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October 3, 2018

10-2018 Quakes Cannot Cause Tsunami’s

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Every scientist and seismologist will tell you that Earthquakes cause Tsunamis. They are all wrong. They are lacking engineering skills to understand how things interact. Did you ever notice how many times they issue a tsunami warning after a quake and nothing happens? Even when the quake is of identical strength and location of an earlier quake which accompanied a tsunami.

With only a few exceptions which I will explain later, Tsunamis preceded by water receding from a shoreline or beaches followed by a surge of waves are almost always caused by an abnormal movement of the planet. Abnormal, meaning other than the normal rotation or normal orbit. Abnormal such as an axis shift of the tilt angle, change in speed or interference of rotation or orbit, or orientation, etc.

Quakes cannot cause water to recede from the beaches or coastlines. Quakes can only push water. Usually in multiple directions because they tend to occur in a rocking motion. Waves generated by a quake usually occur in two or more directions or circular like a rock thrown in a pond. These pushed waves usually peter out within a few hundred miles and can pose a threat to coastlines and shipping within a few hundred mile radius. However, quakes cannot cause the water to recede from beaches or coastlines. They are limited to about 10 meters in height. Only a planetary shift such as an axis tilt change or an abnormal movement of the earth such as a disturbance of the rotation or orbit can cause the oceans to recede from the shoreline. This lack of understanding has caused the tsunami warning sensors to be misplaced and hundreds of false tsunami warnings to be made while missing genuine tsunami threats.

In most cases it is a shift in our axis tilt caused by the melting ice in the Antarctic which acts as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the angle of our tilt. When the ice melts at the South Pole, the axis shifts. Usually in small increments. But if a larger chunk of ice is lost, then a larger shift occurs.

In Dec 2004, our planet suddenly shifted northward from Africa to southeast Asia. The water receded backward away from the beaches toward the south along this entire 2000 mile coastline by inertia. When the planetary shift stopped, the water surged northward toward the beaches in a huge tsunami wave which killed over 250,000 people.

To see how this works, take a long rectangular pan and place about 2 inches of water in it. Then pull it quickly across a smooth, level sidewalk and see how the water is pulled toward the back of the pan. Then stop pulling and see how the water surges forward. This is how the planetary shift causes the water to recede from the beaches, then surge forward with huge tsunami tidal waves.

The reason the scientific community is confused about the tsunami’s is because the shifting of the planet causes unstable tectonic plates to bump into each other, usually  generating a quake above 7.0. Most significant tsunamis accompany quakes of 8.0 to 9+ when the shift disturbs the plates. However, the quake vibration travels faster than the water surges and the quakes reach the monitors first. So the scientific community falsely believes the quake must be the cause since they saw it appear on the monitors first. The quake actually occurred simultaneously with the receding water of the tsunami when the earth shifted. The duration of the shift can be measured by the time it takes for the water to recede from the beaches until the water starts to return as a tsunami surge. The abruptness of the planetary shift, duration and sudden stop will dictate the size and speed of the returning tsunami surge.

As of now, the tsunami sensors and warning systems are wholly inadequate and erroneously placed since they do not understand how a planetary shift causes the tsunamis… not by the quakes if the water receded from the beaches. Quakes can cause waves up to about 10 meters over a short distance of a few hundred miles or across a bay or gulf.

Water reversal sensors should be placed about a half mile away from any beach which has ever had a tsunami occur, to detect receding water (water flowing backward away from the beaches or shoreline). The sensors should be placed every 5 miles along any beaches or coastlines which have ever had a tsunami in the past. When the reversal of water receding from the beaches is detected, the sensors should automatically wirelessly activate an automated tsunami warning siren system and recorded voice instructions in the local native language and English, warning people to immediately seek higher ground. This system should have battery backup in case a quake destroys the power grid.  Everything should be earthquake braced and placed on a structure which can withstand violent quakes of 9.0 or worse. This should all be automated to avoid human errors and delays. Without this system, people will wander onto the beaches to look at the receded water while the authorities stand around scratching their heads. The warning should be broadcast at least 5-10 miles in each direction of the affected coastline or along every coast where the water has receded and detected by the sensors. This is an inexpensive system and easy to install. The sensors need some type of solar or other power with long life rechargeable batteries in a waterproof container and placed inside a buoy. Do not use the sensors which measure the height of the water from the bottom of the sea. You only need sensors which detect direction of the flow of the tide. Very simple with a rotating fan-type blades which spin in the direction of water flow and detects a reversal of water flow from 1/2 mile away from the beach (or closer if desired) but not so close the residents can reach it. The sensors and system need to be checked every 3-6 months for optimal functionality. The buoy should be checked for rust and corrosion and replaced or painted. Especially check the electrical connections and batteries for corrosion. To avoid corrosion, the electrical connections should be plated in Tin or Zinc or gold or titanium. If you use gold, someone will find out and start stealing the contacts. I personally prefer tin plating. Bell Labs prefers zinc plating. Do not use aluminum.

Also, be aware of the metals in your screws, washers, nuts and sensor housing. Never use aluminum with steel. It will corrode. The metals in the screw hardware must match the metal in the sensor housing or wherever you are using them. Or use plastic screws and hardware. Especially when it is being used in salt water. Hopefully, the sensor outer housing in contact with water will be a UV resistant, hard plastic which does not become brittle in sunlight.

The exceptions to the tsunami’s I mentioned were the Alaska landslide in the 1958 and the Iceland glacier collapse into the sea around the same timeframe and the volcanic eruption which buried Pompeii. Each of these generated large tidal waves across a small gulf or inlet without receding the water from the shoreline. In fact, the landslides cause violent mega-tsunami’s when they cross a bay or gulf, etc. They can cause megatsunami’s which are 500 to over 600 meters high. Right now, the precarious condition of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands near Spain has an unstable slope which threatens the entire eastern seaboard of the US from Boston to Miami. This wave would dwarf any skyscraper in the country.

There is no such thing as a meteotsunami caused by changes in barometric pressure. This is a bad science fantasy to explain a tsunami or swelling water body such as a surge of a lake or swimming pool. These are caused by abnormal movements of the earth. Not air pressure. Only a quack would give that answer.

When small tsunamis occurred on both Pacific and Atlantic coasts of South America at the same time in Aug 2017, the confused scientists did not have any earthquakes to blame them on and did not understand about the motion of the earth so they renamed these tsunamis as “Oceans in Opposition”. However, the water receded from the beaches and returned with a small, gentle tsunami. The position of these tsunamis suggests a minor disturbance in the earth’s rotation as the cause of the tsunami’s which is why these tsunami’s were located so unusually.

If a large asteroid were to crash into the ocean, it would push the water toward the nearest shorelines in large tidal waves, depending on the size and impact strength of the asteroid. It would not cause the water to recede from the shoreline since it is not an abnormal motion of the earth. The nearby coasts would be hit with waves likely pushed in circles like a pond but without receding water to warn the coastal communities. This is one type of tidal surge where the mid ocean sensors could come in handy. Just not for genuine tsunami’s caused by abnormal planetary movements.

Normal movements of the earth are our rotation and our orbit around the sun. By abnormal, I am referring to Axis shifts of our tilt angle, acceleration or impairment of our rotation or orbit, an axis wobble or change in our distance or orientation to the sun. Or an impact or foreign gravitational field which disturbs our normal rotation, orbit or orientation. Keeping in mind that any foreign object big enough to affect the earth would have affected the other planets in our system and our moon before it would ever disturb the earth.

Anytime the water recedes from the shoreline, it is a tsunami caused by the abnormal motion of the planet. Usually an axis shift of our tilt angle.

Here is a link showing a swimming pool receding and surging repeatedly prior to a major tsunami in Indonesia.



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  1. 2 strong quakes 6.0 + —on 01/18/19 [ northern east pacific rise and isangel, vanuatu ] , now today it hits chile
    [..Two dead after very strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits Coquimbo, Chile…]

    after shocks continues to affect Alaska

    [..Anxious Alaskans fret as more than 7,800 aftershocks rattle residents seven weeks after 7.0 earthquake caused $100MILLION in damage..]


    Comment by Nara — January 20, 2019 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

    • Having lived in California for 13 years back in the 80’s and 90’s, quakes below 5.6 are barely discernible. It takes a quake above 7.0 to rock the boat enough to run outside. That was the quake which collapsed the double-decker section of highway in Oakland back around 1992? I was in that when it was causing the electric lines to make snapping noises as everything was moving… but nothing fell off any of the shelves. It did crack the sidewalk and caused one side to rise two inches higher than the other side. We always fasten the bookshelves and water heaters to the wall. These frequent tremors could certainly damage gas lines and electric facilities of PG&E causing wildfires. Most quakes there are under 4.0. It usually takes a 9.0 to be associated with a major tsunami such as Indonesia 2004 and Japan 2011. So don’t expect much damage unless the quakes are above 8.0.

      The damage depends on construction methods… such as the 7.0 Oakland highway collapse. They used a rotten design without proper rebar in the columns supporting the second level of highway. California normally has strict building codes for everything. Other states do not. Texas for instance, has no earthquake codes. The only earthquakes we have are caused by the tunnel boring machines which connect W Bush to the tunnel network to the Denver shelter and military bases, etc. They cause quakes below 3.0 when the TBM’s are boring. If a real quake were to happen the highway overpasses and bridges and parking garages merely have the support beams sitting on a support without any bracing or connection straps or otherwise. Tinker toys are better supported. The slightest quake above 5.6 would knock down the overpasses, bridges and parking garages like a child’s building blocks. There is nothing to hold them in place. As an engineer, one of my specialties was earthquake bracing. When I see these multilevel parking garages and overpasses and bridges with the support beams just sitting on top of a column with no bracing, straps or connections whatsoever, it is just an accident waiting to happen. A wind storm could knock them down. It is even worse in third world countries where homes are built from adobe or mud, etc. People die in ridiculously low level tremors because their homes are cheap structures made from adobe and straw and other cheap materials. If their gov’t would enforce building structure walls and educate their citizens on the proper way to construct their homes, less people would die from bad construction. That includes office buildings and commercial structures which are also fire hazards without proper escape routes as well as poor earthquake bracing and supports just so some contractor can cut corners and the politicians receive kickbacks.

      For the same reason, any time there is a wind storm over 60 mph could strip the roofing tiles from every home because the roofers deliberately fail to remove the plastic strips from each tile which is added to prevent the tiles from sticking together in packaged bundles of new roofing tiles. The plastic is there to prevent the tiles from sticking together in the bundle. The plastic should be removed when the new tiles are placed on the roof so the upper tile will stick to the lower tile. This keeps the tiles from being lifted by the wind like a stack of cards. As the wind lifts the tiles, it causes the tiles to crack and break off. The roofers deliberately leave the plastic on to give themselves more work. I’ve seen entire rows of houses with their tiles fluttering in the wind which couldn’t happen if the plastic strips were removed so the tiles would stick together on the roof and prevent the wind from fluttering them. I forced my roofing company to remove the plastic strips and they really moaned and raised hell but my roof does not flutter even in winds as high as 120 mph. While my neighbor who was a contractor… his roof flutters in the wind… since he built his own house, he clearly has no clue that the plastic strips are just there to prevent the tiles from sticking together in the bundle. They must be removed when being installed on the roof. Clearly, he had no knowledge of the purpose of the strips. It is the same as removing protective plastic when you are unpacking appliances and other things. So, do not allow a roofing company to leave the plastic strips on the tiles. Make them remove the plastic. Also make them replace the tar paper under the tiles. You can have major damage to the wood structures on the roof under the tiles and never see it unless you remove the tar paper. Wood rot, termites and water damage can easily be invisible under the tar paper if it is not removed. So make sure they replace the tar paper and vent sleeves and new flashing around chimney’s, etc. Also make them use a magnetic wand around the entire perimeter yard around the house to ensure there are no nails left in the yard which could puncture your mowers tires or injure a child. Those nails can be hurled through a door into the house by a powerful mower blade. It only takes a few minutes for them to check for nails. The roofers always drop nails. They also end up in the gutter as well so be sure to check them for nails. It is also a good time to replace rotted wood soffits and fascia, gutters and vents.

      If the roofers try to charge you extra to remove the plastic strips, get a copy of the instructions which come with the bundles which should include directions to remove the plastic strips… just in case they try to bully and snow you. Do not sign a contract unless it clearly includes instructions to remove plastic strips and replace roofing paper, flashing and vent covers. Write it in if necessary and initial your changes. This is one contract you should read and specify these items. Do not take someone’s word for it. Demand this in advance in writing with both signatures and their initials as well. Make sure you have a copy of the original contract.

      Leaving the plastic striping on those roofing tiles is a scam to get more work and more money from you and your insurance company who doesn’t seem to know about this either. I know State Farm doesn’t know about the plastic strips so they are getting cheated as well. This one small item will save millions. Your roof wont need to be replaced again unless you have multiple hail storms. Or very big hail. Or very cheap roofing tiles. Get the 30-40 year major brands like Elk.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 21, 2019 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

  2. did the earth axis just make another move ?
    from article : [ At least 43 people have been killed as a tsunami hit beaches around Sunda Strait in Indonesia on Saturday night, according to the country’s Disaster Mitigation Agency. Another 584 have been injured.

    The Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) said the wave was not caused by an earthquake, but was possibly the result of volcanic activity at Mount Krakatoa.]


    Comment by nara — December 22, 2018 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

    • Notice how they are unable to explain a tsunami without a quake. They cant wrap their heads around the planet shifting. Did the water recede? Indonesia’s tectonic plate floats on magma, The slightest axis shift causes tsunamis, quakes & eruptions. That region is the best indicator of planetary motion.

      The tsunami centers mostly hire morons. There is a documentary on youtube of the tsunami warning center in Hawaii & how they responded to the quake & tsunami in 2004. These guys were literally morons. They wasted over a half hour or longer marveling at the printouts like Bevis & Butthead or Homer Simpson & finally said “Duh, do you think we should call someone?”

      There were only sensors at Japan & Alaska. None near Indonesia. Indonesia later opened their center & fired the US center for providing warnings in that area. But their new center is as clueless as Hawaii. Run by a close-minded hard-ass spouting US gov’t propaganda.

      This was definitely a planetary shift. A volcanic eruption may follow & possibly a quake associated with the volcano. Caused by the shift disturbing the floating tectonic plate which rocks a bit when the planet shifts. That motion often causes the plate to rock like a bar of ivory soap floating in the bathtub. There also was a swimming pool which always had waves from the inertia of the shift.


      Comment by mmc7 — December 23, 2018 @ 1:16 am | Reply

    • No that was a landslide from the volcano known as Anak Krakatoa. No earthquake, no earth tilt, no warning.


      Comment by Todd Gabriel — September 14, 2019 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

      • A large enough landslide across a bay such as what happened in Alaska, can cause a large tidal wave. Or the sudden collapse of a glacier into water across a bay as happened in Iceland. Or a collapse of a volcano as what happened on St Helens (except it was not located at waters edge except for a lake).
        An interruption in planetary rotation can cause east and west tsunami’s which is also an abnormal planetary motion. Or a change in the orbit around the sun.
        A large meteor or asteroid could also cause a huge tidal wave but typically in circular waves. Earthquakes can also cause circular waves but the earthquakes typically occur after the abnormal motion which sets off a tsunami. But the earthquake vibration travels faster to the detection sensors than the waves can travel through water so it only appears the earthquake occurred first. It is an erroneous assumption. Those quakes are nearly always secondary.
        When it is an area like Indonesia with an unstable tectonic plate on the ring of fire, an abnormal motion of the planet can set off a disturbance of the plate where it floats erratically like a bar of soap and can cause a multitude of volcanic, seismic and tidal waves at the same time.
        Each event is unique. However, tsunami’s are typically caused by an abnormal motion of the planet.
        There is an easy way to see how the water behaves from planetary motion by pulling a rectangular pan with a couple inches of water across a smooth surface and see how the water recedes backward then surges forward when the pan comes to a stop.


        Comment by mmc7 — September 14, 2019 @ 10:40 pm

  3. they could not find a tsunami to blame it on this morning quake 9 maybe you should send them a note )


    Comment by nara — October 10, 2018 @ 5:55 pm | Reply

    • The page shows a 7.3 but, the seismic warning center is in Hawaii & they haven’t had enough time to figure it out yet. They need time to scratch their heads while a quarter million die like they did in 2004. A 9 is a huge axis shift which creates the worst of tsunamis. Indonesia 2004 and Japan 2011.

      Their 7.5 had a tsunami. But the 7.3 did not. Pretty obvious that Quake was not the cause. Especially when they filmed those puddles quivering on the last post with all the videos. Those were on one of the last two videos.

      I just got home from an appointment and listened to the news on the radio. Not a word was mentioned about any weather or quake related items… especially international ones. Our gov’t is so terrified that any bad news might affect their stock prices that they keep the entire country in the dark about everything. If I want to know what is going on, I have to watch the UK or Canadian news… and oddly enough, the owner of Fox news and news corp owns nearly every station, TV Radio and magazines in Australia and a good portion of the UK as well.

      This reminds me of a story back in 2000. We had this Weatherman on our Local NBC channel named Finfrock when a huge tornado tore up downtown Ft Worth…. which is mostly abandoned by the public and businesses. Most of the buildings were vacant but I just happened to be working there that week but not when the tornado hit. So instead of doing a step by step local map showing where the tornado was traveling, Finfrock decided to point the cameras out the back window to show us how the gum wrapper on their studio skyscraper was spinning in the wind on the window ledge. He went on and on about winds while the tornado was just outside the windows on the opposite side of the building. It smashed every window in the Bank of America building to the point where the building lost its plumb and twisted in the vicious wind… leaving only the expensive penthouse restaurant on the top. People were running and screaming as all this glass and construction plywood were being thrown at them and their cars by this tornado… and this was no small tornado. It was a whopper. It mowed down everything in its path.

      After it destroyed Ft Worth, it headed into the homes in Arlington taking out entire blocks of houses… and Finfrock was still talking about the gum wrapper. Finally someone pulled him aside and explained things to him. All the other stations were giving people all the time they could to get away with great mapping systems street by street… like they do for Hurricanes. And do you know what this jerk did next? He took all the credit and claimed he recognized it first… never once realizing the idea was to alert people and save lives. Not brag about a gum wrapper.

      This was when W and Gore were campaigning. W who was governor of Texas at the time was too busy to show up in Ft Worth to view the damage. However, Gore was there the next day. That should have told the voters something about W who never showed up until 3 weeks later… in his own state.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 10, 2018 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

  4. PPS odds are cumulative with death by eruption until you get 1-1 so for each succeeding generation since the last recorded eruption in a 50,000 years average cycle(yellowstone has medium bangs between each mucho grande ) the odds reduce by 1 per year quite unlike a lottery and my maths lecturer in 1997-98 at Reading University definitely has not won 1st prize despite claiming similar odds for a lottery jackpot which turned out to be 14 million to 1 for each weekly draw at that time(as in 1984, state lotteries are rigged most of my favourite youtube videos show the results before they are drawn), I will leave you to guess how much his system cost him. The Las Palmas having regular eruptions are far less dangerous than Vesuvius( which had irregular ones, a century before its eruption in AD79 Spartacus had used the location as a mountain fortress and it was heavily wooded with ancient forest) and small eruptions have been moving that unstable strata constantly without ill effect. This though leaves open the stage for Douglas Adams tales of impending doom scenarios to rid ourselves of the surplus population through fear, or more likely green screen natural disasters to mask man made ones done deliberately, you know some impending tales of doom look more like prophecies of how we will end your world just because we can.


    Comment by David Kendrick — October 9, 2018 @ 4:25 am | Reply

  5. Re-missing article “10-2018 Bizarre weather, Animals & subsidences” Have you been censored?


    Comment by Anonymous — October 9, 2018 @ 3:39 am | Reply

    • No. It is up now. I wasn’t finished with it earlier. It took all night.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 9, 2018 @ 4:15 am | Reply

  6. Re-missing article : “10-2018 Bizarre weather, Animals & subsidences” Have you been censored? Raging i didn’t read it when you first posted last night.


    Comment by Anonymous — October 9, 2018 @ 3:38 am | Reply

    • I pressed publish by mistake. I wasn’t done with it yet.

      It is up now.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 9, 2018 @ 4:13 am | Reply

  7. i have been reading your website for the past couple of months.. I am really interested on the topics that you brought up to this website. Few days ago i found a news on tv about something which was intrigued me. First of all you can find it on youtube :
    As you always said the cause of tsunami is not a quake but abnormal planetary movement, correct? I tought that video strengthens your statement because on that video you can find rare waves on the swimming pool. And that happens just days before tsunami hit Indonesia in Sulawesi earlier this week. A man on that video also said whenever there is a big quake or tsunami that swimming pool always makes a wave. That also happens on 2004 tsunami. Is it true that phenomena corresponds to what you have explained so far?


    Comment by Anonymous — October 5, 2018 @ 7:02 am | Reply

    • The water is definitely receding and surging. It is doing it repeatedly because it is in a confined area. It is curious that it is a few days before the big tsunami so perhaps there are mild shifts leading up to the big one which are not strong enough to recede the ocean. There is also a density difference between ocean salt water and chlorinated pool water. It takes incredible inertial force to roll back the water along a 2000 mile coastline of beaches from Africa to Southeast Asia as compared to a pool of fresh water. His pool must be oriented north and south. It seems to be affecting just the top 2 feet of water… again, likely due to the confining space but his pool water is filled all the way to the top where it can easily splash over when it surges back. I wish I knew what the video and site were saying. That’s not a language with which I am familiar.

      If we knew when these incidents occurred, we could be warned in advance and it would also let us know when we were shifting… although it would only apply to shifting in that region. It depends on the orientation of the planet & axis tilt when it shifts. I would love to know the dates of this phenomenon. Although it is new to me, it makes sense that a shift which affects an ocean would also affect other water sources.

      I have made one alteration in my statements about Tsunami’s. I should say that all tsunami’s which are preceded by water receding from the beaches and coastlines are always caused by a shift or abnormal motion of the earth. Nothing but a shift or abnormal planetary motion can cause the water to recede.

      A quake can only push water and make waves over a short distance of a few hundred miles. A quake cannot cause the water to recede from the beaches.

      This was an excellent video and gives me more info about the planet’s behavior leading up to the large tsunami. If you find any more info about the dates when this occurred and any forthcoming behavior, I would be most interested. I could see if it matches up to any other tsunami’s and by how many days in advance. A lot of lives could be saved if they knew what was coming and they could close off the beaches for a week or two. Unfortunately, I don’t speak that language.

      I’m sure some quack will probably steal my ideas and take credit for them. It won’t be the first time. It just baffles me that we have an entire planet of scientists, geologists, seismologists, etc., and not one has ever figured this out. This is 3rd grade science class about motion and inertia.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 5, 2018 @ 7:43 am | Reply

      • Correction this occurred on 28 of september at 5.10 pm while the indonesian quake also occurred on the same day at 6.02 pm. The swimming pool is located in the northeast of java but the quake is located in the island of sulawesi. It could be because the soil in the the pool is still one line with the plate line of the quake and are interrelated or the soil is sensitive to low vibration frequency of the plate motion. What baffled me the most is those scientist cannot explain this phenomena and they said earth quake must occur first on the surrounding area for this to happen and they are confused because the quake occurred in the other island and not in java where the pool is located


        Comment by Anonymous — October 5, 2018 @ 11:21 am

      • When they cant get the tsunami’s right, you cant expect them to get the pool right. The timing just proved that the shifting came first before the quake. I would like to know the exact time and date of the Tsunami and whether the water receded from the shoreline. Also the exact time and dates of the eruptions.

        There is no way that soil of any kind could generate surging waves and receding water in a pool. Neither could any vibration. That was a clear cut earth movement. likely an axis shift. The entire scientific community is out to lunch when it comes to tsunami’s and their cause. Is there any video on this showing whether the water receded or not? This is very important. I need to know if the water receded from the beach.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 5, 2018 @ 12:11 pm

      • I’m working on a tsunami overview. I did see some photos of the water receded on this recent tsunami. That was one of the things I needed to know.

        Your pool video made me think about other issues associated with tsunamis and planetary shifting. These ridiculous scientists (a scientific community to which I belong) are grasping at straws to come up with the most ridiculous explanation for tsunami’s I have ever heard. I found several called Meteotsunami’s where they blame tsunami’s on barometric pressure. I’ve never heard of anything so absurd in my life. It is clear I need to compile all of this and publish to educate on this issue.

        There is also a category of so-called tsunami’s I had forgotten to mention. These are produced by Hurricanes and Cyclones. The only difference between the two storms are hemisphere and direction of spin from the Coriolis effect. These are not really tsunami’s at all. The hurricane will travel along the coastline while it spins. Like the blades of a fan, the top half (depending on location) of the hurricane blades will scoop the water away from the coast like a sump pump which makes the beaches appear the ocean has receded from the beaches. The bottom half of that spinning hurricane’s blades scoop up the water and push it onto the beaches and flood waters inland. Sometimes there is a break between the two if the eye of the hurricane travels up the beaches between the upper blades receding the water and the lower blades pushing the water. If it is a slow hurricane, the flooding can be immense just from the rain storms alone such as Houston’s Hurricane Harvey in Sept 2017.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 6, 2018 @ 1:06 pm

      • Apparently the tsunami occurred not long after the quake and the phenomena precisely at 5.22 pm so how about the mild shift that you mentioned above?. Which way the earth is shifting based on the recent tsunami? Whether it is shifting northward or southward and how it will affect the sun position. And what do you mean by cut earth movement?. Please enlighten me


        Comment by Anonymous — October 7, 2018 @ 2:24 am

      • If I’m not mistaken, the waves surged southward up a narrow inlet at Palu. I am not fully certain that the waters receded from the beaches prior to the tidal surge. There must be water receding from the beach prior to the tidal surge for this to be generated by a shifting planet. Quakes can push water a few hundred miles but cannot cause water to recede prior to the surge of waves. Also, the geography of the area may misdirect the water flow such as the narrow inlet at Palu. If there were receding waters from the beaches, then the planet shifted southward which we would only see if there was another reversion wobble like in 2015. If the waters did not recede from the beaches prior to the tidal surge, then the waves were “pushed” by the quake.

        I did not understand your last sentence. Perhaps my OCR software caused a wording glitch which I did not catch. But an abnormal movement of the Earth is a movement which is other than the normal rotation or orbit of the Earth.

        If there was receding water from their beaches and If the geographic conditions did not interfere with the direction of the water flow, then I would say that the tsunami was caused by the planet shifting that side of the planet toward the south which is not what I would expect to see from an axis shift movement of the earth. That means the sun would be further north on Dec 21st than it was last year for the southern hemisphere. The changes in the sun’s position would be difficult to see the extent from Indonesia. It is better viewed from south Australia or South Africa. We have people from both locations who often send us their observations on that date.

        Most of the shifting has caused the sun to be hundreds of miles outside of the normal tropic lines on the summer solstices. In the northern hemisphere, the sun should never be farther north than the Tropic of Cancer (mid Mexico) on June 21st. After Dec 2004, the shifting moved the sun position hundreds of miles each time until it was about 2000 miles farther north of the tropic of cancer. If you lived at the correct latitudes you could see the sun rising and setting farther north than it should have been. North of the US Canadian border.

        Since 2004, we were seeing tsunami’s about once every 2-5 years. In 2015, the axis tilt reverted about a 1000 miles or more back to where it was in 2006. It was confirmed as a wobble when the sun shifted again this past year, after Aug 2017. Nearly once a month we have seen tsunami’s caused by axis shifts. This is a massive increase in tsunamis in history as far as I am aware. The planet on the US side was shifting south which made the sun appear farther north. In Indonesia and Australia and the region from Africa to Southeast Asia shifts north, the sun would appear farther south. That would explain why Vietnam had such incredible snows near Hanoi in 2016. And possibly the axis shifts could have been causing all those floods because the inertia from planetary movement also affects water in pools, reservoirs, lakes, ponds, etc.

        While we in the US were shifting south, the area between Indonesia and Africa were shifting north because the Earth is round. It is the angle of the tilt which is moving. The South Pole (Antarctica) acts as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the balance of the earth and tilt of the axis angle. The more ice which melts from Antarctica, the more the axis shifts.

        The southern hemisphere is the mirror image of the northern hemisphere. The sun should never be farther south than the tropic of Capricorn near the latitude of Uruguay on Dec 21st which is their summer solstice (longest day). Where our northern hemisphere sun has been moving farther north as we shift farther south, the southern hemisphere sun has been seen further south as that region shifts further north. Mirror image. In fact, the northern movement has torn & thinned the crust near the islands on the southern end of Australia causing active volcanoes and magma to mix into their water tables and near the surface to superheat the mud called a Maar. So everything which occurs in the US and Canada is the opposite in southern Australia. Those areas in the tropics have the worst view except during the equinoxes when everything is normal because it is the center point of a normal axis tilt as well as the center point of an abnormal shifted axis tilt.

        This past July 2018, the sun did something never seen before. After June 21st, we should have seen the sun moving toward the south again. But instead, it continued to move farther north into mid July… which means we were either continuing to shift southward or our orbit was off by nearly a month.

        Because the sun in July was seen just 5 degrees from being true north (Almost directly over the north pole), this caused the ozone holes to shift causing heatwaves in the arctic circle, UK, Canada, Japan, etc. The ozone holes are allowing UV radiation to bake us like a microwave oven. Usually the holes are above the poles where the snow and ice reflects the UV Rays back into space, but with the shifts, the holes are over land or ocean where there is no ice or snow to reflect the UV rays, so they are causing heatwaves and dangerous sun damage to plants, animals and humans plus wildfires are flourishing from the dry, overheated, UV damaged plant life. Even Los Angeles which is normally cool due to the arctic ocean currents along the west coast was also suffering temperatures of 106F degrees as was the arctic circle. This tells us the oceans currents have also changed. Likely from the planetary shifts.

        If the planet shifts onto its side where our poles are horizontal like Uranus we will still continue to rotate as we are now; albeit horizontally, then we would still see the sun directly over the north pole in the summer and directly over the south pole in winter (northern hemisphere seasons).

        During the Spring and fall equinoxes, even if we were horizontal, we would still see the sun directly over the equator and rotating where it looks like the sun is still rising in the east and setting in the west because both the earth and sun are spherical and line up on the plane of the ecliptic with our equators as center points. We would not know we were horizontal until we compare the orientation of the star constellations on the summer solstice. (Be aware that the gov’t will likely set up hoax sites with the new constellation configuration so you will have to use an older reference source to compare. I will have to wait until June to make a final confirmation. We were only 5 degrees from being horizontal last July 2018. Spring and Fall would look perfectly normal because the sun would still be directly over the equator even though we were horizontal. However, the lunar orbit may be off because it is unlikely that the moon would shift with our planet. But magnetic fields may cause the moon to adjust its orbit at some point to line up with the equator. Thee is a universal magnetic field which causes most solar systems to line up symmetrically. But nothing is confirmed until I see the star pattern next June 21st.

        Contrary to anything you might have heard, the earth cannot flip upside down because it does not have enough land mass weight at the north pole. Plus the magnetic poles would conflict with the sun if it were upside down just like two norths on two magnets would repel. Nor are the magnetic poles flipping. You can easily see that on a compass. If the compass still points to the north pole, then our magnetic poles are where they are supposed to be as is the earth’s EM field. This is a gov’t hoax to distract & divert people from the axis shifts.

        The equinoxes of spring (Mar 21st) and fall (Sept 23rd) are always the center point no matter where the sun has moved on the solstices. The sun will always be above the equator during the spring and fall seasons or even if the earth has shifted onto its side… so you will not see anything abnormal until the summer solstices. It is difficult for most people to picture this in their heads. I wish I could create animation for you but the best I can recommend is to mark a rubber ball and hold it with the north pole always pointing at the same spot and tilted as you walk around the lamp in a circle to see how the seasons work.

        I believe I saw the water had receded in Palu prior to the surge of waves. If that is correct, then the tsunami and quake were both caused by the earth’s shifting. Indonesia has one of the most unstable tectonic plates on the planet so the shifting of the earth causes the plates to bump against each other. It is like trying to balance on an ice cube floating in water. Unstable. The slightest abnormal movement of the planet causes quakes. The shifting planet also causes the tsunamis preceded by the water receding from the beaches as well as the quakes which accompany them. However, the Indonesian tectonic plate is so unstable like a chunk of ice floating on the water (except magma in the case of a tectonic plate) it could conceivably be causing ground movements in that area to mimic a planetary motion and create similar motions of the water.

        However, the 2004 tsunami was a huge region about 2000 miles long which were clearly from planetary shifting which caused water to recede from the entire shoreline and surge forward as a tsunami in addition to disturbing Indonesia’s tectonic plate resulting in Earthquakes. It is possible that the northern edge of Canada in the arctic circle was also experiencing symptoms of these planetary movements in 2004 but it is not on the circle of fire and no evidence of unstable tectonic plates. But there are no sensors there to tell us what the northern Canada area had suffered. Only the Inuits noticed a change in their sun position. Interesting that those with all the expensive equipment to monitor these conditions are the last to know or to accept the changes. It is the old fashioned method of visual observation and manual measuring and comparison which has revealed these issues.

        Most of this has been covered on my other comments on other posts. Usually the earthquakes occur at the same time as the tsunami because the shift also disturbs unstable tectonic plates… particularly on the ring of fire; most often in Indonesia. Quake vibrations travel faster than water waves so the quake vibrations reaches the sensors before the slower moving water waves. Thus, the quake is detected first even though it was secondary or simultaneous to the tsunami. The quakes in conjunction with nearly all tsunamis are a result of the planetary shifting. The quakes did not cause the tsunamis. The planetary shifting caused both the tsunami and the quake. If the tsunami was preceded by receding water from the beaches, then it was caused by an abnormal motion or shift of the earth. Nearly all tsunami’s are caused by the earth shifting.

        However, there are a few exceptions. If the tsunami was not preceded by the ocean receding then it was probably generated by a landslide, eruption or quake. These are rare, short distance tidal waves pushed by these events usually across a gulf or a bay or a localized area such as this recent quake which typically peter out within a few hundred miles. They cannot generate a recession of water from the shorelines and are less than 2 % of all tsunamis. This is why you see so many false tsunami warnings after an earthquake because the scientific community does not understand that shifts of the earth are the primary cause of tsunami’s not quakes. However, as I mentioned, an unstable tectonic plate could create a localized shifting which may mimic a planetary shift.

        The Dec 2004 tsunami occurred when the planet shifted north causing the 2000 mile shorelines from Africa to Southeast Asia to recede in the opposite direction… toward the south due to inertia of the planet shifting northward causing the water to flow backward toward the south. When the earth stopped shifting, the sea waters surged northward in the direction of the planetary shift. The speed of the Earth’s shift and the abruptness of the end of the planetary motion will dictate the size and energy of the tsunami waves. The duration from when the water begins to recede from the beaches until it begins to surge forward tells us the duration of the earth’s shift toward the north. While that region shifted north in Dec 2004, the US and Canada shifted south because we are on the opposite side of the sphere.

        The low powered tsunami’s on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America in Aug 2017 receded and surged in an east west direction which tells us the rotation of our planet was mildly interrupted where it slowed down then sped up again. Since the scientific community does not understand the correlation with the shifting of the earth, usually an axis shift, and did not have a quake to blame it on; they renamed these tsunamis as Oceans in opposition.

        Another absurd claim is their blaming tsunamis on barometric pressure changes (meteotsunamis) because they don’t perceive the planet is shifting. If they would open up their closed minds, they could see the sun is totally out of position on the summer solstice. Don’t try to see it now because the equinoxes are always centered over the equator whether before our axis began to change (pre 2004) or after (2004). You can see the axis change on June 21st, if you live in the northern hemisphere or Dec 21st for the southern hemisphere. Compare where the sun rises when it is just touching the horizon and the sun sets when it is touching the horizon to measure the changes. You can also measure and track the shadows of the sun at noon standard time locally by using a pole to case a shadow on a hard surface such as a sidewalk. It is better to use the same pole each time such as a street sign. There are instructions on this site which explain how to measure the sun changes using a clock face and landmarks.

        Hurricanes & cyclones tend to scoop the water off the beaches with half their spinning blades of wind and push massive amounts of sea water back onto the shoreline with the other half of its spinning blades of wind in the opposite direction; flooding the inland in addition to the rains. The slower the storm moves and the higher the wind speed, the worse the flooding. However, these are not tsunamis. Just high wind driven storms.

        The last indicator are swimming pools and other bodies of water long enough to create waves similar to mini tsunamis. They can provide warnings that the earth is shifting.

        But it appears the recent tsunami in Palu may have had waters recede from the beaches prior to the tidal surge. If that is true and the land configurations did not misdirect the water flow direction, then the earth appears to have shifted toward the southeast; somewhat influenced by the local geography. Unless we are experiencing another reversion wobble in the opposite direction, then perhaps the tectonic plates instability mimicked a planetary motion in a localized area. I wont know for sure until June 21st when I can measure for changes and compare with previous results.

        Here is the pool water video where you can see the top 2 ft of water surging and receding repeatedly.

        Maar volcanoes in south Australia

        Meteotsunamis (absurd barometric pressure theories)


        Comment by mmc7 — October 7, 2018 @ 10:17 pm

      • MM7 the video evidence shows a double tsunami, a surge then the big one, Palu was already flooded( there is also the Indonesian problem of receiving over $10 billion in aid with the condition that the coast be left unsettled and undeveloped and as we can see people moved right back in and the filming was done from a multi story concrete hotel which was not there.

        They are also claiming liquefaction and a land slip towards the sea of a town which should not have existed or been built in a country with daily earthquakes. The video shows beach properties already submerged and the mosque’s dome had fell off. The attached minarette was still upright as were the signpost’s and the area was having Earthquake clusters for a considerable time beforehand. Quake damage in an area which should not have been settled so the effects are far worse than say in just about anywhere else.

        Former area of settlement wiped out by a Tsunami a decade ago killing well over 200,000 people.
        Constant earthquakes
        Poor or no building regulations
        Corrupt government which receives handouts every time there is a disaster.
        Population with faith based educations it’s all Gods will.
        No Sea Walls, that money is spent on the Mosque.

        All boxes ticked, rinse and repeat, I will guarantee the Mosque will have its roof fixed before all the bodies are buried. It is how the country solves its expanding population problem now Australia is closed. The last batch of aid was worth over $43 billion.


        Comment by David Kendrick — October 8, 2018 @ 7:10 am

      • As I said last July, I think it is time to prepare your emergency kits. Just a power outage from a simple storm could last for weeks. I’m lucky because I live a half mile from a power substation so I usually get my power fixed quickly but major storms such as an ice storm could damage hundreds of electrical wires and leave you without power for weeks when it is freezing outside or summer heat waves

        Since we had a boiling hot summer, we can expect a bitter cold winter. These monthly tsunami’s are a very bad sign of planetary axis shifting. There are so many earthquakes that I’m having to cherry pick only those above 8 and as much as 9 or higher. I’ve had to bypass the ones below 8. I’ve been looking at the tsunami’s for patterns but I’m not done yet.

        I can almost guarantee that the Indonesian region is going to be hit again even worse by 2020 if not sooner. Alaska has also been acting up and the last thing we need is for Japan to get another tsunami at Fukushima Nuclear Power reactors. It looks like one disaster after another because the earth is so far off its axis. And the weather has gone mad. The volcano center shows 40 newly active volcanoes just this past month. The one in Lake Michigan last April was blamed on barometric pressure. Ridiculous. If it receded from the shore before surging it was an axis shift. If not, it was just a space craft fetching their weekly water for their lunar colony. I read there was a town in Wisconsin where every citizen had seen a UFO at least twice per week. But they thought it was an underwater base. It is just the water they want.

        I saw someone on the internet asking about the moon being off its normal orbital course. I only looked at the moon a couple times myself because I don’t go out at night and it is on the opposite side of the house where I have to go outside to see it. But I had forgotten that the moon likely didn’t shift with us. If it did, the gravitational pull on our planet would be enormous. I guess it is the shifting of the axis and the pull of the moon in addition to the hundreds of tunnels the gov’ts are all boring worldwide to create tunnels to their shelters so they can travel underground between military bases, gov’t facilities and underground cities on a super fast Maglev train. I’ve been in several of these underground cities. Chicago, NYC, Houston, Atlanta, etc.

        I guess these gravitational stresses from the moon as Jim Berkland tried to tell us, are causing these newly bored tunnels to crack the ground above and anywhere else where the ground is unstable are cracking open and becoming sink holes and subsidences. The sheer number of them has made it clear these are not just the tunnels alone as I first believed but they are turning the planet into Swiss cheese with 131 underground facilities, every USAF base and every major city with an underground city to connect. Plus the homes of living Presidents and certain privileged people. Each tunnel has to have an alternate route in case the primary route is compromised by cave ins. They can fit two trains in one tunnel, top & bottom, but I suspect they made two tunnels since they have all our money to blow as they please.

        This unstable planet could cause a serious problem if it reaches the Canary Islands. (See my comment below on the La Palma Canary Islands “Cumbre Vieja” Volcano.

        The US gov’t has quite a deal which they have spent billions of our dollars to create an underground shelter for the elite with tunnels and over 131 bases it connects their maglev trains to and every major city. Plus they have had FEMA and Rec Cross stealing money and donations to stock their underground shelters. Weather mountain and Greenbrier clearly aren’t good enough for them anymore. The Congress has them. I’ve seen pictures of FEMA’s enormous warehouse where all these stolen supplies go when they should have been helping the victims of Katrina and other disasters. We the public will be SOL, under Martial Law and corralled into large convention centers without food, water, supplies, medicine, etc. and held hostage by armed troops until we die. Our gov’t even has an Agreement with Mexico to provide troops if our own balk at holding US citizens against their will. This is in the Presidential Executive Orders. Katrina was a practice run for FEMA and the Red Cross. FEMA has train cars filled with chains and shackles that were being made in Oregon which can haul something like 15,000 people. The also have thousands of grave liners at another location near Kentucky I think. It was on one of Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy shows but I had heard about them before I saw it.

        I originally thought it was a joke about the FEMA centers and these trains until I saw a map of the locations of these centers across the country. The local one is about 6 miles away & only holds 2000 people in a Metro area of millions so perhaps they will be used for people arrested for looting or worse… not to mention I worked for the Emergency management Agency in Houston for two years and someone I know locally is a high official of FEMA here and handles W’s emergency escape route to the Denver shelter. They bored two tunnels to W’s house.

        W’s house was Pink the last time I saw it. The first tunnel was bored in the first 6 months of 2009 from W’s home going northward and his last secondary tunnel was done in Oct 2015 going west. There is an underground turntable for the trains and a repair center in Taos. The old trains were what caused the infamous Taos hum. But the TBMs also create a lot of noise when they are below you boring out the tunnels… depending on the type of rock or soil they are boring through. I used to be able to track them on Google earth by the seismic markers and Richter scale data and date info but I must have told too many people how to do that so Google earth removed all the seismic info and the volcanic markers and info as well. I was using both of those in my research. I need to downgrade to an older software version. They are still interfering but I also still remember where they are all located. Too late.

        We are tipping on the edge of something very bad with all of these catastrophe’s. I dread what June and July will bring with the sun position. I hope it is not due north. I will be interested to see if Australia has more heatwaves in December. Last year I saw a video of their tires on their cars actually melting because the asphalt roads were so hot they were melting as well. If I hadn’t been ill last winter, I might have seen the heatwaves in the southern hemisphere before it hit us.

        My 2020 prediction may very well come true; if not sooner. But the least we can do is have ample emergency supplies of food, water, batteries, pet food, and all the other things I listed on my emergency preparation lists because we should see a very bitter cold winter this year. We are the mirror opposite of the southern Hemisphere.

        If you have to leave your homes in a hurry, don’t forget your cell phone charger and your valuables, purse, wallet, keys & medicines and pets on a leash or in a carrier with a collar and up to date tags and food and water for them and your family. It looks like the storms and unstable tectonic plates, hurricanes and tsunamis every month will be the end of us if we don’t prepare. Boston had some kind of storm called a bomb cyclone which flooded the streets and froze the cars in 4 foot deep water. A giant ice cube full of cars. I included 3 links of what we can expect this winter. This was Jan 2018. The 3rd link has the photo I was looking for toward the bottom where the car is frozen in a 4ft deep block of ice. I thought cyclones were only in the southern hemisphere due to their spin direction being reversed like a monsoon or typhoon?

        I also just watched the video about the volcano in La Palma, Canary Islands west of Spain which has the side of the volcano Cumbre Vieja ready to landslide into the sea and create a 600 meter high Megatsunami to wipe out the entire east coast seaboard of the US from Boston to Miami as one had done in Alaska. This is what the volcanologist says. That’s not my area of expertise but the facts sounded accurate. Better than what we hear from the rest of the poor excuse for a scientific community. You can see the seismic technicians at the Hawaii center on the video for the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami below. I will add the Canary Island video as well and the Volcano site from Smithsonian.

        As for the most recent tidal wave in Indonesia, don’t forget lack of tide sensors. If each community would install a tidal alert system to detect receding water from the beaches and place the sensor for detecting receding water about a half mile out in a sealed buoy with a wireless connection to an automated emergency siren and a recorded voice warning (near the beaches and town) telling everyone to seek higher ground (in both native local language and English) with battery backup in case something damages the power, it would cost less than $100,000 per community or even half that amount if spaced 5 miles apart parallel to the beaches and set it up to alert communities 5-10 miles on each side of the alerting sensor, no one would have to die. Since it is automated, it wouldn’t require those lazy technicians but they will need to maintain the sensors and system every 3-6 months.

        There is a video on youtube which shows how the two morons at the alert center spent more time wowing at the data and creating phony tsunami causes to glean recognition. Other than those two seismology technicians, a volcanologist and some idiot from NASA claiming the earth shifted CENTIMETERS at the axis… try 830 MILES the first time. A typical gov’t hoax where they claim the earthquake shifted the planet and caused all the oceans of the southern hemisphere encircling the planet to be affected. No quake can do that. Even if it had been a 10. Even the geologists at the beginning of the Canary Island volcano video agreed no quake could cause such damage and how they peter out after a short distance.

        Then we have the gov’t who has their lapdogs downgrade the death tolls and axis shift so it sounds like a minor incident. I finally heard someone admitting that they were doing this. I already knew it but the gov’t usually never admits to anything. Might have been John Dean who mentioned it.

        It never once occurred to the idiots on the 2004 tsunami video below that the planet shifted first and the shifting caused the Tsunami and earthquake. They even have people believing that barometric pressure made that pool go crazy on the pool video. There is no change in the barometric pressure that could cause a pool or anything else to develop Tsunami waves repeatedly crashing into the end of the pool. It would be almost laughable BS if so many hadn’t died. The public doesn’t know any better but the scientists should.

        Clearly, even our own systems are not properly set up with whom the data receiving centers should call and what to do to warn people. It was one big cluster * if you know what I mean. Only 2 people who were responsible for quakes and had no clue about dealing with tsunami’s… and the 6 sensors they watch from their pitiful center in Hawaii are all on the ring of fire from northern California, Alaska across the strait, to Japan and none any further south. 6 whole sensors. I guess all the millions we shell out to our scientists goes in their pockets but clearly not for their wardrobes. Probably to the center manager or his boss collected it or FEMA. I’d certainly believe it was FEMA. It certainly isn’t being spent on centers or sensors… even for the benefit of the US.

        And NOAA completely dropped any further monitoring or involvement of tracking tsunami’s anywhere else except for the US. Especially not the region the 2004 tsunami hit. I guess that rules out those two sensors in Japan as well. And I forgot to mention that these ridiculous sensors are sitting on the bottom of the ocean measuring the height of the water above them. Then it transmits to a buoy above them which relays by satellite to their center in Hawaii. That is the most ridiculous sensor design in my worst nightmare.

        And who would want to maintain those detectors when they are in a soup of radioactive water being dumped. I read an article where it said it was being loaded on barges and taken out to sea to be dumped. So what is the point of collecting the radioactive runoff in barrels if they are just going to dump them in the ocean? The entire Pacific has already been ruined. No one should ever have been allowed to build a plant on the Pacific in the first place. Our own Navy is dumping depleted Uranium in the Atlantic ocean. They seemed quite proud to be polluting the ocean. This ammunition is not truly depleted. It just isn’t hot enough for a reactor but will continue to irradiate those poor sailors who don’t realize what danger they are in because their officers told them it was ok and they weren’t given a choice. They were dumping ammo in the ocean at the end of WWII as well. Someone needs to have a talk with our military. I saw that on a video a couple years ago about the effects of our depleted radiation on the people of Iraq. Quite awful with mutated children. I can’t remember the name of it or where I saw it. Possibly on Link TV when I still had TV.

        As for the US aid, in the US, if I remember correctly, When FEMA loaned money to the victims of a flood, if they remained in the flood zone they could never ask for another loan if it occurred again. Nor could they get flood insurance so they would be SOL the second time. California, however, made it a Law that insurance companies had to provide Earthquake insurance because none of them would cover quake damage in a high occurrence state. So they were forced to provide it or lose their right to sell insurance in that state. It cost me $125 extra per year above my regular home insurance 30 years ago. I didn’t think that was too bad but I probably didn’t read the fine print about what they would cover. There is a difference between the way they replace destroyed items. For instance, I have Hunter fans which cost almost $600 each. But if you don’t say so, they will set up your policy so they can replace the expensive ceiling fan with a $30 fan from Walmart. The person who did that was my ex friend who worked at the insurance broker I had at the time.

        This time the Indonesia tsunami only hit one island going southward. Instead of a 2000 mile coastline going north like it did in 2004. And after Haiti and the missing Red Cross millions, they may be a bit less generous. The victims wouldn’t receive it even if we sent it. But the businesses will certainly be clamoring for money. The public usually gets the shaft. The FEMA loans had to be paid back at low percentage where I doubt the foreign aid will require. Particularly where people remain in the same area. But if you are poor, homeless, with no money, no transportation except perhaps a bike which was probably lost with the home… and no job because it was lost as well. What would they do? There are videos on the Strange Sounds website about how no one has brought water or food or any necessities to help them. They are walking through the rubble of a flattened town, barefoot, stepping over dead bodies. About 1500.

        I lived in an area which had been severely flooded by Hurricane Agnes two years before I moved there. I lived high up on the side of a hill which didn’t flood but I had close friends who had lived through the flood and rebuilt. The flood waters reached just below the attic of a two story house where the family sought refuge from the rising water. Theirs was the only home above the water. The first floor was 6 ft above ground level and the basement windows were above the ground. Most homes there were built with large masonry stones the size of cinder blocks with a molded design. Many still had the copper pipes in the wall for the gas lighting prior to 1920. So the house frames and foundations were intact. But the entire interior of the house and furnishings had to be completely redone. I remember a picture of their town. Most of the houses were submerged completely beneath the flood waters from the river. The only thing sticking up above the water was the Burger King sign. That was before the laws about commercial sign heights had to be below the top of the roof of the business. If his house had been without this huge attic which was truly a third floor, they would have had to swim in water over 24 ft deep. I remember some of the flood victims telling me about the huge graveyard next to the river. Most of the coffins popped out of the graves and floated down the river. They were still finding them a year later. They were smashed apart and the contents fell out along the river which was nearly 40 feet above flood stage. Quite gruesome.

        So if we used US rules for its citizens, it was a one time loan if you stayed in the flood zone. I was watching videos last night of the flood zones in Indonesia where everything was flattened. Most of these homes were just a few pieces of plywood or plaster for walls and Quonset hut tin roofs. Many had dirt floors and mud plaster. So when those tsunami waves hit those communities, the structures fell apart like matchsticks. I lived overseas for 5 years on two continents plus traveled for my job so I’m familiar with various areas of the world. Most people in the US never leave their home town or state… much less the United States so they don’t know the conditions in Haiti or Malaysia or Southeast Asia. We have 2 from Indonesia on this website and at least one from Southeast Asia, 2 from South Africa, another from somewhere in Arabia… etc. so we have people from around the world who are just as interested about the cause as we are but they have quack scientists telling them ridiculous BS about the ocean floor or barometric pressure. But there is one great video about a pool that starts receding and surging just before each axis shift and tsunami. It takes a planetary shift to affect Olympic sized swimming pools. It was an excellent demonstration of how the planetary shift affects various bodies of water.

        My last note is to NEVER give money or anything else to the Red Cross or FEMA. They will steal it and use it on those luxury shelters for the elite and gov’t which is located under the Denver airport. The one with the gruesome WWIII murals. Not to mention the hundreds of tunnels and other underground facilities. I saw photos of the FEMA warehouses in those shelters which were filled to the top with donations from places like Walmart and celebrities millions donated for humanitarianism who were quite angry when their money did not go to the victims while Red Cross and Fema were demanding the local businesses to provide food, clothes, supplies, shelters, cots and medical care for the victims. Even the volunteers in the shelters were local residents. The cities were angry too because they were doing all the work and people from other states and cities arrived with their boats to rescue flood victims because they remembered Katrina and private pet rescue groups took in the abandoned pets, but if the owners don’t find them within 7 days, they will either adopt them out or terminate them. So they aren’t quite as magnanimous as they appear. FEMA and Red Cross were taking all the credit when they hadn’t lifted a finger to do anything. Even the shelters were set up by the city and the owners of the arenas. The only thing FEMA and Red Cross did was to hand out loan paperwork for the victims to fill out. They were even refusing donations other than money because they didn’t want to bother with it. I have seen more than once that they were throwing the clothes into the garbage dumps. They can pocket money without explaining it. They were given several million dollars to build homes in Haiti and only built 6 homes and double talked when they were asked to explain. I also remember the Salvation Army telling me that they would only accept new furniture. The entire reason I had furniture to give away because I had replaced it with new furniture and I certainly wasn’t going to give away something I just bought. There was nothing wrong with the furniture. I was simply tired of it. Goodwill was the same way. They advertise they teach disabled people how to work on furniture and resell it… but that’s a lie as well because they only wanted new furniture as well. But no one was worse than Red Cross. My mother used to work for them in the 60’s after she split up with my father and was laid off from Boeing. That was before Red Cross went to the dark side. I used to be on the Houston area Emergency management for 2 years to represent my industry. They wanted all the phones from Bell and all the wireless phones in the entire metro area to be shut down when an emergency occurred so only the emergency responders, FEMA and Red Cross could use their phones. Everyone else was redirected to the 911 center which only had 30,000 lines for 10 million residents. FEMA and Red Cross were in every meeting running the show. When I asked about supplies and rescues, etc., they nearly ripped my head off. They had no intention of rescuing anyone or supplying any food or water or shelter except to imprison the victims by corralling them into convention centers and keeping them hostage with armed troops and no food and water or necessities. See the old news video below on Katrina.

        Most every meeting every two months was mostly the local director showing us his Warner Brother cartoon memorabilia collection. Pieces of original film strips, logos on his socks and ties, etc. Only the 911 center manager and I seemed to care about victims and rescues. It was clear they intended to round everyone up who hadn’t evacuated and let them die. Remember how they refused to provide food or water for the victims of Katrina? FEMA and Red Cross located at Baton Rouge over 30 miles away and said if anyone needed help they would have to come to them… without cars, without transportation, without shoes and clothes. No food, no medicines, no diapers and formula for babies. They were held at the convention center under armed guard for a couple weeks without food or water or medicines or working toilets or cots to lie on. They weren’t allowed to leave and the buses were under guard. Hundreds were dying on the floor of the airport and doctors trying to volunteer were told to sweep the floors and could not attend the dying people by the hundreds who were elderly, ill and disabled. The hospital patients were dying in their beds. There was no power to run their equipment and they refused to send helicopters or transportation in to retrieve them. Once the governor signs for Federal assistance, they lose their authority and FEMA is in charge of the state and their national guard units, police, and everyone in the state, etc. They forced her into it by making false claims that it was dangerous because there was shooting. There was only one and it was a police officer who was later charged with a crime. That’s why brother Jeb refused to sign for Federal Aid a month later when Florida was hit with a hurricane. They handled the problem quite well. Then there was also the hell at St Bernard Parish where the nursing home flooded. It wasn’t until the Gov of Texas feared a mob of angry Americans would go to New Orleans and storm the town… so he sent buses and brought them to Houston. There had been 82 buses on the outskirts of New Orleans but the armed troops wouldn’t allow anyone to leave the city to ride on the buses so they were never used. There is a lot more to the story but I would be writing for weeks. I have links for some of this.

        Our gov’t may send the money but they’ll never get it. They will probably make a deal to pay off the local gov’t officials there and then the US will get kickbacks for the majority of it to add more to their luxury shelters or their bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. How lucky our gov’t now has a real Estate developer in charge. Something like a car salesman.

        Here is the ridiculous video BS about the 2004 tsunami and the idiots at the seismic center in Hawaii.

        Here are the Katrina victims at the convention center

        This is the pool in Indonesia which creates tsunami waves due to shifting of earth just before tsunami occurs

        This is the Canary Island video about the Megatsunami and the Smithsonian Volcano site

        Boston Bomb Cyclone links


        Comment by mmc7 — October 8, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

      • I need to know your gmail account for mailing a 7th oct 7am gmt moon position reading please, please repost/reply and have it in a contact section on the websites Axis Change and the blog. Thank You.


        Comment by David Kendrick — October 9, 2018 @ 3:01 am

      • I think that is right.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 9, 2018 @ 4:20 am

  8. Beware some of these events are weaponized: Google airbag water displacement:i.e.( sodium azide. Look for unexplained large debris fields of plastic which are lost in ensuing debris fields. Also there will be no associated seismic event such as a nuclear blast, collapse or upthrust, you no longer need the tsunami bomb. You are dealing with people who do this sort of thing for giggles like kicking the anthill. The countries so targeted tend to be problems, so I am waiting for the one caused by Brexit.


    Comment by David Kendrick — October 3, 2018 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

  9. Thanks mmc7. Your understanding is much appreciated. A comment re sunrise, sunset and the arc of the sun over the interior plateau of British Columbia at 52 degrees north: the sun still rises and sets slightly north of 52 degrees, and the arc through the day remains significantly north of where it was pre the furthest north being the Tropic of Cancer. I am currently perplexed, because the sun, if the earth has fallen closer to rotating on a horizontal axis as we’ve considered on this site, the arc should be MUCH further south. Yet it remains much further north, not much different to where it was during our summer months. Has our planetary orbit shifted as well? Your thoughts would be welcome.


    Comment by cosmicalarmclock — October 3, 2018 @ 1:37 pm | Reply

    • P.S The Canary Island matter requires a volcanic eruption, and a lot of rain to lubricate the layered volcanic rock(igneous and compressed cinders – strombolian
      pyroclastic deposits) the cycle of eruptions is in an active phase but this was at its peak in 1677, it would have gone then, the odds are though with 33,000 eruptions and 7 since 1971 we have something quite stable at least as much as living on Yellowstone’s plume is in which could blow up at any time in the next 50,000 years and is now located in Montana somewhere so the park is relatively safe, with a quantified value of relative. The odds of dying from an ‘average’ Yellowstone eruption is 50,000/1 or in real terms 833 to 1 factoring in a lifetime of 60 years and there is no trace of a tsunami prior, I do recommend looking at google earth and the eye of Africa in Mali which has risen 1000 ft in 11,000 years where there are fossil signs of a double tsunami 250 miles from the west and one all the way from Libya once in the ice age the Sahara was a swampy lake leaving that eye and its location matching exactly a famous location of Plato’s.


      Comment by David Kendrick — October 9, 2018 @ 3:29 am | Reply

      • Actually, it is already fractured and precariously hanging. Just a slight quake would be all it needs. Fortunately, I don’t live on the coast so it is NMP.

        It sounds like you didn’t see my ideas about another Megatsunami which occurred in the past. There are marine fossils found near the Titicaca lake by Puma Punku which is over 13,000 feet high above the sea level. That means a wall of sea water nearly 3 miles high hit that area. I also believe that another wall of sea water flooded the Sahara, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and created the Black sea. This wall of water was traveling in the same direction as the 3 mile high wave which hit the Puma Punku region 3 miles high. When it hit and consumed Africa, it brought all the sand and salt with it which killed most of the plant life under the Sahara sands. The Pyramids and the Sphinx were built on solid ground and were surrounded by green lands and trees when the water flooded the region and filled it with sand from the sea bottom. It did the same for Saudi Arabia and surrounding arab nations. The dead sea is much like our Salt Lake where the water evaporated causing high salt levels. Everywhere this wave touched, it killed the soil with salt. It also filled the black sea which was once a river valley and covered the villages beneath the water which was trapped; It may have also filled the Caspian sea and others in the area. I suspect the sphinx received its severe water damage from the water pooled around it where the wave struck. The wave may also have filled the western US with sea water as well leaving the salt behind after the waters evaporated… and salt poisoned soil.

        It is my belief that when the 5th planet was destroyed it became an asteroid belt leaving its moons to wander. I suspect Mars and Earth were pulled out of their normal orbits and the Earth was thrown farther away from the sun as was Mars. This is why they found mammoths with food still in their mouths. Instafreeze. It damaged the atmosphere of Mars and two of the asteroids were pulled into orbit of Mars. While the earth may have attracted one of the rogue moons which belonged to the 5th planet which was called Phaeton. This is why the moon doesn’t match the age or materials of the earth. We have already seen in the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 what the planet is capable of doing when it shifts. So imagine an orbital change which took thousands of years to recover back to its rightful location in orbit. During the time Earth was further out from the Sun, it suffered an ice age which froze everything on the top half of the US. This was also likely the real cause of the dinosaur die off. If you watch the videos on my latest post, you will see thousands of whales, hundreds of dolphins, masses of birds, bees, manatees, millions of fish and even insects and locusts died enmasse as the planet’s temperature and conditions have been changing on the drop of a dime. It also covered up all of our history prior to the pyramids like gobekli Tepe and other things built before the great flood. We simply erased all memory of anything before the pyramids. These structures will be under all that sand around the pyramids and in the Vatican vaults.

        The Earth must have moved to the east so the water receded to the west, then when it came to a normal orientation, the water surged forward as much as 3 miles high and destroyed everything in its path on the west side where the waves hit the shoreline. Perhaps slightly southwest the wave was moving so it missed Europe and the Indian ocean except the west side of Australia. It filled the areas with flood water and sand and half covered the sphinx The salt toxified the soil it had covered. The wave also blasted apart Puma Punku and we all know who built that. But it didn’t quite reach Machu Piccu but it did leave a lake surrounded by marine fossils. When our planet regained its proper orbit the ice age ended. But those who sprang out of that disaster had also forgotten what our past was like. So the archaeologists refused to recognize any civilizations prior to the pyramids. If you look at the west coast of South America & Bolivia near Puma Punku, you will see how scarred and barren the sea cliffs are… as if they were scoured clean. It is the same type of scarring the video about megatsunami’s showed which they had measured to be almost 600 meters high in Alaska just for a landslide. The earths sudden movement out of its orbit toward the destroyed planet as did Mars caused huge waves. So it left more than fossils as evidence of the giant wave. And the land could have also been pushed upward over the eons.

        I highly recommend the videos on the new post. It really woke me up to how serious our situation is. We appear to be on our side horizontal which is disturbing all the animals, insects and weather but I can’t confirm until I see the June star chart and compare. It all lines up even with someone building a boat to escape the flood waters. Although I would have built it on the hill in case the flood came sooner than I had expected.

        It explains everything for me.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 9, 2018 @ 5:52 am

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