above the ground which acts like an overcast and doesn’t clear until noon. I remember this type of weather was the norm for northern California, but I’ve never seen it in Texas. I’m not complaining because it keeps the temperatures cooler. Even on the warm days this month, the temperature stays in the low 80’s or upper 70’s. These are much better conditions than our previous broiler years.

Last year, it was so hot and void of rain as it had been the previous year as well…  more than half of my mature trees died. This year, we have had an unusual plethora of rain and cool weather. A little late for the trees but welcome. The gov’t had been spraying chemtrails above us for the past several years which spread into an overcast covering in an effort to fight the heat. But this year, the sky is already overcast at sunrise, so perhaps they are spraying the chemtrails farther to the west creating a front which reaches us by morning.

The overcast has been so complete and dark, that I have not been able to see the sunrise or sunset for nearly a month. Back in March it was already rising and setting to the north. An abnormal condition which has been occurring since the major global axis shifts since 2004.

However, with these unusual weather patterns, I will be interested to see if there is any change in the solar position on June 21st as compared to the abnormal past 10 years where the sun has been at least 1200 miles farther north than it should be.

I suspect this unusual cool wet weather is the result of chemtrail spraying. If you have doubts about the chemical aerial spraying, you can check out the websites of these aerial spraying contractors who list the names of the gov’t projects on their websites. I listed some of them on an older post. Also there are state gov’t sites which license the aerial spraying activities. These are genuine sites. They even list the aluminum and SF6 compounds they use. So this is not some crazy conspiracy theory. In fact, any time you hear someone use those labels, you should take notice and listen. Nearly all of those are true issues which have been buried in decades of coverups. The public has been brainwashed to turn against anyone or any issue associated with those labels. It is like Pavlov’s dogs. You have been conditioned to react negatively to certain labels & clever wordsmithing. It saves the gov’t a lot of effort now that the public eats its own. Those people who know the truth about these issues also no longer come forward or stick out their necks for an ungrateful public. Basically, people are shooting themselves in the foot by their programmed knee jerk reactions.

The problem on chemtrails is that the costs of jet fuel is astronomical. I know in the 90’s that it cost $55,000 to fill up one commercial passenger plane per trip. So it must be twice that or more by now. I do have an issue with the fact that our tax dollars are also paying for this spraying in places like Saudi Arabia according to the contractors doing the aerial spraying. They certainly have enough money to do their own spraying at their own costs. I have also seen photos of these trails over Belfast Northern Ireland. I realize the gov’t is desperately trying to use this as an effort to counteract the rising temperatures and rapidly melting ice which has allowed the planetary shifts to occur. But these aluminum compounds and SF6 are actually harming the environment. I support the spraying efforts but only if they find a safer chemical to use for these efforts. I also realize it has to be done globally, but those countries should pay for their own efforts.

The UK was one of the countries most affected by weather changes. Their country was normally cool, damp and foggy year round. I’ve been there a number of times. But they have been hit with numerous heat waves in the past 12 years. This is quite devastating for a population not equipped to handle the high temperatures. They never needed air conditioners prior to these changes and hundreds died. The heat was also accompanied by ravaging weather as well. This explains why we see chemtrails over the UK.

I’m interested to see if the unusual weather changes this year are from chemical spraying projects or changes in the sun position. The position of the sun on June 21st will answer that question.

A reminder for everyone to check the sun position on June 21st at sunrise and sunset at the point where the sun is in contact with the horizon. (Flat horizon… not mountainous.)



March 8, 2014

Chemtrails: Gov’t Weather Modification Projects

These are genuine weather modification projects funded by the US Gov’t (our Tax dollars). It is no joke. States have weather modification licensing and regulations you can access online. I’m reposting this subject and including these links at the top of this article so you can read the info directly from the official websites of the contractors and regulating entities involved with these US Government weather modification projects. That way, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can go right to the source. Most of the links are still working. I updated the state of TX site to its new address.


Here are the official links to one of the government contractors doing the weather modification projects. Project SPECTRA, PROJECT SUPRECIP, PROJECT HEAT and PROJECT PAPRICA. Who knows how many other contractors are working on more gov’t projects but they have to be listed for the public on some venue because it is being paid with TAX dollars. I’m also including the links to these “Official websites” because other people who had expressed concerns about this were being ridiculed… but these links to the US Gov’t contractors and State regulating entities will validate the veracity of those people who had expressed concerns about Chemtrails.

You can read about the gov’t weather modification projects on the first link under the Overview of each Gov’t project this contractor is working on.

The second link has the info on the chemical SF6 which is 3200 times more damaging to global warming than CO2… a violation of the Kyoto protocol but our gov’t has their weather modification contractors spraying it into the air along with what they call “Mineral salts.”

The third link is on the State of Texas official website. This is the State agency regulating weather modification. These links are listed to validate the concerns of those people who were ridiculed and told there were no such thing as chemtrails. Read it yourself and then look at the photos below… after you learn about “Mineral Salts” in the next section.

MINERAL SALTS (are not a harmless salts):

The gov’t contractor also claims they use “mineral salts” to seed the air in addition to the SF6 gas and the “aluminum coated fiberglass Chaff” which they claim are used as tracers. This is listed on their website link above. Doesn’t that make you feel warm and cozy?

Ever hear of a deodorant called “Crystal?” They claim it is made from 100% mineral salts. It says so right on the package. It also claims to be Aluminum Free… that is a twist of words. It is only Aluminum Chlorohydrate free, not aluminum free. Look at the ingredient. It is Ammonium Alum. Alum is aluminum. Alum is a type of aluminum found only near sulfurous volcanic regions, also called “Potash”.

Ammonium Alum is processed, not natural. Aluminum is a metal, not a mineral. I’m using this as an example of “Mineral salts” because Ammonium Alum produces sulphuric acid when mixed with water. (look it up on the MSDS safety charts). It not only tells you not to inhale or ingest the product, it also tells you to avoid contact with skin. Great idea for a deodorant. So, now we have sulphuric acid rain to go with the aluminum we are inhaling. Don’t you just love truth in gov’t and in advertising?

The contractor doing the weather modification projects probably has no idea what the gov’t included in the mineral salt mix so we can neither assume whether they know or not: But this is your American Tax dollars at work.

You don’t want aluminum in your lungs or in your diet. (You might want to check out the ingredients in your pickles, antiperspirants, antacids, makeup, red dyes and any injections you receive while you are at it). Anyone receiving B12 injections? Aluminum is the preservative and the B12 is extracted from Cyanide. You might want to check any other vaccines, flu shots and any other injections you are receiving for aluminum or mercury as a preservative. Ask to read the vial…. don’t take anyone’s word for it and don’t let them give you this line about how small the amount is. There are compounding pharmaceutical companies such as Paragon who can make the shots without preservatives and without cyanide and for B12, you can learn to do your own shots or have a spouse do it for you… but the compounding formulas will cost you more and your insurance won’t pay for it.

What is really disturbing is that these weather modification spraying projects are not limited to the US. Our gov’t is paying them to spray the middle east, the areas around Turkey (anything to eavesdrop on the Russians) and there are people living in the UK complaining about US planes spraying their skies as well. I believe them because I saw a photo of Belgrade Ireland someone posted on Google Earth and it had the very same type of chemtrails in that photo which are shown in the photos I posted below. The photographer probably never realized what was in the sky on his photo. Most of us don’t. I wonder how long I did not notice the trails. When I first saw the Chemtrail DVD, I thought they were goofy in the head until I saw the very same thing occurring over our area and started looking into it, researching and finding irrefutable proof of these activities on the internet links I posted above. So in addition to our US Tax dollars being wasted spraying half of the world (and a tank of passenger jet fuel was $55,000 fifteen years ago… so imagine what the fuel costs now? $100,000 per trip?) our gov’t has decided to ruin the rest of the planet as well…. while telling everyone that there is no such thing as global warming… sure. That is why all of the ice in the arctic is nearly completely melted.


Genuine vapor trails are exactly that. Vapor! And it dissipates within minutes of the plane passing over. It simply is vapor similar to fogging up a mirror. Genuine vapor trails completely dissipate in just a few minutes. Chemtrails do not dissipate like normal vapor trails. 3 members of my family were aerospace engineers. Two others were pilots. Having lived quite a number of years near several aircraft companies… vapor trails and sonic booms were daily events. There is a clearly defined distinction between vapor and chemtrails.

I originally wrote this post in 2008 and they are still out there as of 2014.  The only difference is they are doing the spraying over the Ft Worth area now, instead of directly over Dallas. Bush doesn’t want to be directly under the spraying. He lives here now. Residents of Ft Worth are pasting the chemtrail photos on the WFAA weather radar website. March 8, 2014

The gov’t is paying contractors to spray SF6 in addition to aluminum coated fiberglass chaff which they claim is for tracing. SF6 Sulfur Hexafloride is the number one worst gas for global warming. (Go to Wikipedia to read about the SF6 info I am including). SF6 is 3200 times more damaging than CO2  yet the US gov’t is freely spraying tons of this stuff into the air every day and is a violation of the Kyoto treaty. See the links at the top of this post so you won’t have to take my word for any of it. Just read the links and look at the photos. The times between the photos are exact to the minute. My camera records the data for each image.


Although these are older photos, their chemtrail efforts still look exactly the same except they have moved the spraying over Ft Worth instead of Dallas because GW Bush doesn’t want his house under the spraying.

Make sure to note how many minutes it is between the photos because this is how fast these chemtrails spread into creating overcast skies. The faster they spread, the less likely people will notice.

These chemtrails sprayed in crystal clear blue skies, become completely overcast with clouds within minutes of spraying. When they started spraying the chemtrails we had a crystal blue sky on most days. They did this 7 days a week, every week including holidays such as Christmas day, Thanksgiving day and New Years day since at least Aug 07 which was when I first noticed them. They did not miss any days and this went on for months and months until March 08 when they became more random. As I mentioned, I found the websites for some of the government contractors doing this who are only too happy to tell you on their website as to what and where the gov’t has them spraying. I will include the links to the gov’t contractor and other info you can look at.

This first photo is the beginning of a chemtrail spraying operation:

Beginning of chemtrail sprayingBeginning of chemtrail spraying       

Photo above is looking toward the north west.

Ten minutes later:

(Arrows point to two planes adding more chemtrails to the sky). The lower arrow is pointing to a plane flying horizontal from the right side of the photo. Also notice how all the vertical lines converge at one point at the bottom of the photo like spokes on a bicycle wheel. This is likely their fueling and chemical location which I believe to be Tinker AFB at OKC. Tinker is really the only place that can handle the fuel and chemicals for these jets and have runways long enough to land these jets. These could be airforce jets or private contractors like the links provided at the top of this post.

Same location 10 minutes later! See how the trails spread out!

Same location 10 minutes later! See how the trails spread out! 

Looking slightly to the north west.

One minute later:

One minute after the previous image looking slightly more to the north

One minute after the previous image looking slightly more to the north

Notice how quickly the trails are spreading out in only 11 minutes.

The entire sky becomes totally overcast after they do this.

The image below is a close-up of one of the chemtrails just beginning to spread. Notice the puffs along one edge of the chemtrail likely caused by the chemical dispenser. If it was the engines, it would be the same on both sides and unlikely since jet engines run smooth and consistent. Only a pulse engine or a pulsing dispenser emitting measured doses would cause this type of trail oddity.

Close up of chemtrail. Notice puffs on one side as it just starts to spread.

Close up of chemtrail. Notice puffs on one side as it just starts to spread

Below… Artificially created Rippled Storm Clouds:

This next image below is my favorite. It is the same area looking to the east on a different day where their spraying created some angry storm clouds in perfectly matching neat rows which were made by chemtrails.

Neatly arranged rows of perfectly matched chemtrails turning into angry storm clouds

Neatly arranged rows of perfectly matched chemtrails turning into angry storm clouds

The gov’t is desperately trying to counteract the effects of the axis shift and the melting polar ice by modifying the weather at a cost of trillions of dollars to US Taxpayers. Not to mention the Tax money they are spending building their underground cities for the elite under the new Denver airport with tunnels connecting CO to NM, NV, CA, DC, TX and a dozen other gov’t facilities. We pay for it but there are no shelters for us. This has been ongoing for the past 30 years. Democrat or Republican… it doesn’t matter. They all belong to the same group of crooks. The same senators have overseen these black projects for decades and is kept from Congress. All of these expensive black projects are done under the cloak of national security and the foxes are guarding the hen house. Someone needs to clean up this mess.

Unfortunately, with the damage to the climate from the shifting of Earth’s axis, caused by the melting of the south polar ice… we would all burn up in the hot summer 3 digit temperatures and the southern states would turn into a desert if they were not spraying these chemtrails. Our food crops would die. Our water evaporate. Power consumption would be extreme to keep cool and the residents would be miserable without it. I just wish they would use something safer than aluminum or SF6 to modify the weather with chemtrails because they are also poisoning the water, soil, crops, livestock, pets and our entire environment.

The next photo is a solitary cloud which sat over my yard for 2-3 hours without moving which is impossible with the planet rotating & wind currents. It just sat there silting white powered from it. There was nothing normal about this cloud which was about 100 ft high or less; and about the size of a house. It defied physics by not moving for 2-3 hours.

You can see the silting white powder from the small cloud in the first picture below.


Odd cloud at about 100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time

 Same cloud, wider view about 3 hours later.

Over the backyard as it began to drift away.


Same cloud which slowly drifted away after hovering for 3 hours.

A very bizarre cloud. Above a small 15′ high Mulberry tree. This was when it finally began to slowly drift away after 3 hours. There was nothing under this cloud. Just open field. No structures or animals. Nothing to create this cloud. Nothing else in the sky. Not one other cloud.








February 22, 2014

Earth’s Axis changes tied to gov’t weather modification

If you read my previous post on gov’t weather modification projects, it includes links to one of the actual companies paid by our gov’t to spray the chemicals in our atmosphere. Their website describes the chemicals & gases they’re spraying in our atmosphere.  They also name the gov’t projects like project Spectra & project Heat & project Paprika which pays for these extremely expensive aerial sprayings. They aren’t using crop dusters. They are using high altitude jets which means we are paying about $75,000 per jet per day at the very minimum. I included photos of these Chemtrails over Dallas. They always use 2 jets in a central spoke wheel pattern. They appear to be originating from Tinker AFB near Oklahoma City as their source of fuel. The difference between vapor trails & Chemtrails is vapor trails quickly dissipate not far behind the jet. Chemtrails do not dissipate. They continue to spread until the entire sky is covered with clouds created by these chemical trails. I have many photos from the Chemtrails sprayed by the previous administration. Recently, I have not seen any Chemtrails. It seems our previous President who lives in Dallas, does not care to live under the Chemtrails.

I now believe the gov’t is using the Chemtrails to cool the areas most affected by the southward shift of the Earth’s axis. The gov’t is desperately trying to counteract or slow the heating of the planet & melting of the polar ice which is causing the axis to shift. I have to admit, without the Chemtrails, our new 1200 mile increase in southerly axis tilt has caused Texas summers to soar to 45 straight days above 110 F with zero rain. The chemtrails significantly cool the temperature 20-25 degrees lower & produce rainfall.

Unfortunately, they allowed these quacks to use SF6 which is 3200 times more damaging to the environment than CO2. The quacks the gov’t is relying on to mix these formulas to spray in our upper atmosphere are actually increasing the heating of our planet & the aluminum is poisoning our water, our crops & our animals.

Yes, we need to cool our planet & seed our clouds but we need to find a different formula. Perhaps subzero gases with properties like nitrogen or even CO2 is better than SF6, or something similar which is safer & would interact to form clouds. There are also salts which clouds were seeded with decades ago. But no aluminum or other toxic mineral salts. I’m not a chemist but we can do a lot better than SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) and aluminum to create clouds to cool our planet. They also include aluminum coated fiberglass chaff in these aerial sprayings for tracking. Totally irresponsible.

Yes, the Chemtrails are desperately needed to reduce the triple digit heat caused by the shifting of our axis which has gotten so bad, the sun is rising & setting to the north of Texas in the summer. The sun should never be farther north than central Mexico at any time (tropic of Cancer). The US is now about 1200 miles further south than we are supposed to be in the summer and 1200 miles further north in the winter due to the shifting of the axis. Causing hotter summers & colder winters. We also have increased humidity & precipitation from the melting of the polar ice & evaporation.

We do need to slow the melting & reduce the heat using better, safer chemicals & methods to cool our overheated planet before the axis shifts the planet onto its side. The weight of the ice at the south pole acts like a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the Earth’s balance. Once that melting has reached a certain point & our angle of axis tilt reaches a tipping point, our planet will end up lying on its side (on the equator which is heavier from a larger circumference) with the poles horizontal instead of vertical as they are now. We will not flip upside down as some believe. There isn’t enough weight or land based ice at the north pole to allow a total inversion to occur.  Our planet is top light in weight & bottom heavy. We would have been better off if we flipped upside down which would only reverse our seasons but provide stable weather.  Once the Earth’s axis shifts onto its side, we will only have bizarre extremes of heat, cold, sunlight & darkness as we orbit the sun. Only those populations located at the latitudes between Mexico & Brazil will survive… and of course those elite who have the underground shelters in Colorado & interconnecting tunnels built by our Tax dollars for their benefit while the rest of us who paid for their expensive shelters are left to perish. This is probably why they want to significantly reduce the population as described on the monument in Georgia.

However, we need these Chemtrails to survive the summer heat; to slow our axis shifting & save our crops & food production & reduce water evaporation to preserve supplies. But they need to find safer chemicals to do it.

It is too late to stop the axis Shift. It has already begun. The Dec 2004 Tsunami was caused by one of the largest shifts of earth’s axis. This is clearly evident to anyone who looks outside during sunrise & sunset at the moment when the sun is in contact with the horizon during the months of June & July. Particularly on the longest day, the Summer solstice, June 21st. The sun should never be farther north than central Mexico; the Tropic of Cancer. Certainly, never north of Texas as you will see if you check by looking outside at the sunrise & sunset this summer. It appears the new tropic of cancer latitude is somewhere near the border of California & Oregon. Perhaps some of you could help to pinpoint it this summer. I will post easy instructions in June.

The gov’t can’t hide the sun so their only recourse is to try to discredit anyone who publicizes this info in order to keep you in ignorance while they save themselves at your expense. It is clear the gov’t knew about this in the 1990’s when they stopped worrying about oil supply shortages & began creating gas guzzling SUV’s & no longer cared about the Air, environment or public welfare  is when they knew the planet’s axis was beginning to shift & the shortages of necessities no longer mattered to a doomed population.  The same with the elimination of safety regulations to protect the population & planet from toxins. It no longer mattered because our gov’ts believe we only have a limited time before the shifting axis causes an extinction level event. They seem to expect this final axis shifting event to occur fairly soon. Maybe this is why they are building so many unnecessary power plants in Panama? But I believe they are short sighted. A lot of people can survive in the tropic latitudes as long as they stay at least 300 Ft above sea level & have adequate fresh water. It almost sounds like the beginning of the Eloi & Morlocks. Those above ground & those underground.

We can only hope to slow the shifting axis down at this point. Be sure to read the Gov’t weather modification project posted on this same blog site menu to learn more about the gov’t Chemtrail projects. There are links to the actual gov’t contractors who spray the Chemtrails. They describe the chemicals, the locations & the names of the gov’t projects on their websites. There are also links to gov’t oversight agencies & photos of Chemtrails being made & the resulting cloud formations. It was written before I understood the connection with the axis shift. But you can verify the validity of these chemtrails.

The only difference is the terminology. They call it weather modification.

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