Earth's Axis has changed

June 21, 2016

6-2016 Summer Solstice results

From my location, I was surprised to see the sun at the exact same reverted position this week as we saw in 2015 which had reverted to the 2006 position.

This is still not normal. It is currently setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face.

This also eliminates the evidence of a wobble.

I’m still at a loss to understand why the axis reversed last year when it had been at the tipping point in 2014. Something effected major changes both ways between 2013 and 2015.

The sun is still more than 850 miles north of its correct position. But not as bad as the 2000 miles it was in 2014. Perhaps the gov’t was able to improve the situation?

So we have bought more time before the final shift will occur but this still greatly affects our weather & climate. We saw how quickly the axis shifted from 2013 to 2015 in both directions so we need to keep an eye on it.

So for 2016; no change from 2015.


E clock face solar angle changes














  1. Here is my take on axis shift after reading something about the shifts of recent. So I know in 2012 there was as shift of a small amount. What I rea, though was 2008 850ft. 2011 1200 ft. 2014 2000 ft. and 2015 back to the 850′ position. Know feet and minutes can be written the same so I am sure we haven’t declined back to 2001 or 2002 status as the correlation there is too widely accepted and too many people are interested in this stuff to believe wew haven’t improved in clarity and understanding as a people since then. But what I took from my reading is that in 2012 the Mayan Calendar ended. So I guess they have been the ones measuring the axis shift or whatever maybe. So they stopped. Why? Something about that the axis is subtley significant to the people of Earth, but from an observer’s point from out side the planet it really becomes boring to keep track of. Furthermore I believe it is saying that the Earth’s axis shifts, but then the rest of the solar system follows it to recreate just how it was. So even if the Earth wanted to try something new, it would still be not the center of the galaxy but the central focus. I believe the planets each at separate times left their orbit (as tempted by the moon who has a swing and hold pattern) and gave Earth what it wanted according to their observations – some time alone. But we need our planets around us. We need their care and protection. They just want us to be happy. But what we could learn is that the planets are planets. We are people. This metaphor could be for the long standing battle that mimics the story also of God and the angels. Now there is a planetary story to match. It puts at least my own battle with pressure from outside sources that likens to being watched by others into perspective. The people who were cool in high school, what did they act like? “Leave Me Alone” right? The rest of the people usually start talking about them more, but then it tapers off and they got some solace. In movies they didn’t show the precursor to the blow up or whatever. Anyway my point is I know from experience that busy people don’t have time to think about others like that. They don’t have names randomly popping into their heads. They on some level know people talk about them, but try not to care and hope it works. Because it’s painful to be talked about; good or bad opinions. It hurts to judge others if you raise your conscience to be aware of it. So we all make mistakes. The quicker you can recognize it and move on and dedicate yourself to working on being a better person, the sooner we can have peace on Earth. It seems so frivolous a topic to hold a people in such contempt but I do believe it is the very truth of the matter. Oh yeah, one more thing: Light (like from a star) has no mass. It is not matter. Matter has mass and takes up space. Light doesn’t take up space it fills the space without adding mass. Your eyeballs feel a little pressure for a little bit. But only if enough people are trying to create pressure by closing in on something does that pressure exist actually. People have mass. They carry it with them wherever they go to a degree, even in out of body experiences. The point is The Laws of Conservation of Energy, Mass, Matter, etc. refers to the renewable quality of these things. But stars are not energy. They may be what our souls become when we have expended our last bit of energy. But they are just light. They will burn out eventually. We’ve believed that about the sun, so let’s not get freaked out about the stars. WE have no room for any more people coming in to the world without legitimate parents, and perhaps other sources have even decided that’s on hold for awhile. NO consideration or deliberation. Period!. No more people. Do not acknowledge people who just show up out of nowhere. It violates your rights and everyone else’s. It hurts and you think you can teach them a lesson but you will fail. Just ignore them, deny them. They will get tired of it eventually. But I do believe we probably become stars after we die. But I think too many people are in too much of a hurry or can’t face what they have done and want to get the suffering over with so they cut their afterlife short and close the atmosphere off from God, making Earth’s air more stuffy and unclean. We have to strike lightning or something to get through to him, lol. Or have the right chemicals in the right states of matter on Earth: Fluorine as fluoride a solid, Hydrogen as water (given by God) or Hydrochloric Acid (made by man). It should not exist on Earth. The sun burns it all off. What is making it reaccumulate? Not enough experiments to yield Hydrochloric Acid. I don’t think even the swimming pool companies have enough chlorine to put in the pools. So stop trying to defy nature and work with it. If you are trying to figure it out and you are a scientist, it’s time for you to know and move forward with the right experiments(as stated above. Get back to the periodic table and start with natural states on Earth. That’s a good start. Oh yeah and God isn’t afraid to let the stars die anymore because he has seen that there are regenerative processes to renew the sun without having to recreate it. Only God gets to do certain things for good reasons.


    Comment by michelle — October 4, 2016 @ 2:46 am | Reply

    • Actually those measurements were 1200 miles and 850 miles, etc. Miles. Not feet. Also, your post needs to stick to science issues on here next time.

      I used to be on one of the largest US emergency management agencies for 2 years. The gov’t & Fema only report a tiny fraction of deaths, damages, storm strength, floods, blizzards and axis shifts. If they report 1000 deaths, add a zero. It is 10,000 and they will try to get it down to 970. They like the number 97. If it is 103 degrees hot outside, they will report 97. If they say the planet shifted 300 inches, change that to miles. Didn’t you notice how Katrina had 10,000 dead in the beginning which dropped below 1900? Or the WTC which started with 50,000 deaths and was reduced down around 3000? They keep dropping the numbers daily after each disaster on deaths, damages, you name it… until they find a feel good number where the public thinks “is not as bad as it could be”.

      Even the weather reports are redone. No one likes triple digit heat so they tell you it is in the 90’s but “feels like” 103. heat index. People like numbers with 7, 5, 3 & 9 It is the same principle of selling a $1.00 product for .97 cents. or even .99 cents. Your brain lies to you & tells you it is big savings. Even one penny difference if it is below 1.00. I’ve measured the axis shifts. They always admit to inches when it was 300+ miles in actuality. This is a feel good ploy like the disaster deaths. They are admitting a shift occurred but making it so ridiculously small… anyone expressing concern is laughed at. These scientists are all dependent upon Federal grant monies or DOD contracts, etc. Just like Condon who trashed project Bluebook… he provided the results the gov’t wanted to see.

      I know of many university experts who were squashed by gov’t pressure. Remember the menu foods tainted pet food which caused the deaths of thousands of pets? (I lost 7). I spoke directly with the Cornell Director of Veterinary research whose dept discovered the tainted pet food when their own pets had died. I also spoke to the FDA meat inspector who took the calls from over 5000 people just in our region alone… in one day who lost pets. All of their info was squashed by the Fed gov’t. Only the deaths of the 9 test cats at Menu foods in Canada were ever made public. They also tried to blame it on China. However, China said Menu foods (who makes the pet food for nearly every US major brand except Solid Gold and VanPatten who made their own) …Menu foods had deliberately ordered the Melamin (sp?) which was delivered to Menu foods in a separate PINK sack and clearly labeled. Cornell said there was a lot more than Melamin and cancer drugs found in the pet food but they were silenced under threat of loss of grant monies and their jobs. The gov’t was certainly successful in thinning out the numbers of pets. This wasn’t the first time either. Around 2001-2003 the corn product in pet foods contained an aflotoxin (sp?) from mold on the corn. I lost 3 pets in one week from that incident. This came from the FDA inspector who also told me some horror stories about our meat processing plants and cross contamination with the poultry processing plants for one. I don’t speculate. I talk directly to the people in charge who were clearly not happy about being silenced & threatened.

      In Katrina, they played the shuffle game where you guess which cup has the ball under it. They shipped those people all over the county where they could not find missing friends & family nor compare notes… while hundreds died at the airport & hospitals even after the original 10,000 were covertly mass buried & downsized reported. I worked with FEMA as the overlords. FEMA and Red Cross control everything in every town and every emergency management agency in the country. Only Florida refused them. So Don’t believe everything you read. I’ve seen what lurks beneath the covers. Everything is being rehashed to keep everyone happy & feeling good. Feel good news, feel good weather, minimized deaths… Everyone is happy, happy, happy. While the crooks rob the country blind.

      Back to the Sun. They can’t hide that. The measurements can only be done on June 21st each year (in the northern hemisphere) when the sun is at its farthest north point. This date is also known as the Summer Solstice or Longest day of the year. If everything was normal, the sun should never be farther north than mid Mexico (the tropic of Cancer) on June 21st, but after 2004 (The Indonesian Tsunami which killed a quarter million people) the earth shifted and the sun has been north of the US every June since 2004.

      The axis position has increased several times since 2004. It had shifted farther north periodically since 2004 until 2015 when it significantly reverted toward the south. Mid Nebraska, where it was in 2oo6, but the sun is still 850 miles farther north than where it should be —- mid Mexico. The melting southpole continental glaciers is what caused the earth to shift. The southpole was our gyroscopic anchor point which maintains our planet’s balance for the angle of the axis. As it melts, it allows the Earth’s axis to shift. That’s why our sun kept moving farther north each year.

      It was the worst in 2014 when we were beyond the 45 degree tipping point. But for some reason, it dramatically improved in 2015. I don’t know why it improved. It remained the same for 2016 but we are still off normal by 850 miles. I’ve speculated that our scientists may have built some giant field coils to alter the planet’s EM field using CERN or other colliders as a cover project… or perhaps something altogether different to correct the problem. After the shift was significantly improved they may have decided to count their blessings and leave it alone, rather than try for 100% correction and end up far worse. This is what we call a SWAG. Scientific wild ass guess.

      Or, they may have done nothing and it shifted back on its own accord. I have no way of knowing what they’re up to since I no longer work on such projects. My health is too much under the weather. Either way, all we can do is measure the sun position each year and see what it does. We were past the tipping point in 2014 and now we are significantly better and stable for the moment.

      You can use Google earth (free software) on your computer and turn on the grid option under the view tab. That will show you the official location of the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) 23.5 degrees north latitude. Then take your measuring tool (a tiny ruler under the tabs), uncheck the mouse checkbox and draw a line from the tropic of cancer north until your measuring tool shows 850 miles (or whatever it is next year) and that will give you an approximate idea of how far north the sun is currently shifted and how far the axis has changed. (Actually, the earth has shifted toward the south in the summer, so we see the sun farther north. It is easier to describe the position of the sun for everyone. In actuality, the earth is shifting, not the sun).

      In the winter, Dec 21st, the sun is an equal amount farther south. The opposite of summer.

      So last June 21st, the Sun was about mid Nebraska
      With everyone helping with measurements on the solstice, it helps us to be more accurate about the position of the sun.

      All of us who live north of the equator need to measure on June 21st. Those who live south of the equator need to measure on Dec 21st. Some locations, such as the UK and most of northern Europe and Russia are too far north to see the abnormal position of the sun north of their position. You need to live in the southern US, southern Spain, northern Africa, N. Egypt, mid China, Japan, the group of …stan named countries in Arabia, etc., mostly those who live between latitudes 25 and 35 degrees north can see the sun to the north in June. The sun is up around 41 degrees north latitude on June 21st instead of the 23.5 where it was supposed to be before the axis shifted.

      Those in the southern hemisphere can see the sun’s abnormal position at sunrise and sunset from Southern Australia, South Africa, South America (Uruguay, chili, Argentina) between the same latitudes, 25 to 35 degrees South on December 21st are the best locations to see & measure it. You should be able to see it throughout December. But measure the sunrise and sunset angles on December 21st when the sun is in contact with the horizon. Measure the shadow length & direction at noon standard time. If you are between the correct latitudes, the shadow should be cast toward the north for those of you in the southern hemisphere on Dec 21st. Unless our axis has changed again.

      An axis shift would normally be accompanied with Tsunami’s, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions like it did in 2004. But not always if the shift is gentle, slow & and matches our rotation direction. Your sun in the southern hemisphere on Dec 21st should also be around 41 degrees south latitude on Dec 21st instead of its normal tropic of Capricorn at 23.5 degrees south. We haven’t seen a normal axis sun position on the solstice since before 2004. It will be close to 41 degrees south at the bottom of our planet during December (unless our axis has shifted again). You can see the sun rising and setting to your south during December if you live between 25 to 35 degrees south latitude. In fact, you can get a measurable view between 23.5 and 35 degrees south latitude on Dec 21st. The closer you are to 41 degrees on the solstice, the harder it will be to see the abnormal position of the sun. You would be too close below it. The sun travels in an arc so it could crossover you from south to north and south again if you are too close to 41 degrees.

      This is an estimated position which is why we need measurements every summer solstice from each hemisphere.

      The sun will be at 41 degrees north latitude for those of us in the northern hemisphere and southern US on June 21st between 25 and 35 degrees north latitude or even 23.5 and 35 degrees north latitude in June to see it in the regions described above.

      I went through these latitude regional descriptions because I get a lot of people from Canada, the UK, Europe, Russia, India, SE Asia, northern Australia, Northern South and Central America, most of Africa who cannot see the sun’s abnormal position. Some of them could see the abnormal sun position in Canada until the axis reverted in 2015. Now they can’t see it, unless you live south of Kansas. I’ve lost all my spotters and measurers because so many are now outside the view zone. But things can & do change fast so you never know.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 5, 2016 @ 1:48 am | Reply

    • Michelle, your correspondence to mmc7 didn’t consider that there are earthlings that are concerned about our earth and do wish to be aware of what we on earth face and to better be prepared. I can’t say I finished reading your jargon as I found it trite and your words ridiculing.


      Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — October 5, 2016 @ 11:41 am | Reply

      • Thanks!


        Comment by mmc7 — October 6, 2016 @ 7:21 pm

  2. Please contact me. suns azimuth is off. need more observers. A good compass is all you need. Just looking at he suns angle is NOT enough. Be precise. yes we are off.

    Respectfully, phil


    Comment by enkidu — July 14, 2016 @ 11:22 am | Reply

    • This site & measurements are kept simple for a reason. It is for the general public & in simple terms that anyone can understand. The visual measurements are easy for anyone to see & in plain simple English. This is important to involve the general public.

      If you wish to include additional info which supports the axis shift situation, then do so in simple English for our general Public. But do not chide them because they are not using a gov’t controlled site & methodology. Visual assessment is at least honest, verifiable & not under the control of the gov’t. It is a simple method anyone can do without the gov’t propaganda & interference.

      Looking at the sun’s angle on the June summer solstice IS enough. It makes little difference whether the sun is 850 miles too far north or 1000 miles too far north. The fact that it is significantly too far north is sufficient to illustrate the gravity of the situation. We can use those comparisons each year to determine if the situation is getting worse or remaining the same. That is more than enough to establish the gravity of our situation.

      A compass is imprecise. It points at magnetic north. A point which varies from year to year. Not the true physical north point where the axis rotates. Use google earth grid to find your house & establish the true north direction.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 14, 2016 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

      • Magnetic north is compensated for by using declination tables that are specific to location
        . Check out the naval observatory website.


        Comment by enkidu — July 17, 2016 @ 12:01 pm

      • As I have described, I keep everything simple which anyone can follow. The majority of the general public will not chase down conversion tables. As it is, only half will be able to use Google earth images & grids.

        You said you want citizen scientists to help your observations. This is not the website to find them.

        This website keeps everything simple so anyone in any country or any educational level can look outside & verify the veracity of the info we provide about the angle & position of the sun. Whether our follower is from a 3rd world country or has only a grade school education or is a student, homemaker or laborer; they can all easily follow our basic info on where the sun is located.

        Most science websites go out of their way to talk down to the public & use $40 words & terminology. The majority of the general public are not science hobbyists. They just want simple answers in plain English. Over the past 12 years, I have always promised to keep the info on this site simple & easy for anyone to understand. This is why we have so many followers.

        WordPress provides free websites which you can use to create a webpage to find your citizen scientists.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 17, 2016 @ 7:42 pm

      • Ok, we are starting to get it now, simple is better, I can go with that; I may stay with the degree wheel however. I’m thinking it may be fairly simple to convert to clock nomenclature . How bout draw a line between two local google earth points and then correlate with current compass readings when it’s neccissary to take the rig mobile? I’m thinking about taking my new, still under construction, degree wheel/sun dial mobile on top of a laser levlor tripod. Conditions at my house will warrant moving the set up from time to time due to landscape problems. I’m still thinking of doing an ongoing set of readings away from the Solstice if only for practice, but with such changes afoot mightn’t it be otherwise very interesting to see the ongoing discrepancies for instance with the government , set in stone, charts? After all it is interesting, and very enlightening to watch the magnetic changes on my little compass rig in my spare room. In this way, we can watch things month by month or even by the week or less towards crunch week. Thanks for both your perspectives 😉


        Comment by david ewing — July 18, 2016 @ 9:52 pm

      • I’m very interested to see your ongoing measurement results. Post your updated results & comments under US & PR observations.

        I would like to set up something like that myself but my health is too bad.

        There are only about 5 people among our 100,000 followers who can understand engineering & astrophysics. Many of our followers are from 3rd world countries. Many are from the low income regions of the US. We also have grade school students & classes following our info. So be sure to use simple explanations which can be understood by students, homemakers, 3rd world countries & laborers.

        The majority of the global population only have a 6th grade education due to sagging economies. You would be amazed at the various African, Arabic & Indonesian countries which follow our site information. Eastern European countries as well as Marshall Islands. But none from South America. We also have grade school students who follow us. So I try to keep the explanations & information simple for everyone. This is one of the few websites which tries to provide easy to understand information for anyone to follow. This allows everyone at any educational level to follow & understand the behavior of the sun and how the changes affect us.

        I would be very interested in the results & details you obtain throughout the year as long as you keep the info simple so our followers can understand it as well. If you use a scientific term, be sure to explain it for our followers.

        However, keep in mind that the magnetic north is not the location of the axis point at true north. Nor the central point between sunrise & sunset. On google earth, a grid option can be activated under the view tab which will show the true north direction. When dealing with the sun position & shadow angles or the axis… it is important to remember magnetic north on a compass is of no use whatsoever. Magnetic north is in a different, ever changing location. Magnetic north will only provide incorrect information about the sun, axis, etc. because it is physically unrelated. The axis turns at true north. The grid lines on google earth will show the true north location where the grid lines converge at the north pole. If you are using a compass, all of your info will be incorrect.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 20, 2016 @ 11:24 am

    • I understand precise is good but for the most part I wonder if we can come up with a good and fairly easy way to make an Azmuth wheel. Alternatively perhaps a sun dial type of measurement at exact local noon or similar type DIY instrument . davee


      Comment by david ewing — July 15, 2016 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

      • The midpoint on the Sept & March equinox is always the same over the equator no matter how far off the axis has changed. So it would only be useful during the June summer solstice for those of us in the northern hemisphere or the December winter solstice for those in the southern hemisphere.

        A simple pipe or post 6-8 ft high embedded in the ground away from any shadows of trees, buildings, etc., & leveled from all directions to ensure the pipe is perfectly plumb; could be used to measure shadow direction & length during June. You would also need to remember standard time rather than daylight time and midpoint between sunrise & sunset to measure the shadow.

        I can tell you for sure that the noon shadow has been cast to the south on the June solstice which further proves the sun is too far north.

        You must also remember that the sun travels in an arc between sunrise & sunset.

        You can compare the shadow direction & length each year for changes. But the pole or post must be the exact same height & perfectly level & plumb to be of any use.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 15, 2016 @ 3:10 pm

      • Just dinking around today and found a 360degree wheel on the net and reworked it into a nice sized printable onto 2 printer sheets bigger for better accuracy(holler y’all if you want it). Thinking to laminate it and use it to locate my first (sun rising) point and noon sun point, sun dial style. The afternoon setting point may not be as much use in our hills. A friend has said according to his daily sightings we are about 8 degrees off of current astronomical charts which is not far off my guesstimate according to our traditional landmark. I like mmc7’s pole idea and the idea of measuring the shadow lines is good too, whichever method is used. Plumbing the set up in all directions would be critical as he mentioned.


        Comment by David K. Ewing — July 15, 2016 @ 9:19 pm

      • If you go to this previous post, it contains several graduated circles divided into a variety of degrees & other measurements which yow may find useful.

        On the midday pole shadow measurement; if not done exactly at midpoint between sunrise & sunset, the shadow will not be “due south”. It will be off to the southeast or southwest. (keeping in mind, the shadow should have been to the north if the sun were directly over the tropic of cancer in mid Mexico on June 21st where it was prior to 2000 before the axis shifted the sun position hundreds of miles to the north.)

        If you are doing visual noon shadow measurements on June 21st each year, you will also need to record the time of the sunrise & sunset by visual observation as well. You can’t go by records. These are not only inaccurate, the time also varies depending on your physical location between your time zone borders. Not to forget to use standard time rather than daylight savings.

        So it is more difficult to gauge midday midpoint without doing multiple measurements over a 3 hour timeline on the June 21st summer solstice every 10 minutes until a due south shadow is obtained.

        At this point, the June 21st shadow is only a couple inches long which is why a tall pole is necessary. It is also necessary to have a perfectly flat, level, smooth & clean area around the pole base to view the shadow. A bubble level must be used to ascertain the surface is level for accurate shadow measurement. The ground soil will also shift these poles & posts out of plumb from one year to the next which is why this is a woolly discipline. They have to be releveled & replumbed each year. The same problem exists for sundials & other physical devices casting shadows.

        This also requires a fair amount of time which most people cannot afford to spare with their jobs. Which is the main reason why I only ask for sunrise & sunset angles based on clock face numbers once a year on June 21st for those of us in the north which can be done before & after work.

        However, if you wish to take a bubble level & tape measure with you to work & can find a sign post pole at lunchtime which is level & plumb, you may be able to get an approximate shadow length at midday. But you will need to check for “due north” direction on google earth grid to verify your orientation from the location wherever you plan to measure the midday shadow. If you visually verify the time of sunrise & sunset on June 20th, then you can determine midday midpoint for June 21st to know when to measure your shadow.

        I was at a doctor appt at midday in 2015 & 2016 & could only visually observe the shadows of signposts in the parking lot which were just a couple inches to the south. Both this year & last year. I was at different doctors offices. It was well over 103 degrees outside. Hotter on the blacktop parking lot. Too hot & I was too ill to do more. Nor did I have a level or measuring tape handy. A visual observation of 2 inches or no more than 3 inch shadow due south at midday. From northern Texas.

        Keeping in mind the sun travels in an arc. Currently, this would place the sunrise & sunset about the latitude of the Canadian border above Minnesota. The midday arc sun position would be approximately between the 2 Dakota borders. Just an approximation. It doesn’t matter if it is perfectly exact. Just a general idea is more than enough to show us the sun is hundreds of miles too far north. If the sun were over the tropic of Cancer which runs thru central Mexico if the axis was where it was supposed to be, then the sun would be casting shadows toward the north in the US. The shadows should never be cast to the south in the US at any time of year. The sun should never be north of the mid Mexico latitude.

        Our sun is clearly too far north by hundreds of miles & casting shadows to the south. About 850 miles too far north. In 2014 it was 2000 miles too far north. Something reversed us by 1200 miles between 2014 & 2015. The sun is also shining in our north windows at sunrise & sunset. We are still way beyond where the sun should be.

        If we had midday pole shadow measurements on June 21st from the north central US states & mid Canada, we could be more precise on our sun’s midpoint arc position. I would be most interested as to where the midday pole casts no shadow & where the pole’s are casting northern shadows in order to pinpoint where our new tropic of cancer is located to measure the exact number of miles the earth has shifted. Most important would be midday shadows on June 21st as viewed from the Dakotas, Minnesota, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, mid Canada; etc. Anywhere north of Texas.

        The gov’t agencies viciously fought us on this axis shift issue for 12 years. Only in the last couple years have they admitted to the axis shift but they came up with all kinds of crazy reasoning to explain it.

        The simple true explanation is the loss of glacial ice on the south pole continent which acts as a gyroscopic planetary balance for the axis. This change in axis is also seriously affecting our weather, temperatures, storms, ocean currents & temps, precipitation, jet stream, droughts, etc. The conditions get worse each year.

        The reason they try to blame the axis shift on wayward planets, asteroids, solar systems, black holes, etc., is because the gov’ts do not want to get blamed or sued for their rotten policies allowing their corporate buddies & energy policies to heat up the planet & melt the glaciers. Smog & vehicle emissions & power plant pollution, coal & oil burning pollutions & industrial pollutions to have caused so much damage to the south pole glaciers which act as a gyroscopic balance anchor for the planet that they caused the axis to shift.

        The gov’t fears public outrage. Our politicians are bought & paid for by these energy companies who pollute the planet & have spent 45 years lying about it. First they tried to deny the axis shifted but couldn’t hide it. So now they are trying to blame rogue planets & asteroids because they fear the public will turn into a mob & tear them to pieces for destroying the planet. It is a diversion to distract the public from the true cause by inventing some space anomaly as the cause. Unfortunately, the public forgets that any space object which could affect the earth would have also seriously affected the other planets & moons in our solar system long before affecting us. It would not just affect the earth. Our public tends to be Earth egocentric as if Earth is the center of the galaxy & all activity is focused on only us.

        Besides, our gov’t & their corporate buddies have their comfy elite underground shelters in Denver & other locations built at the expense of taxpayers. This is where all those FEMA & Red Cross supplies disappeared.

        For us, they’ve done nothing & hope we will all be deceased when they emerge from their shelters. They will leave us to the mercy of Fema, Red Cross & the national guard who will capture, control & Corral us into large arenas like they did for Katrina. Without food, water, medicine, necessities, etc.

        I was on the emergency management agency for one of the largest US metro areas for 2 years. FEMA & their Red Cross buddies control all of those agencies. They also have unlimited power by Executive Order of the Presidents. They nearly tore my head off when I asked about food, water, supplies & rescue plans. There aren’t any. They don’t plan to save anyone. Just corral everyone until they die. They even have contingencies should our soldiers balk at this. Mexico has agreements to send in their soldiers. I have included additional info on my other posts & comments about my experience with Fema & Red cross while I was on the 2nd or 3rd largest metro Emergency management Agency in the US. Never give money to the Red Cross or United Way. Your money & donations will never reach the victims. Find some other genuine rescue charity to help which is not tied to the gov’t.

        No one believed me when I told them about FEMA & Red Cross until Katrina happened… exactly as I had described. It was a trial run. This is why Florida refused FEMA & Red Cross a month after Katrina. When you request federal aide, the governor has to sign over full control & authority over their state gov’t to FEMA.

        Think about it. The gov’t & their corporate buddies will have gotten away with melting the Antarctic & causing the axis to shift & the death of billions.

        Just that one axis shift in Dec 2004 killed a quarter million people. It doesn’t take a full glacial melt to tip the planet. Just enough to shift the gyroscopic balance of the planet.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 16, 2016 @ 12:23 am

      • To mmc7(July 20th), I totally get your concerns about magnetic North vs Geodetic although that just brings up a question that might be interesting like how do they correlate? For sure one would need to watch any recent magnetic changes to keep the books straight. My thinking was that using a compass would help me be more mobile, I will have to see if I can get enough accuracy with a compass to give good correlation results. With my little spare room compass project for instance, I got a 10 degree change ( magnetic) from last September( of ’15) to Feb. of ’16 (now back to about 8 deg.) and you( mmc7) are thinking we are at 8 degrees ( geodetic ) off of gov’ t charts. Ok, ok I know, not really a 1:1 correlation, not the same only that big changes are afoot!
        Trying to get a good idea in mind of just what this picture really looks like is a bit difficult for me, it’s quite a bit abstract mentally for me. What I need is a way to visualize what this Pole Shifting (strike that, Axis Shift) looks like with my mental difficulty in seeing such complex abstractions in spatial relationships like this, relationships which nowadays seems to be constantly changing . So it occurred to me I needed help in the form of a world globe to turn and twist around in my hands in order to get a more solid visual of what might be going on. Trouble is most globes for sale on the Internet are, besides being expensive, mostly solidly mounted on the traditional 23.5 degrees tilt which is likely to be changing sometime soon right? Well besides balls and other odd globes I found on the Internet a dozen one foot blow up globes for cheap to give away to friends to visualize this happening as well. Other than folks following this forum and other such sources most do not have the slightest clue or interest in this subject. Simply coming up with mere proof may not go far without a concrete mind picture with which to demonstrate it!



        Comment by David K. Ewing — July 20, 2016 @ 6:21 pm

      • I appreciate you both very much. I am most interested and doing what I can to research. I can visualize 3-d. I used to be great at math, computer programming, especially arrays. I am retired. But, I have been visualizing the problems. As a matter of fact, I put the family to work gardening and preserving. I checked on the gardens yesterday, drought. I even had them plant in lower lying areas to ensure water. This morning in Mercer County I hear storms, but they seem to pass us by too much of the time. Observing the growth of flowers has been sad, my roses are over and they are located on what was once the east of my house. My yard is dead. I am in PA. I haven’t mowed for weeks, whereas I used to mow twice a week. Last year, I mowed once a week. My family believes me, at least. My intelligent children however won’t listen. I am contemplating moving to the basement. I am going to install a Franklin stove. I am fortunate this house could be 150 years old or more. I need some education on the magnetism. If the earth does fall on its side, where could our axis be? We will still turn/rotate. I have been trying to research geologically what happened to the earth the last 11 times we tipped. Please direct me to authors, scientists, etc to research, please? Thank you, Elsie


        Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — July 22, 2016 @ 7:38 am

      • It was 110 here today.

        If you use thick layers of shredded peat moss or similar in your gardens it will help keep the ground moist. Ask a local nursery which types of groundcovers will best retain moisture without harming your plants. They also use a shade canvas which you can order & request percentage of sun you prefer. Ask your local nurseries about it. They are fairly low cost.

        I am retired as well & spend most of my time on various research. I only need the measurements of the sun each June. I will post instructions prior to the summer solstice. There is no point in measuring the spring & fall equinoxes because those remain the same no matter how much the axis changes. The winter solstice in best measured by our followers in Australia & South Africa.

        The scientist in the spring of 2008 who was on a planet Earth documentary said his research of the layers of tropical plants at the north pole & layers at the equator revealed we had shifted sideways 11 times in the past. If the shift was sudden, it might explain the frozen animals if it occurred during the winter months. It could have dropped the temperatures by 100-200 degrees within hours. The summer will be horrendously hot. Over 150 degrees without any darkness. Only the spring & fall will be normal.
        Massive precipitations, storms & extreme humidity from all the melting glaciers. Rising oceans flooding coastal cities.

        So find a tropical place above 300 ft with fresh water source & able to plant food & protect yourself. However, this may not occur in our lifetimes & no need to relocate until after the tsunamis recede. So the best we can do is watch the annual changes of the sun each June for increases in northerly position of the sun which indicates it is past the tipping point & ready to shift on its side. Just have emergency supplies ready & armed protection for any catastrophe which might occur.

        I clearly understand about the younger generations who have become gov’t puppets. My son is the same. He believes the gov’t would tell us if we were in danger. He doesn’t believe they were involved in Human Experiments, assassinations, breaking into Watergate, lying, usurping foreign gov’ts, etc., even though all of these are public congressional documents. They don’t believe it because they don’t read. & are conditioned by TV propaganda. They don’t believe the sun is wrong even when they see it because they skirted thru 3rd grade without learning where the sun is supposed to be. So if you don’t how where the sun should be, how can you know when it is wrong? A lost cause. (The sun can only be seen out of position in June in the northern hemisphere and in December in the southern hemisphere).

        This is why I suggest the tropic regions After the tsunami waters have receded. Avoid the main roads & large cities. Our gov’t will have fled underground & left FEMA in charge under martial law using the national guard to roundup people. Do not use the TX or CA border crossings. Use NM or AZ. Or go by boat if possible (at night, more than 12 miles out from the coastlines). Don’t choose Mexico. Panama is best. Costa Rica second. Avoid militant areas.

        The axis is the invisible line which runs from the south pole to the north pole. It is an imaginary rod from pole to pole around which the earth rotates. The actual rotation point of the axis never changes. It is always the true north pole & south pole which are the center point of Earths rotation. The same as the axle which connects the turning wheels to your car. The wheels turn but the axle always remains centered.

        It is the angle of the Axis which causes our seasons. If the axis was straight up & down like the 12 on a clock face for the north pole & 6 on a clock face for the south pole, we would only have one season all year long as we orbited the sun. But the weight of the glacier ice at the south pole causes our planet to lean. It is the Gyroscopic anchor.

        The normal angle of the axis lean was 23.5 degrees. But that is no longer the case since the lean of our axis has increased. As the glacier at the southpole continues to melt the earth will continue to shift causing the axis to lean farther. At some point, the Earth will shift completely on its side. At that point the axis will be completely horizontal but it will continue to rotate exactly as it does now. Even though the earth & the axis will be sideways it will still rotate around the north pole & southpole as it has always done except the rotation will be vertical.

        Just take a toy globe and hold it sideways with the north pole in your left hand & the southpole with your right. Then spin the globe side facing you upwards. This is how the earth will look on its side. But since the Earth & sun are both round, even sideways the sun will appear to be rising in the East and setting in the west as it always has in the spring & fall. But in the summer, the north pole will be directly facing the sun, extremely hot with the sun directly overhead at the north pole & no darkness. We will also have the sun lower on our horizon with no darkness.

        In the winter, our sideways earth will he facing the southpole directly overhead, leaving the north in 24 hour freezing darkness as will we be. This is because of the way we orbit the earth. If you are still holding the globe sideways put a ball in the Center of the room for the sun. Pick a spot on a distant wall you are facing. Now walk around the sun ball in a circle while always facing the same direction looking at the same point. This is how it will orbit. It you want to see the sunlight differences, put a lamp in the center of the room without a shade. A bare light bulb for the sun. Now hang the earth globe from the ceiling with the north & south poles horizontal. Be sure the earth is the same height as the light bulb. Now move the horizontal earth around the light bulb while ensuring it always faces the same direction or the same spot on the wall. Then you can see how the light will shine only at one pole on one season then the vertical equator then the other pole then the vertical equator. If your earth still rotates, you can spin it up to show the normal light during the spring & fall and 24 hour light in the summer & 24 hour darkness in the winter.

        It is difficult to picture so this is the best way I can describe it. We will never flip upside down because we do not have enough land weight at the north pole to flip us. But we do have sufficient equatorial weight to shift us sideways once enough ice melts from the south pole. It will not require all of the ice to melt. We were very close to shifting sideways in 2014. But since we reverted we have bought more time & are not currently in imminent danger. It may not happen in our lifetimes but could be between 2020 & 2026 based on the gov’ts actions. I would like to live long enough to see it. But the resulting tsunamis could cover entire continents like the movie 2012. I wouldn’t recommend a basement until after the tsunamis recede.

        If you would like to do something, I’m having problems with my eyes and have just gotten out of the hospital again. 4th time this year. I need to find out how many miles there are between the equator and north pole. I have estimated 6270. It is very close but not exact. I need to be more accurate. Right now we are approx at a 41 degree tilt. In 2014 we were over 51 degrees tilt which is past the tipping point. Any tilt past 45 degrees is past the tipping point. So you can see we are only 4 degrees below the tipping point even with the reversion. I was completely surprised when we made a huge reverse in 2015. Something reversed us back to the tilt we measured in 2006. Perhaps something the gov’t did to fix the problem? It is still double what the tilt should be. We certainly aren’t out of danger. But we are much better off than we were 2 years ago.

        As for the magnetic field & compass magnetic north, these have no affect on the tilt of our axis. Nor can it be used to measure the axis changes. However, the reason the compass magnetic north keeps moving is because our planets tilt keeps changing & that affects the position of the liquid magma in the center of the earth as the planet rotates. It is like tilting a bottle of liquid while you turn it. The liquid changes positions & affects the magnetic field & magnetic north. Not vice versa. The field has no effect or bearing on the axis tilt & cannot be used to measure the tilt. Apples & Oranges. True north & magnetic north are two different things. If you use a compass, your measurements will be inaccurate.

        Google Earth has a grid option under the view tab which has lines going to the true north “north pole”. The center of the spinning axis. The google earth satellite map is free.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 22, 2016 @ 9:28 pm

      • I will do some calculations for you. This may sound idiotic, but last week I was contemplating all of the calendars that ended in 2012. This has awed me. We took the 2012 factually. I sat and took into consideration our added leap days. I know I sound foolish. Also, in 2012 I read somewhere about an addition to the zodiac, then that disappesred. Over my years I have heard announcements of discoveries, then nothing. I know those calendars were for the planting seasons etc. I believe they knew a change would be coming whereby the calendars would be required to change. It is such a shame that we lost or destroyed the Incans and Mayans.

        I’ve read about desalination/desalinization plants created in Northern Africa. Then no more news. I wish our government and scientists could be honest with us. I do believe they want a great reduction in population. Our coastlines are populated with many retired.

        My youngest daughter lives in Bradenton, Fl. I fear for her. I don’t believe I could continue suffering her loss. I have already suffered too much. I am trying to predict or warn for the sake of my children and grandchildren. Do you personally have a time estimate? All I know is that if we go back to coal and steel production, yes that would put Americans to work, but we’ve eliminated so many regulations pertaining to air and water quality. That will speed up the erosion of the ozone layer.

        I am going to do some art therapy today. Tonight I will begin calculations. I dreamed of our rotation and gimbel last night. I am stressed.


        Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — July 23, 2016 @ 8:11 am

      • In 2014 we were past the tipping point. But for some reason, it reversed about 10 degrees. For the past 2 years we have been at about 41 degrees. I thought it was a wobble at first but it has been stable. So we are not in any imminent danger. I did not expect this reversal. Something beyond my knowledge caused the tilt to reverse back to where it was in 2006.

        We will likely get a warning by watching the sun position each year. It frequently changes at least once every 2 years since 2004. Right now it is stable. We just need to keep an eye on it. It may not shift sideways in our lifetime. The gov’t had been planning for something catastrophic to occur between 2020 & 2026 with their hasty construction of shelters & maglev tunnels. However, for the tilt to have reversed without a wobble, they may have developed some way to correct it.

        I’ve always wondered about Cern & why so much money has been invested in a technology which is never used. They run it once then it is down for repairs for years. Then they run it again & shut it down for several more years with billions more invested by multiple countries. It has no significant function yet dozens of countries keep pouring in money. There are also several underground layers to the complex with other technologies. Logically, it makes no sense why tons of money are continually poured into a technology which is always broken down. So something else must be going on. Also, why place it in a residential area unless the location affected the efficacy of the device. I would think if several of these were turned into giant electromagnets & placed around the planet at certain locations, we could certainly alter & manipulate the planets magnetic field.

        Just a thought. Nothing concrete.

        But as our situation currently stands, we are not in any imminent danger. The big shift may not occur in our lifetimes based on the current tilt position. Yes it is off by almost twice the axis tilt but not enough to shift onto its side. So we will watch it each June. If the tilt starts to increase again then we will know when to worry. But as it currently stands, we are not in imminent danger except for heat spells, droughts, unusual storms, winter blizzards, etc. Our weather is currently our major concern.

        As for Florida, I worked there about 13 years ago. My crew were digging trench & the water table is only about a foot below the ground level. The state was nearly a swamp. I really can’t understand why anyone wants to live there, oversaturated with water, mass lightning strikes from daily storms, extreme humidity & deadly animals. My crew covered the trench & returned the next morning to find an alligator or crocodile inside the trench.

        Broward county is so full of water canals like roadways & huge ponds at every business, the alligators or crocodiles and snakes were constantly in residential back yards. The mosquitoes are so bad they have to screen in their entire yards. But it does have amazing wildlife & birds everywhere. Great for photography. But it will only get worse there as the sea levels continue to rise. However, that is not an emergency. It will take many years to flood so they will have plenty time. Their main danger is not being able to sell their homes once the water levels rise & flood the streets. It wasn’t far from that 13 years ago. I’d hate to see the water levels now.

        But as I said, there is no imminent danger in the near future of shifting on our side or Florida flooding & becoming uninhabitable in the next few years. The main concern at this moment would be heat strokes & droughts.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 23, 2016 @ 5:03 pm

      • Hi mmc7, I wasn’t sure how to contact you directly so I am posting this here. I’m not new to your blog and have been meaning to ask you this for awhile now. But became more motivated to ask you after reading this reply you posted in response to someone:

        “In 2014 we were past the tipping point. But for some reason, it reversed about 10 degrees. For the past 2 years we have been at about 41 degrees. I thought it was a wobble at first but is has been stable. So we are not in any imminent danger. I did not expect this reversal. Something beyond my knowledge caused the tilt to reverse back to where it was in 2006.

        We will likely get a warning by watching the sun position each year. It frequently changes at least once every 2 years since 2004. Right now it is stable. We just need to keep an eye on it. It may not shift sideways in our lifetime. The gov’t had been planning for something catastrophic to occur between 2020 & 2026 with their hasty construction of shelters & maglev tunnels. However, for the tilt to have reversed without a wobble, they may have developed some way to correct it.

        I’ve always wondered about Cern & why so much money has been invested in a technology which is never used. They run it once then it is down for repairs for years. Then they run it again & shut it down for several more years with billions more invested by multiple countries. It has no significant function yet dozens of countries keep pouring in money. There are also several underground layers to the complex with other technologies. Logically, it makes no sense why tons of money is continually poured into a technology which is always broken down. So something else must be going on. Also, why place it in a residential area unless the location affected the efficacy of the device. I would think if several of these were turned into giant electromagnets & placed around the planet at certain locations, we could certainly alter & manipulate the planets magnetic field.

        Just a thought. Nothing concrete.

        But as our situation currently stands, we are not in any imminent danger. The big shift may not occur in our lifetimes based on the current tilt position. Yes it is off by almost twice the axis tilt but not enough to shift onto its side. So we will watch it each June. If the tilt starts to increase again then we will know when to worry. But as it currently stands, we are not in imminent danger except for heat spells, droughts, unusual storms, winter blizzards, etc. Our weather is currently our major concern.

        As for Florida, I worked there about 13 years ago. My crew were digging trench & the water table is only about a foot below the ground level. The state was nearly a swamp. I really can’t understand why anyone wants to live there, oversaturated with water, mass lightning strikes from daily storms, extreme humidity & deadly animals. My crew covered the trench & returned the next morning to find an alligator or crocodile inside the trench.

        Broward county is so full of water canals like roadways & huge ponds at every business, the alligators or crocodiles and snakes were constantly in residential back yards. The mosquitoes are so bad they have to screen in their entire yards. But it does have amazing wildlife & birds everywhere. Great for photography. But it will only get worse there as the sea levels continue to rise. However, that is not an emergency. It will take many years to flood so they will have plenty time. Their main danger is not being able to sell their homes once the water levels rise & flood the streets. It wasn’t far from that 13 years ago. I’d hate to see the water levels now.

        But as I said, there is no imminent danger in the near future of shifting on our side or Florida flooding & becoming uninhabitable in the next few years. The main concern at this moment would be heat strokes & droughts.”

        I would love to have you write something for the audience on my site regarding just the stuff you wrote in that reply. I know it might be asking a lot but it doesn’t have to be too long or two in depth, a piece pretty much something along the lines of that quoted reply would be just right.

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        Comment by Stargazer — July 24, 2016 @ 1:47 am

      • If someone wishes to read my comments, they are welcome to visit this site. But I don’t venture elsewhere. These comments in particular were in concern for visitors who were panicking & fearing for their family or themselves. I was endeavoring to explain that there was no immediate danger & rash actions were not required. We were at the tipping point 2 years ago but something reversed the tilt back to the 2006 position. It is still off by twice the tilt angle. Aprox 41 degrees versus the original 23.5 degrees

        But in 2014 we were at 51 degrees so the situation has significantly improved but is still significantly beyond its original position. I just don’t know how or why this reversal occurred & what it will do next. As first, I thought it might be a death wobble like a spinning top does just before it falls over. It goes into an exaggerated wobble. But I have not seen any evidence of this. We have been stable for 2 years. So, all we can do is watch & measure the suns position each June for any sign of change.

        I don’t know why or how it reversed. But I don’t believe it was caused by natural means. I think it had artificial help. As I said, if we built enormous electromagnets & situated them at specific locations around the globe, it would be possible to alter & manipulate the planets magnetic field. They would likely do so under the guise of a cover project such as CERN. The main clue would be dozens of different countries pouring billions of dollars into such projects. Plus the constant upgrading of the device until it produces enough power to become effective. Read about Cern on Wikipedia to see the continuous, repeated down time & the billions from multiple countries poured into the failing project. It makes no sense.

        The fact that these countries continue to pour billions of dollars into the project despite multiple massive failures should tell us that this project is a heck of a lot more important to the world gov’ts than a collider. I would expect the US has another one but it would be in their best interest to help out & ensure the other devices are up to the same standards to work in concert. I would imagine there is one at the north & south poles & various other locations. Somewhere in the range of 6 or 8 spaced at opposing positions might be able to accomplish such a feat. Most likely, they are now all undergoing another upgrade. If such massive electromagnets exist, they would need to be in an isolated area, underground & shielded from affecting populated areas, electrical systems or air traffic.

        So this is just a SWAG. None of this may exist at all. It is the only way I can guess at how we might have been able to effect the reversal between 2014 & 2015. There were a high amount of massive quakes & volcanic eruptions between 2013 and 2015. There was a major increase in the tilt between 2013 & 2014. Then a major decrease in 2015.

        Did we screw up and nearly send us into a massive increased tilt in 2014 then manage to reverse that mistake in 2015? The seismic & volcanic activity was unprecedented. We were way past the tipping point in 2014, so it truly was our last chance to improve the situation. Something made it reverse. Not all the way but below the tipping point. So if we did something to bring about the reversal, are they going to leave it as is or attempt another reversal.

        If it wasn’t a global gov’t project which effected the change, then what was responsible? I don’t have the answer. As I said, it was just a scientific wild ass guess.

        But what isn’t a guess, is the changing position of our sun which we measure each year on June 21st. The northerly position of the sun is there for anyone to see by looking outside on June 21st. Even at midday the sun continues to Cast shadows to the south on June 21st. Plus, the sunrise & sunset are about 41 degrees on the summer solstice. So regardless of the time of day on June 21st, the sun is significantly north of the tropic of cancer by hundreds of miles.

        We know the loss of south pole ice changed the weight of our gyroscopic anchor which maintains the balance of our tilt, which originally allowed our axis tilt to shift. It has shifted several times since the Dec 2004 tsunami… the first big shift.

        What we don’t know is why it reversed in 2015. But as long as the sun is still twice too far north on the summer solstice & twice too far south on the winter solstice, it will wreak severe changes in our weather.

        I have 4 different types of thermometers & a weather station which all show it has been 110 degrees twice this week and about 104 during most of the past month. But our lying NWS & NOAA claim it has been below 99 every day. The meteorologists cannot provide different info even when they know the official reports are wrong; under threat of losing their licenses. All of the weather reports nationwide are being minimized to placate the public into thinking everything is fine.

        And chemtrails to reduce the heat, although they stopped it here over the past year. The companies that do the chemtrails can be found online. As are the state gov’t regulatory agencies which regulate the weather modification. I included a couple links on my old chemtrail post. I didn’t know this was real until I saw it for myself & found the gov’t agencies & contractors online. Gov’t projects called “project Heat” & “project spectra” are two I remember from the gov’t contractors website. This way, the gov’t can claim they weren’t hiding anything.

        Remember the horrific blizzards 2 years ago when we were at an exaggerated tilt in the winter? Remember how they underreported the amount of snowfall by many feet when we could clearly see how deep it was? People were completely snowed in above their roofs. It was not the fault of our meteorologists. It was the fault of NWS & NOAA under gov’t orders to underreport. The gov’t controls info & experts with loss of licenses, grant monies, foreign loans, corporate loans & economic pressure, gov’t contracts, job loss, etc. Only those who are retired dare speak out.

        I always promised everyone I would tell the truth as best I know it. But I do not want anyone panicking needlessly & running for shelter. Right now, with the reversion of the tilt, we are not in any imminent danger. However, if the big shift should occur in our lifetimes, I do try to provide suggestions on how to survive. Everyone should have emergency supplies ready in case of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, quakes, wars, nuclear accidents, or other catastrophic situations. We will likely have significant warning before the axis shift occurs. I would see major increases in the sun position a few years in advance. It may not occur in our lifetimes. So no one needs to run out & find shelter. It is like the cold war. Many had shelters built but the worst never came. Y2K and 2012 were just silly. We end our calendars every year. Ending a calendar is not an indication of global devastation. You have to pick a spot to end a calendar. You cant keep it up indefinitely. It means nothing.

        However, the earth’s tilt is truly shifting. This we can see every Jun 21st. But we are below the tipping point at present. So it may not tip sideways during our lifetime. The gov’t was panicking to complete their shelters but maybe they found a way to improve the situation. I don’t know why or how, but it is better. But we still need to watch it every year. We don’t know how long this reprieve will last. Knowing what to do is important. But making rash changes when unnecessary is not a good decision. Just watch the sun each June. Meanwhile, enjoy life. There is no immediate reason to worry. It is no longer as bad as it was in 2014. We got a reprieve for the moment which has been stable for 2 years.

        If I’m not here to measure, just remember the June 21st sunset was at 10 on the clock face in 2015 & 2016. The sunset was at 11 in 2014. If you see the sunset going past 11 on June 21st, that is when you should worry. You would probably see the June 21st sunset moving closer toward 11 for 2 or 3 years if the tilt begins shifting again. Once it reaches 11, wait until the next year to see if it gets worse or better. I waited a year after 2014 and to my surprise, it got better. Only worry after it passes 11 for 2 years. You wont feel the shift. Our planet is already rotating at 1000 mph. However, huge tsunamis will tell you a major shift has occurred. The Indonesian Tsunami was over 1000 miles wide. Again, this info is only in the event I am not around to post an annual result of the sun position. I nearly didn’t make it this year.

        So, I don’t know why we reversed. The sun is still twice too far north in June but below the tipping point. A huge improvement. But it didn’t reverse without artificial help. I just don’t know how it was done for certain. I can only guess. But it is stable at the moment. The first good news since 2004.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 24, 2016 @ 3:54 pm

  3. We have a notch in the hills here in Western Nebraska in which the sun rises or used to anyway on the first day of summer and thereafter retreats back south.

    I didn’t get around to checking it this year ( no check the last few years in fact) until 6-23-16 the sun even then (3 days after solstice) was 3 degrees
    North of its previous maximum Northern travels (according to all I knew anyway!). The next day on the 24th I found it rising about 2 degrees south (East?) back on the Northern most part of the notch where it never touched in previously checked years (several back). As of 3 days after the Solstice, it still lacked a degree of getting back to the previous maximum! (according to my homemade compass and protractor rig, from the previous rising day) That seemed like a good sized move in one day!
    I couldn’t exactly say how far North it went on the 20th but just a rough approximation would have it perhaps 6 degrees more Northerly than previous historical observations with a tapering move size of perhaps 1 degree towards day 0 on the Solstice(3+2+1=6 deg.?) . Last year, according to what we see in the initial comment to this thread above, the Maximum was much further to the North putting the Tropic of Cancer (sun overhead) at the Canadian border vs. it moving back to say Oklahoma City this year vs. the normal over mid Mexico!

    I previously thought all the Pole Shift was baloney so I am way behind the curve in getting this figured out. Am very grateful for this site and its creator for putting out real data.
    by the by
    I just started keeping track of the magnetic shift last September (10-9-15) and found that here it had moved East 10 degrees by Feb.5, 2016 and give or take a month was at its “going to 0 acceleration time” since which it has been slowly going back North perhaps a degree on my little teeny marks on my aviation map reading compass. I was very interested to learn that they have renamed the runways on a nearby airport to correspond with the move!

    Thanks for your interest, davee


    Comment by david ewing — June 27, 2016 @ 6:28 pm | Reply

    • Ok, back to the Nebraska Notch at Dome Rock. Today is July 5, 2016 and in spite of not being able to be able to get a lot of consecutive days of “first peek” as the sun just peeks over the horizon, I’ve had enough to see some little move back South but still very little, less than a degree since my last report at the head of this comment string. My interest is first of all to see how steady the natural movement South will be. Its a bit early to say,especially with the cloudy days, but the movement seems very slow after the huge move I first saw from the 23rd to the 24th which although I don’t believe so could be just observer error.
      In response to the comments about people not being able to respond to our saying some very outlandish things, it is so true, it is deer in the head lights time! You want to say something but really have your hands tied up very tight. It’s called cognitive dissonance, literally “sour notes to the thinking”, everyone has been mind trained by their surroundings be it friends, family, training or whatever and anything out of that track just doesn’t fit. I’m starting a little series on my Facebook page gently beginning to address this mind bending problem that most of us face to some degree. It’s a natural defense mechanism and not all bad but can be dangerous as well by not allowing faster action to seeming craziness yet likely true unrolling events. However if we can’t believe regular folks with no axe to grind, who would actually be harmed by their testimonies, upright people , then we (all) are in a world of hurt which come to think about it, I guess we are! Think about it, we are wanting to tell people some very unconventional, not to mention scary stuff, unbelievable really. No blaming them for looking at us like that!


      Comment by David k Ewing — July 6, 2016 @ 12:46 am | Reply

      • The sun is currently moving back to the south. It will continue moving south until it reaches the equator in September & will continue to move further south until it reaches about 850 miles farther south than the tropic of Capricorn in lower South America on Dec 21st.

        Then the sun will begin the trek north again. It will be back at the equator in March again. It will continue north until June 21st when it reaches its farthest north point. That should be the tropic of Cancer in mid Mexico but it is currently about 850 miles too far north. Near the Us/Canadian border or between the two Dakotas. After June 21st, the sun will begin the trek south again.

        These standard movements of the sun are based on the orbit of the Earth while tilted at an angle. The abnormal angle of the axis is causing the farthest north point in June to be 850 miles too far north of the tropic of Cancer and in December 850 miles too far south of the tropic of Capricorn. The sun travels between these positions during the year. Sept & March are always above the equator no matter what the axis is. That will only change when the planet shifts onto its side. Our Best way to measure the axis changes is on June 21st each year. Those are the angles on the photo I posted comparing that same date each year.

        Our friends in the Southern hemisphere such as southern Australia & South Africa will compare the sun position each year on December 21st. Their sun position in Dec will be the same distance too far south of their tropic as our sun position will be too far north of our tropic in June.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 6, 2016 @ 2:10 am

      • Ok, today (4/6/2016) I had a very good, clear shot of the sun just peeking over right in the middle of the gap. This makes exactly 16 days South of furthest North position which was the normal North point. The dayly movement still seems very small now, time will tell.


        Comment by David k ewing — July 6, 2016 @ 11:25 pm

      • It is too far after the June 21st solstice to measure. It is headed for the Sept 21st equinox when it will be over the equator regardless of the axis angle. The same will occur on March 23rd.

        The only measurable date for the northern hemisphere is June 21st and the angle can be seen about 5 days prior & 5 days after that date. Beyond that, the measurements are of no use. It is too far away from the solstice. So we will have to wait until next June. The 2016 summer solstice measurements were the same as 2015.

        The southern hemisphere’s best time to measure is Dec 21st.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 7, 2016 @ 1:45 am

      • I suppose my photo survey of our local Dome Rock gap has less significance than closer to Solstice time but it is particular meaningful to me since our local historical setting is so far off. I suppose a sudden change in pattern could be even more significant as well as an immediate harbinger to some sudden changes are coming.
        I haven’t yet seen any results or comments from others who have tracked traditional Megalithic sites at solstice time but that should be very interesting as well. It seems to me that in addition to indicating planting time etc, that those particular alignments being out of kilter might be preprogrammed indicators to demonstrate just such changes as we now seen happening.


        Comment by David k ewing — July 7, 2016 @ 9:03 pm

      • I had forgotten about the landmark historical solar positions. I have a large group of people who send notes which I respond to.

        That is a special situation if you are endeavoring to compare historical positions & dates. But it depends on the time of year the sun shined through those landmarks. If it did so on the equinoxes (Sept & Mar) there would be no change due to the way the earth orbits the sun. The equator will always be the midpoint between the furthest north & south positions the sun may change on the solstices no matter how far off the axis angle may be. This is due to the way our planet orbits the sun while tilted. When the axis shifts and the sun position moves 1000 miles further north of the tropic of Cancer in the Summer, that also causes the sun position to be 1000 miles further south of the tropic of Capricorn in the Winter. The equinox midpoint at the equator is still the same no matter how much our axis shifts. As least that will be the case until earth shifts completely onto its side in the near future.

        But if the historical landmark position of the sun occurs on the solstices (June Dec) then that will definitely be something you can compare to determine how far it is off.

        For instance, there is the quad statue of Rameses II with a temple in Egypt which they had to cut up & move in pieces when they built the Aswan dam which flooded its former site in the 60’s. The sun would have entered the temple on the Sept & Mar equinoxes. The dates when the sun is directly over the equator which is midpoint no matter how far off the axis may be. The equinox Midpoint will always be the same. So this landmark would not provide a comparative example regarding axis change because it is using the equinox solar angles.

        But if the sun only shone into a landmark on the June summer solstice before the axis shifted, then that would be a good historical example to use for comparison. So be sure to check the dates when the sun shined through these landmarks. If it was in June, then the comparison with the shifted sun will be measurable. It will also depend on the precision of the opening the sun is shining through. A narrow opening capturing the solstice sunlight would be best.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 8, 2016 @ 2:37 am

    • Hello,

      I am checking the Suns azimuth daily. I am using the Naval Observatory website sun azimuth tables and have made the proper adjustments for declination. After monitoring the Suns azimuth for the last three weeks I am disturbed by what I am seeing in the data. Please will someone check azimuth from their location?



      Comment by enkidu — July 14, 2016 @ 11:06 am | Reply

  4. “From my location, I was surprised to see the sun at the exact same reverted position this week as we saw in 2015 which had reverted to the 2006 position.
    This is still not normal. It is currently setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face.”

    That is also my experience from where I am.

    That said, I’m still in disbelief at how few people even recognize this and even when they do, they just go on their merry way and forget about it.


    Comment by Stargazer — June 25, 2016 @ 1:38 am | Reply

  5. I thought Pangea split because of tectonic plate movement over millions of years.


    Comment by robsurfin — June 22, 2016 @ 12:45 pm | Reply

    • I believe the internal pressure of the hot magma & gases expanded the earth causing pangea to break apart long before the oceans existed. The planet was still cooling. Global quakes would have exceeded anything known to humans. Our molten, cooling planet was about half the size with a single unbroken crust “Pangea” until the pressures from within, expanded the planet, breaking apart pangea in the process as Earth continued to expand.

      It is like dipping a balloon or ball into chocolate creating a hard chocolate shell. Then adding more air to the balloon or ball which would crack the shell as it enlarged. Most scientists are clueless that the earth was originally smaller in diameter.

      Our moon was formed much earlier from the Earth’s pacific while both were fully molten & just beginning to cool. No crust existed at that time. The spherical shapes tell us both were still molten at the time they formed while rapidly spinning. Liquid becomes spheres in zero gravity space. Not a conglomerate as some of these clueless scientists claim. Only Mars has moons which were formerly asteroids that became trapped in orbit.

      The asteroid belt was once a full sized planet orbiting our sun which was destroyed at some point after it cooled.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 22, 2016 @ 6:18 pm | Reply

  6. Like I said in my previous comment…I think Niribu and Co. is causing this shift. When it came in approaching the pergee with the sun it’s influence on Earth was minimal because of the distance . Earth was at a far point in it’s rotation around the sun but still close enough to have a magnetic pull. When it approaches on the way out, it’ll be around 25 million miles from Earth. Much closer so the pull in will be far greater. I know you said it was preposterous that we have this binary system having a 3600 elliptical orbit a lot like a comet. I believe Navy astronomer Robert Harrington who saw the system with his Infrared telescope, Astronomer Farrera in 1940 who said something large is disturbing the Ort cloud and NASA who admitted it’s out there but said nothing to worry about. I also believe many others who have taken pictures of the Orbs that are in our solar system effecting all the planets and our moon causing Global chaos as they did during the days of Naoh and Exodus.


    Comment by robsurfin — June 22, 2016 @ 12:36 pm | Reply

  7. Here’s the thing. I spoke to tons of people about this pointing out the evidence. Including the sun setting here a full hour before it should have (I’m in Canada) all I got was glazed looks and comments like oh that’s interesting. Even with seeing it people are not paying attention.

    Research does show that the mind won’t accept information or events too traumatizing maybe this is why. Whatever the reason people need to really wake up and get ready.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Sandra — June 22, 2016 @ 6:00 am | Reply

    • Most people are self concentric about anything unless it directly affects their personal daily activities. They glaze over with disinterest whenever the subject of conversation is not about them. These are the people who wont prepare & criticize the concerns of others. They will also become the marauding mobs who will rove across the post catastrophe countryside; killing & robbing from those who did prepare shelters & supplies for disaster.

      There was a twilight Zone episode called “the Shelter” which shows how the general oblivious public will behave. This is why it is important to keep any preparations totally secret from friends, family & neighbors who have this attitude & are not preparing. Because they will hunt you down if any major disaster occurs which damages the infrastructure & economy of basic needs.

      Unfortunately, the majority of people are like this & will not react until a catastrophe has happened. They will become violent mobs to take whatever they need from others without conscience.

      Hopefully, the final shift will not occur in our lifetimes, but the behavior of the gov’t indicates they are expecting a major catastrophe to occur between 2020 and 2026. I have no way to predict the onset except for the annual changes we measure. I’m still at a loss to explain why the shift reversed last year unless our gov’t scientists found a way to do this. But their track records aren’t very good & usually end with tragic results because they don’t know when to stop.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by mmc7 — June 22, 2016 @ 11:17 am | Reply

      • I believe the mademade or extra terrestrial disaster will happen much sooner..this year or next.. The Red flags are up. The elites shelters are ready. The super Shemitah Jubilee is in Sept. Big catastrophes happen during this time.


        Comment by robsurfin — June 22, 2016 @ 12:42 pm

      • How do we prepare? People look at me like I’m nuts. I do want to tell my family how to prepare.


        Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — June 25, 2016 @ 4:27 pm

      • We are not in any immediate danger. It may not occur in our lifetimes but we measure the position of the sun each year for increasing signs of the shifting axis.

        However, everyone should have emergency preparations in case of a catastrophe, flood, storm, asteroid, infrastructure collapse, nuclear plant accident, etc. Food, water, medicine, camping gear, weapons, hunting gear, rubber raft, etc. It varies with the Catastrophe.

        There is more info on emergency preparations on


        Comment by mmc7 — June 25, 2016 @ 9:25 pm

      • I watched a program on Nova last night. I am curious about the large palm frond fossils found in Alaska. Yes a mass could have moved or shifted there at one time, but what if they had grown there at one time. That would have made Alaska tropical. Perhaps our axis has shifted for billions if not millions of years. Have you completely ruled out that we may be wobbling.

        A thought did occur to me relative to the “star wars” program. Did we finish it? About that fictional hole in the north pole?


        Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — June 30, 2016 @ 3:18 pm

      • A scientist in 2008 said the earth has shifted over onto its side 11 times in the past. He said he found evidence of tropics at the poles & glaciers at the equator.

        I have not found any evidence of a wobble as I had expected. I was in error.

        We did finish star Wars. It is armed with a particle beam (& laser, etc) which we use to shoot down ufo’s like that NASA video of the UFO being shot at. That’s how our Bluefly (or Dragonfly) team is able to retrieve the craft we shoot down.

        We have no shame. We even steal the wreckage from Mexico & Canada. This was per the Canadian minister of defense Hillyer. We are going to end up starting a war. The Russians nearly did as well. What kind of nut shoots at a technologically advanced race with millions on the moon & Mars from multiple races.

        I am quite serious. I am not joking. I have insider info on this. I carried an above Q classification.

        There is no hole at the north pole. Just water & floating Glaciers. However, it is possible there is one at the south pole. The gov’t censors those images.


        Comment by mmc7 — June 30, 2016 @ 9:03 pm

      • Please tell me of the evidence that exists about extraterrestrials on the moon, Mars, or earth. I know of strange lights I have seen on my way to Boardman, Ohio years ago. Also, my sister and I saw lights zoom through our town one night. I was also awakened in the dead of night while we lived in Chickasaw, LA by a blinding light over our house. While living there I also experienced very strange dreams. Some people in that area admitted to ufos that frequented that area. It was a rural isolated area where they grew many crops.


        Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — July 4, 2016 @ 6:53 am

      • My response is directed generally. Not at you specifically. So when I say “you” I mean the public in general. Not you personally. It is the way I speak so I didn’t want you to take these as personal comments. They are only meant as general figures of speech.

        These moon images are from the Clementine satellite. I personally copied these images from the US Navy’s research lab Clementine website. None are 3rd party. These are originals I obtained from the official website. The Navy has since removed some of the images from their site because other people could not keep their mouths shut as I had cautioned. Fortunately, I made copies of all of the images before they were removed.

        Never contact NASA or the Navy or any other agency about these moon & Mars images. Only a couple people at the top know the truth about them. The rest of the employees have only seen the censored images & they are even more clueless than the public is. So they can tell you nothing.

        Thirdly, if you let these agencies know about these photos the censors missed, they will remove them & no one else will be able to enjoy them.

        Fourth; all of NASA’s photos (and others) are filtered through the CIA Black ops inserted contract agents at MSSS (Malin Space Systems) who receive the satellite images on a covert frequency from the Mars satellites (which the employees are unaware of), censor them, then bounce back the censored images on a NASA frequency for the NASA employees who are as much in the dark as the public. Only 2 people at the top of NASA & 2 at Malin know the truth. So there is no point contacting them. The employees know nothing & contacting them will only get the images removed from their websites. The CIA runs the censoring & secrecy of the UFO’s & EBE’s.

        These are a few original moon images.

        These are some of the Mars images.

        These are different species. The grays on the moon. The 7-10 ft tall ebe’s live on Mars which were the giant greek & middle east Sumerian & Egyptian & Norse gods of ancient aliens.

        At the bottom of this next article you can see one of the UFO craft logo’s from Rendlesham and a Darpa logo which they copied from that UFO. Plus an explanation of the logo symbols.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 4, 2016 @ 1:33 pm

  8. based on what you observed where do you think the new tropic of cancer or capricorn is ……. remember that the sub arctic once had temperate and subtropical climates which means we are returning to this time

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by adityamythra — June 22, 2016 @ 4:09 am | Reply

    • Hi, although Wikipedia says that the current Tropic of Cancer is at 23.26 degrees N, the actual value is 21.7 degrees due to wobble.


      Comment by Robert Graham — June 30, 2016 @ 11:46 am | Reply

  9. That is rather unexpected. We had the strangest weather in a hundred years here in europe.
    Maybe the difference between last year and this year is in between the times we measure.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by 788927378 — June 22, 2016 @ 3:07 am | Reply

  10. Could earthquakes affect the shift? Such as the Japan quake?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — June 21, 2016 @ 10:46 pm | Reply

    • The quakes are usually a result of the planetary shift as are the Tsunamis. A quake large enough to shift a planet would pulverize an entire continental plate. The only quake that large would have been the quake which split the original pangea continent eons ago.

      So, no quakes of that magnitude have occurred in millions of years. Most of our quakes are the result, not the cause, of our planetary shifting.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by mmc7 — June 22, 2016 @ 2:36 am | Reply

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