Earth's Axis has changed

March 9, 2014

Axis shift alters Sun position & weather

Just look out your window in June and July. If you live in the US, the sun should never rise or set north of the tropic of cancer which is in Mid Mexico, which is the farthest north the sun should be on the longest day June 21st; the summer solstice. Check the sunrise and sunset at the moment the sun touches the flat horizon (mountainous terrain skewers the results). If you live north of Mexico and the sun is north of you, use your common sense. You know this is wrong. Ignore the phony data & attempts by authorities using every asset to make you question what you see… but they cannot hide the sun from you unless you allow them to convince you that you are wrong.

Look at the position of the sun in mid June with your own eyes. Everyone knows the sun should never be north of the tropic of Cancer or south of the tropic of Capricorn. But it is now @1200 miles farther north in summer and the same amount farther south in the winter. This is why we are having hotter summers and colder winters.

Epic Global Climate Changes 

Earth’s Axis has shifted due to loss of South Pole Ice

  • Antarctic (south pole) Ice acts like a gyroscopic anchor point to maintain global balance
    • Loss of south pole land-based ice has allowed Earth’s Axis to shift
  • The more land-based ice melts; the more Earth will slip toward its side onto the equator
    • Each Axis shift causes Tsunami’s & Quakes
    • Tsunami’s are caused by the movement of the earth. Not Earthquakes.
  • @1200 mile variance in the tropics of Cancer & Capricorn
    • The Sun is rising & setting @1200 miles farther north on June 21st Summer Solstice
    • The Sun is rising & setting @1200 miles farther south on Dec 21st Winter Solstice
  • Increased Axis Tilt changes weather patterns
    • Hence: Hotter summers and Colder winters
  • Melting ice & evaporation causes increased humidity & precipitation
    • Thus: More rain, more floods, more snow, more blizzards
  • Increased axis tilt causes spiral weather patterns to form over the US
    • Spiral weather scoops cold from Canada and heat from Gulf
    • Resulting in Alternating weather; one week cold, one week hot, one week cold again cycles
    • Unusual storms in abnormal locations
  • Increased seismic and volcanic activity

Look out your own north facing windows. Everyone who is over 40 has been around long enough to know that the sun has never shown into the windows facing due north. Now we have the sunrise and sunsets glaring into these north windows for the first time ever. It was first noticed  in June 2005 after the big axis shift which created the Indonesian Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people. New Zealand, Chili and Japan Tsunami’s were additional subsequent Tsunamis & documented shifts of the earth’s axis. These shifts & Tsunamis will continue to occur as we lose the south pole anchor point (which maintains our planetary balance) from the melting of land-based ice. Interestingly, most of the shifts occur during the winter months which is summer for the south pole which maintains the balance of our axis as an anchor point.

Clearly, the sun has been rising and setting to the north of the southern US states which can be seen at its northern most point on the summer solstice June 21st but you can still see it at least a month before and after that date. Having a home which faces directly north and is perfectly aligned east and west… the sun never, ever shined in the windows on the north side until just a few years ago. I designed my window glass tint, polarization & shades on the north side based on the absence of direct sunlight.  One day in the summer of 2005, the sun was shinning in my eyes for the first time through the north windows at sunset and had to rearrange the furniture because of it.    Even the neighbors noticed it from their own homes. More and more people are beginning to notice it and every effort is being made by our authorities to alter data on the internet to make you believe this is normal because the gov’t does not want the backlash of the public for allowing the conditions to continue which are escalating the melting of the ice.

It is too late to stop it. It will continue until the earth slips onto its side at the Equator with the poles horizontal. The planet will not invert upside down because there is not enough land or land ice weight at the north pole to tip the planet upside down. The equator is the heaviest point  with the largest circumference. According to some scientists, this has happened 11 times in the past. It probably explained why the cradle of civilization was in the equatorial region. The rate of the axis slippage is directly related to the rate of the melting land based ice on the south pole. At some point, probably between 48 and 52 degree tilt, the Earth will reach the tipping point and likely slip the rest of the way onto its side.

The authorities only need you to believe there is nothing wrong, long enough for them to be safe in their nice underground facility in Denver built by our Taxpayer money, while they leave the public empty handed. The scientists & agencies all depend on the gov’t for their jobs & income through DOD contracts, research, grant monies, grants to universities, security clearances, aerospace, Observatories, retirements, etc. Even international scientists are controlled by US gov’t foreign aid & corporate loans to their countries. So don’t expect any of them to challenge the US governments official stance on any issue.

For those who don’t know, the sun is supposed to be directly over the Tropic of Cancer on the Summer Solstice June 21st. That is its farthest north position of the sun directly overhead. The Tropic of Cancer is near central Mexico. The sun has NEVER been any farther north until now. (Although there are reports of 11 instances of the Earth tipping over onto its side). We should never see the sun rising and setting to the north of the Texas north border… but it is.

Let the pitbulls and gov’t paid jackals rant all they want to cover it up or explain it away. JUST LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW. If you live north of Mexico, then the sun should never be rising or setting to the north. It should never be farther north than the Tropic of cancer which runs through mid Mexico.

Many of us have also noticed that it stays lighter a lot longer than it used to. This is most noticeable on July 4th when we await the fireworks. It used to be dark enough to see them by 9:30 PM. Now, it is still light until after 10 PM.  It really doesn’t get dark until 10:15 PM on a clear, cloudless 4th of July.

A couple people have made comments about the darkness and light levels in Canada. I have friends in Nova Scotia and Alaska. Both of them, who do not know each other, have told me about the changes to their weather & how the four hours of dim twilight in the summer are now perfectly light as day. So anyone who says Canada is unaffected is likely someone who isn’t old enough to remember how it was. We have also heard from people in the UK who tell us the same. I’ve been there myself. The change in the sun is most noticeable by those of us who are old enough to remember how it was prior to 2000 and the decades before.  If you are under 35 or 40, it is unlikely you have been around long enough to realize the difference. Be aware of that before taking advice on this issue from someone else who has not been around long enough to have seen the differences.

You can see images and official data and links to official gov’t sites on as well as how the gov’t & NASA and the world scientists covered up a major shift of the earth which caused a GPS system failure… one of many. But this one was caught on a weather satellite image which you can actually see.

For people who claim they didn’t FEEL the axis shift… you also DON’T FEEL the rotation of the earth which turns over 1000 MPH. Do the math for the exact speed. The earth is just over 25,000 miles in circumference at the equator. The earth does a complete rotation every 24 hours… which is over 1000 miles per hour. So why would you think you could FEEL a shift in position if you can’t feel the rotation? The earth is in space… not a bowling ball. The physics in zero gravity space on a planet orbiting the sun are quite different on inertia as a body in space than inside the gravitational field on earth. It also orbits the sun every 365 days. You don’t FEEL that either. Just because you don’t experience Sci-fi movie special effects you anticipate, does not mean it did not happen.

The only time a Tsunami occurs is when the Earth Axis or crust shifts. The only other exception would be tsunamis caused by landslides, glacier chunks, volcanic eruptions which usually affect a landmass in its path of shorter distance (ie: Alaska, Iceland, Italy) than an axis shift would cause.  Although a large asteroid or meteor cluster could cause a massive Tsunami.  But these are rare. Tsunamis are not caused by earthquakes, although an earthquake usually accompanies a Tsunami.  The earthquake in that particular case is a RESULT of the shift… NOT the CAUSE. It is comparable to walking across the room carrying a bowl of water in your hands. The more you jostle the bowl, the more the water spills out. This is how a Tsunami occurs. When the earth or a tectonic plate shifts, it jostles the water and causes a Tsunami and an earthquake. There are plenty of earthquakes of significant intensity in exact locations of previous quakes where Tsunamis occurred without doing much more than agitating the water. Japan had several aftershocks over 7 & 8 intensity at the same location without generating another Tsunami. This is because the shifting axis caused the 2011 Tsunami. Not the quake. But you can read news reports about shifts measured whenever there is a Tsunami. Remember the big Dec 2004 Tsunami which killed over 280,000 victims in Indonesia? That was a huge shift.

Not all shifts cause Tsunami’s, but most do. It depends on the severity. It is like the analogy of walking with the bowl of water. The slower and more carefully you walk, the less water is slopped over the sides of the bowl. The faster or more roughly you handle or walk… the more water is spilled. That also applies to shifts of the earth. The Dec 2006 shift did not produce a Tsunami but it did misalign the earth with the GPS satellite network which was covered up with a phony flare story.

You can see there is no correlation with earthquakes & Tsunamis by looking at the record of earthquakes in Japan which occurred after March 2011. The huge Tsunami & huge quake were generated by an axis shift. However, they had hundreds of aftershocks… several which were more than 8.0 and 8.5 in the very same epicenter which did not produce Tsunami’s. They even sounded the Tsunami alarms for the Japanese coastline on those instances but no Tsunami’s occurred. That’s because the earth did not shift during those aftershocks. Only the primary axis shift caused the Tsunami. Not Earthquakes. The earthquake in conjunction with the Tsunami was also caused by the shift. The aftershocks were from the subsequent instability of the fault line.

There is a lot of evidence of the global axis shifts including increased quakes, increased volcanic activity, Tsunami’s, drastic changes in weather and the severity of weather, temperatures, humidity and changes in the behaviors and locations of tornadoes. The website above has collected a lot of these records to show the information to the public and provides the official, gov’t link sources where the information was obtained to provide proof of validity of the info so you can go directly to the official gov’t site and see it for yourself. It also shows how the shift is affecting our entire planet while the officials are trying to keep it quiet and attack anyone who tries to provide the info to the public. The info may be out there, but few understand how it ties together with the changes we are seeing. The chemtrails are the gov’ts efforts to modify the weather to cool the temperature increases from our axis shift. Two other posts have more details about these.

Look out your own windows. They can’t hide the sun from you. No lie can cover that up or explain it. Nothing they say can change the fact that the sun is setting to the north… all of the earthquake, volcanic and weather records substantiate the changes as well. You can obtain the data and links to the official sources of that data at Never let anyone try to convince you otherwise from what you can see with your own eyes. Remember, every scientist and astronomer and physicist either works for the Gov’t or works for a company that receives their income from DOD or other gov’t projects or works for a university or institution which receives grant monies from the government… or depends on them for their retirement. There are not many scientists who are completely independent no matter what country they reside. Most countries are in debt to the US for loans so they won’t defy us either. These scientists don’t dare defy the hand that feeds them. In order to keep their jobs, income and status, they will gang together and destroy anyone who the gov’t targets… lest they end up with no job or no income or worse. Some are quite enthusiastic in destroying the whistleblower… either for notoriety, money or status.

There are a few scientists who tried to defy the powers that be. They were either ridiculed or left unable to obtain work in the field of sciences again. Anytime you see a scientist being attacked by other scientists or ridiculed, etc… you had better listen to what they had to say because someone went to a lot of trouble to shut them up. Just ask Bob Lazar… or the scientist who they tried to hang as a scapegoat over the anthrax mailings on at the Army Lab in Ft Deitrick because he knew which one of our corrupt gov’t officials & cabinet members were in the lab removing the bacteria which ended up the US mail… Ironically, all addressed to the leading Democrats in the Senate. Yet, the republicans were in power.  Since he was the Director and had access to the security logs of which cards entered the labs and knew it was a dirty inside political action to scare the public into war; They tried to make him a scape goat. Even when he left and obtained a job at Rice university, he was dismissed after just 2 or 3 weeks from pressure by the gov’t. No University will allow their grant monies to be endangered.  This was an attack from within. That also includes the 911 where Marvin Bush had just completed a security job in the World Trade Center the day before on 910. 

I highly recommend you stop listening to anyone who attacks other people. If someone is being attacked or ridiculed or targeted… especially after they have revealed information to the public about nefarious things like eavesdropping, or FDA whistleblowers about tainted beef or even poor Lazar who tried to tell us what was going on in Nevada.

When you see these people under attack… that should tell you the victims info is extremely sensitive and the gov’t wants to shut them up. That should also show you who the gov’t paid pitbulls are. They are the ones attacking the whistleblowers. I think it is incredibly sad that the public tends to jump on the bandwagon with the pitbulls in attacking and destroying the whistleblowers. Anyone who uses the term “Conspiracy Theorist” is NO FRIEND to anyone. The public has been programmed by the media to attack their own. Now the gov’t can sit back & watch while the public attacks anyone who tries to reveal the truth. When you allow this to happen, it will hurt everyone because people will stop putting their necks on the line to tell the public what is going on behind the scenes if their only reward is to be attacked by the public they are trying to help. This is what the Gov’t wants. To shut them up. Don’t be a puppet. Learn to recognize who the bad guys really are and the victims of those attacks had something very important to tell us… which is why the attacks are so savage. The gov’t jackals dig up every piece of dirt they can find to discredit whistleblowers. Don’t be one of the pitbulls. Don’t join the pack of mad dogs attacking a whistleblower. Listen to the whistleblower and thank them for putting themselves on the line for your benefit… because they cared enough about the truth to take the chance to tell what they know.

This is one of the coring machines they use to dig the tunnels between NV, CA, NM, CO, DC, TX, etc. The The finished tunnels contain high speed magnetic trains like those used by Japan. The underground roundhouse for turning & repairing trains located beneath Taos, NM is the source of the infamous Taos hum.  The gov’t uses underground ultra high speed electric trains to travel in these tunnels. Probably magnetic like Japan. These are the same types of coring machines which dug the tunnels under the English Channel and Yucca Mountain & Groom Lake.  In fact, this photo was taken on Nellis Range when it was coring Yucca mountain. A railway had to be built since the tunneling machine and casks of spent radioactive fuels can only be transported by rail. The locomotive engine in the photo, is backing the boring machine into the yucca mountain tunnel entrance while a heavy earth mover pulls with cables at the opposite end to ensure the tunneling machine remains on track. When completed, the tunnels contain ultra high speed magnetic trains like those in Japan. The underground roundhouse used to turn & repair trains is located beneath Taos, NM and is the source of the infamous Taos Hum. Since then, most tunnels are on the outskirts or under highways to avoid similar disturbances & detection by the public.

Coring machine used to dig gov\'t underground tunnels

Coring machine used to dig gov

Coring machine at Nellis Range, NV used to dig underground tunnel network for gov’t.

Don’t be a follower of the pitbulls and gov’t jackals sent out like a pack of mad dogs to attack anyone who dares to tell the truth. These gov’t contractors & agencies swarm the internet, media, newspapers ready to attack anyone who dares to expose their dirty secrets. Think for yourself. Just look out your north facing window in June if you live north of Mexico. Not when the sun is in the sky, you have to check when the sun is rising and setting as it is in contact with a flat horizon. Mountains will skewer the results. Those who live in the southern hemisphere south of the tropic of Capricorn in mid Brazil should not see the sun setting to the south in December. You know these tropics are the furthest outermost points of the sun with a normal axis. Being tilted farther, places us farther south in the summer and farther north in the winter which affects our weather. Believe your own eyes.

Please Help Measure the sun on June 21, 2014

I need everyone in the northern hemisphere to check the position of the sun this June as close as you can to the 21st. Looking north, use a clock face as your guide. Pretend you have a giant clock laying on the ground. Looking true north (not magnetic north) on a clock face, 12 is north; 6 is south; 3 is east; 9 is west. Looking north, at sunrise when the sun is in contact with the horizon (flat ground), record which number on a clock where you see the sun. Probably about 2. Then again at Sunset as close to the 21st of June as possible, looking north, record where the sun is setting as it is in contact with the flat horizon on a clock face. It will probably be around 10 if you are in a US southern state. I am VERY interested in which states see the sun due east and west. (3 & 9). Probably around Oregon and the northern states. This will give us a better idea where the new tropic of cancer line has moved. If you can only get one side due to hilly terrain or mountains, it is better than none. To be sure you are looking at true north, use the compass on Google earth which points true north to see how your home is situated.

Please add your clock face findings for the aprox locations of sunrise and sunset on June 21st 2014. Include the state where you live and the closest large town . Or the country and closest large town so I can plot the findings and get a more accurate location. It might be interesting to record the time of sunrise and sunset so we can begin to compare yearly changes.  If you did not do this exactly on June 21st, please include the date you took the measurements.

We will do this again in December 21st from the people who live in the southern hemisphere. Except their clock will be upside down from ours. 12 south, 6 north, 3 west, 9 east. Everything will be just the opposite on the clock but the instructions are the same except they will be looking due south.








  1. ive noticed the days in summer getting longer and winter getting shorter i live in australia i grew up out bush i use sun to tell time of day or did, im less able to be accurate then i used to be. i dont have readings although ill try to work out how to take a reading for solstice its probably 20 mins or so different then i remember as a kid thats not based on any solid readings though but thats about how much im out by if i go with my first call on time by sun depending how far from mid day it is of course
    nice to see other people have felt something was up i thought i was imagining it and just losing my touch making excuses for myself


    Comment by Ryan Law — June 14, 2016 @ 3:03 am | Reply

    • It’s easier & more accurate to measure the angle of the sunrise & sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon. Then you can compare position from year to year using landmarks & trees to remember where the sun contacted the horizon each solstice. December 21st in your case.

      You wont be able to be very accurate on the June solstice from Australia. Your best measuring will be December when we can’t be very accurate.

      As for positional locating, when the Earth shifted about 10 years ago, the planet changed position under the GPS satellite network which did not shift with it. The cover story the gov’t used to explain the GPS failure was a phony giant solar flare in December. They used a software patch to correct the GPS positional errors. Then they addressed the entire international scientific community at the annual April meeting of international Scientists to get them on board with the phony solar flare cover story. I was invited but did not attend. The following week they announced the phony solar flare from 5 months earlier. There is no way that NASA would have waited 5 months to announce a genuine historic solar flare. Not to mention the fact they tried to remove all images & data of the Sun on that date. I was lucky to find a few they missed. They were trying to cover up the axis shift which offset the entire GPS satellite network. This created problems in thousands of systems which use GPS for synchronization timing such as phone systems, etc.

      I was lucky enough to find a weather satellite image which actually caught the planet shifting on its video. There are several links about the false flare & GPS shift on this site. But this link has the satellite imagery of the actual shift.

      On these phony flare images, they actually used a flashlight. It is a movie effect trick from the 70’s used on Silent Running. They even used a star effect lens filter which the satellite imaging equipment does not have. Compare the false flare image to a genuine flare image. Side by side on this next link.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 19, 2016 @ 2:44 pm | Reply

  2. Was it already dark or still daylight on April 8, 2014 at 8:30 pm in west texas


    Comment by Arlene — May 6, 2016 @ 11:59 pm | Reply

    • Too far back to remember.


      Comment by mmc7 — May 7, 2016 @ 3:53 am | Reply

  3. Hello…

    I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, but I was able to measure the setting of the sun on June 22nd. Unfortunately, not June 21st. I’m so sorry about that!

    The sun was setting at the “10:00” position from the following coordinates:

    N40.85537° W111.48045°

    (This was observed at an elevation of 9300 ft.)

    Thank you, and please keep us posted, and let us know what you find! 🙂



    Comment by Meaghan Bosley — June 24, 2014 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

  4. I am from Romania and , its rigth the sun its not in the rigth place, my apartament has windows to north and the sun never beat in my house , now its different, i have flowers and the sun dries them out.The sun its rising from the other place.I’ve talked with other people,, but they do not give importance to this.I searched for information on the net but found nothing.This article is exactly what i thinck and its the only one.I am a curios woman, with eyes for truth. Because you don’t have to be a specilist to observe that phenomen. MY english its not that good , sorry for that.


    Comment by Qara Mia — June 14, 2014 @ 5:52 am | Reply

    • Your English is excellent.

      Thank you for describing what you have seen from your location. It is amazing how few people have noticed. Although we can’t do much about it, I think we should learn as much as we can.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 17, 2014 @ 4:51 am | Reply

    • The vertical position of the Sun is approx. 10 -13 degrees higher than it should be according to astronomical tables and program stellarium (10.10.2015, 6:00 UTC, 8:00 local time).Horizontal position- I don’t know, I did not check it. Has anyone also noticed this phenomenon?

      I am from Poland, I observe the position of the sun sometimes, and and I am comparing actually Sun position with astronomical tables, and astro-programs.


      Comment by Dariusz — October 16, 2015 @ 4:46 pm | Reply

  5. I am an amateur astronomer located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Something is wrong. The sun is setting WAY too far North. I will wake up early enough on June 21st, 2014 to record the sunrise measurement for you, and I will leave work early enough to record the sunset measurement, as well. I was oblivious to a lot, but I have noticed this problem starting in 2011. The sun also rose 2 days early in Greenland that year, I believe. Something is going on.


    Comment by Meaghan Bosley — June 11, 2014 @ 3:24 pm | Reply

    • Thank you. That would be greatly appreciated. Although June 21st is the longest day, if something prevents you from obtaining the info that day, I would be just as happy to have the info for the closest available date you can provide. I would like to find out the latitudes where the sun is rising & setting if possible and how far north of the Tropic of Cancer it is at this point. I can estimate but I’d rather have something more precise.

      Some recent info from Canada indicates the slippage is also causing a latitude variance between the sunrise & sunset positions. The more people who check the sun on the 21st, the better idea we will have.

      Please be sure to protect your eyes. The sun brightness, radiation, etc. are much stronger than in the past. There is almost no atmospheric protection north of the US latitudes due to atmospheric sheering & loss of protective attributes. This is also why the auroras can be seen so much farther south now. The primary damage was caused by solar winds sheering the atmosphere at the North Pole in Sept 98 & has since continued to deplete. It caused an ion fountain & loss of atmosphere into space. I haven’t heard what the current status is with that situation and how it may be affecting other issues such as oxygen levels.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 11, 2014 @ 7:27 pm | Reply

      • Hi… I don’t know if you got my comment below, but I’ll re-post it:

        “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, but I was able to measure the setting of the sun on June 22nd. Unfortunately, not June 21st. I’m so sorry about that!

        The sun was setting at the “10:00″ position from the following coordinates:

        N40.85537° W111.48045°

        (This was observed at an elevation of 9300 ft.)

        Thank you, and please keep us posted, and let us know what you find! 🙂


        Also… on June 25th, I was able to measure the sunrise from approximately 40.572500, -111.859700, (5200 feet elevation) with “2:00” being the sunrise position, with “12:00” being due north. I hope this helps. Thanks, and God bless you!


        Comment by Meaghan Bosley — June 27, 2014 @ 7:01 pm

      • Thanks. Much appreciated. Close enough. It helps to track the changes. I’m seeing an increase of several degrees toward the north from the last 8 years. I’m several hundred miles further south. 660 elevation.

        You are nearly above the oxygen level. Pilots have to go onto oxygen supplement above 10,000 ft. Above the tree level too, isn’t it?

        I previously saw the sun setting about 10:00. I’m now seeing it about 10:15. This is the first significant increase since the major shift in Dec 2004. The variance is the difference in latitude. I had expected closer to 9 at your latitude which means the sun is farther north than I estimated. We’ve been having clouds at sunrise & sunset. But if anyone else wants to check their sun angle at sunrise & sunset, it isn’t too late. It will still help us track the changes. But no later than 4th of July.


        Comment by mmc7 — June 27, 2014 @ 7:56 pm

  6. Hi I read this blog a few years ago and you alerted me to possible changes in the suns position during the summer months. I live in Europe and the evenings were noticeably lighter during the summer evenings last year (2013). On some evenings It was light until after 11pm and only completely dark after 11.30pm. This was never the case a few years ago as our summer evenings always came to a close between 10 – 10.30pm. The Tropic of cancer should be about 2000 miles to the south of me so this could suggest a shift. I also googled sunset this evening and google said it was 8.36pm when I searched for sunset on the same day last year I found a record in a for 20.21 a change of 20 minutes. I have already noticed that the evenings are longer for the time of year.


    Comment by cynthiablythe — April 29, 2014 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

    • We are seeing the same in the US. We have also been receiving similar observations from Australia, Nova Scotia and Alaska. It is interesting to compare data. It helps us to see the broader scope of the situation.

      I can remember when the July 4th fireworks were held at 9PM. Now it doesn’t get dark until at least 10:15PM. (exact same time zone & location comparisons). Even this early in the spring, the sun has already begun rising and setting to the north of us by about 5 degrees. The sunrise and sunsets will continue to increase further north until June 21st when they are at the farthest north point which has been between 20-30 degree angles to the north… instead of to the south where it is supposed to be in line with mid Mexico on the Solstice before our planet began to shift. (If using a clock face to indicate positions of sunrise and sunset in June, the altered solar position in June have been approximately at the 2 O’clock for sunrise and 10 O’clock for sunset toward the north).

      I would love to pinpoint the exact latitude of the sun on June 21 from someone who may be seeing the sun rise and set exactly due east and west of their home. (Using true north not magnetic north) Google earth imagery compass navigation can help each person find true north from their home. Right now, I can only estimate the new latitude position to be approximately at the border between California and Oregon based on the angles of the sunrise and sunset from my location. But that makes the shift of the sun about 1200 miles farther north than it should be.

      The most significantly noticeable change in the position of the sun occurred after the Dec 2004 Tsunami and the Dec 2006 Shifts. That was when we noticed the sun shining in our north windows for the very first time in 50 years in memory. I specifically designed the window glass tinting and shades based on which windows received direct sun and which did not; to minimize the summer heat. I’ve always been very aware of the sun’s position.

      I believe our shifting was caused by the excessive melting of the south pole ice which acts like a gyroscopic anchor weight in maintaining the balance and tilt of the planet. As that ice melts, we began losing the integrity of that anchor point. The more the ice melts from the south pole land mass, the more the planet will shift. Those shifts usually result in Tsunami’s. The abnormal movement of the planet is what creates the Tsunami’s. Not earthquakes… which is why only a few earthquakes are associated with Tsunami’s. The incidents of unusual and violent weather and geological events are also products of our planetary shifting.

      Keep track of the occurrences of Tsunami’s to get an idea of when & how often the planetary changes are occurring. (Keeping in mind that we are not told the truth very often). You will have to check global news sources. Even then, we will only learn about the ones which occur in vastly populated areas. We are unlikely to hear about the rural tsunamis.

      The vast majority of Tsunami’s occur in the winter months (Nov-Apr) because that is when the temperatures are the warmest in the Antarctic. It is summer in the southern hemisphere during our winter months.

      Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about the damage to the planet at this point. It is more massive than any feat we could accomplish. However, if we could slow down the melting of the ice, we might at least be able to maintain status quo before the situation becomes any worse than it already is. But we can always depend on the governments & corporations to pillage the planet while they can, rather than take responsibility and necessary actions to minimize the problems. Although I do recognize that they are trying to use the chemtrails to cool the environment, they are not doing anything to reduce the causes from industry. We basically have the crooks guarding the gates.


      Comment by mmc7 — April 29, 2014 @ 9:22 pm | Reply

  7. Reblogged this on Earth's Axis shift changed the sun's position.


    Comment by mmc7 — March 9, 2014 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

  8. Their was Tsunami that hit land so hard about 10 years ago that it originally pushed the Earth’s axis off by 3 degrees …. after 10 years of shifting the Earth is now going through the change..right after this Tsunami hit did the glaciers start the decline. To fix this problem now would mean we would need to have enough energy to push the planet back 3 degrees but this is not possible so …change is coming whether we like it or not. I remember hearing the weatherman on T.V. a year after this event…no weather prediction was correct.


    Comment by Dan Boisclair — February 22, 2014 @ 3:59 pm | Reply

    • It was actually the shift of the axis which caused the tsunami. This is a bad time to be living near the coast.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 22, 2014 @ 5:21 pm | Reply

  9. Great blog. I too have noticed a significant change in the position of the sun (2014 – February). I closely monitor the moment when the sun enters our conservatory (so I can start using it again!). This always happens on 9 – 10 March each year. About 10 days ago, after a long period of winter rain I was ASTONISHED to see that the sun was already shining half-way into the conservatory. I was also worried, because my immediate thought was “This is so WRONG”.
    I too am convinced that a hell of a lot of information is being kept from us. I wrote a book that took me over six years to research, and when I placed it online for purchase a swarm of comments came my way in an attempt to discredit me and my findings. I am so impressed with what I have read here that I am more than happy to forward a free copy to you, and anyone who is interested in the information I am trying to ‘get out there’.
    Please email me at: or see my website first:
    Good luck and keep up the good work!


    Comment by Peter McRae — February 14, 2014 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

    • It is my opinion that they (the powers that be) are making every effort to keep this info from becoming public knowledge. They cannot hide the sun, therefore, their only recourse is to discredit those who have noticed the unusual angle of the sun. I don’t know which agency is responsible for these vicious attacks. A group of amateur astronomers even went so far as to post my personal info online & incite physical violence against me for posting this info. Fortunately, I use altered info online & they did not gain access. But one of their members was so horrified that anyone would incite violence against someone for posting their opinion about the axis, he sent me an apology & a copy of the info encouraging attacks upon me. It is apparent that someone would really like to squelch this info from reaching the public when they resort to violence. The CIA used to do similar attacks upon politicians in foreign countries. They would send in agents called “jackals” to stir up public unrest, riots, foment false information & organize their citizens to attack their gov’t (hence the movie, “Day of the Jackal”). While I’m not suggesting the CIA involved, there are about 17 other gov’t agencies whom hire people to attack & discredit anyone who makes public statements or publishes material containing info they want withheld from the public. Remember the film, 3 days of the Condor? They now use computers to perform word searches to locate any posts or websites or phone conversations which contain info they wish to repress & sick their jackals to discredit it. They wont get through here. But the fact that they would go to such extremes to attack over opinions expressed concerning the position of the sun indicates they are in a panic to squelch this from the public. They operate on a paranoia assumption that people will panic if they learn certain details about things such as the earth’s axis shift, weather modification, ET’s, Bilderbergs, underground shelters for the privileged, etc. They frequently hire infiltrators to join groups of UFO enthusiasts & groups who believed 911 was an inside job who merely gathered to exchange opinions over coffee & donuts (gee, Marvin Bush had his security company working in the towers who withdrew his crews from those buildings on 9-10; the building owner who bought the complex in April 2001, purchased huge insurance coverage for terrorism in Aug 2001 & a 3rd building which wasn’t hit came down a few days later in the same demolition style manner. What do you think?) I could also go into a list of whistleblowers who came forward about tainted beef, tobacco companies, govt corruption, Groom Lake, Watergate & even a Colonel from the Pentagon who was also a security advisor to two Senators who handle black Ops funds… all of whom were viciously attacked, discredited or died. Even politicians who refuse to toe the line aren’t safe. Remember Wellstone & Carnahan, Ron Brown or the Kennedy’s? When you see disinformation websites or skeptic magazines & disinfo TV programs, those are funded through agency cover organizations & means they are getting desperate to squelch the info & alter public opinion against the whistleblowers. Sadly, most people don’t do their own research or thinking & are easily turned against the truth with labels & untruths & taught to eat their own. Remember Bob Lazar? He tried to share the truth & was ridiculed with disinformation.

      What people should realize is the more efforts which are made to discredit or eliminate someone should be a huge warning to us that their info is likely valid. That tells us we likely have a serious situation with the planet. The politicians are worried about their own hides because although we can’t do anything about the axis slipping, the public might want some accountability from those who were in charge. It is important to remember this axis shift occurred before this administration was ever in office. So they are only doing damage control. They did not cause it. It happened during their predecessors terms. However, trillions of our tax dollars were being wasted by those predecessors to create shelters for the elite & privileged while nothing for those of us who paid for it.

      Why do you think they no longer worry about gas shortages, food or water shortages or enforcing safety in our food, water & products? Or nuclear waste? Or education? The more of us who are eliminated, the less they will have to contend with. Remember Katrina? They have no intention of saving anyone. The only question is when the Earth’s tilt will become a catastrophic situation. It seems like they are planning for the 2020’s. But that is just a guess. We can only measure the changes every June in the northern hemisphere and every December in the south. Keep track of Tsunamis. Those are our indicators of earths movements & shifts. Once the axis slips onto its side, the best area to reside will be between the tropics of Cancer & Capricorn. Basically, between central Mexico & Brazil at least 300 ft above sea level. This might explain why the heart of early civilization is located within this zone.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 15, 2014 @ 1:01 pm | Reply

    • You might also like to see my interpretation of the formation of the universe on the menu located on the upper right side of this page. It is under recent posts entitled, “Origin of the Universe.” Keep in mind that any celestial object formed by impact would leave debris, rings, meteors & irregular shaped planets, moons, asteroids, etc.

      The perfectly spherical shapes denote that they were formed while in molten liquid states. Liquid takes on a spherical shape in the weightless vacuum of space. I don’t believe in the Big Bang because of the degree of synchronicity in the rotations & orbits of these planetary bodies. That requires a spinning force to create such similarities in our planet rotations of orbits throughout the galaxies.

      I believe it was a vortex of atomic particles created by the electromagnetic properties of certain atoms interacting. Similar to the way magnets attract & repel, this atomic material began to spin, becoming a vortex which created a gravimetric force attracting more atomic particles at one end of the vortex & they began to combine within the EM & gravity fields & intense pressures which created molten materials which were then ejected from the vortex. As long as it has particles to feed it, the vortex would continue to generate more spinning molten material. It appears we also have such a vortex engine at the center of our own galaxy. It is likely there are more than one vortices in addition to the first vortex. These other vortices create galaxies similar to ours, however as a galactic vortex loses the atomic material with the EM characteristics which causes them to interact & spin, it also loses the gravimetric forces which holds the shape of that galaxy.

      At some future time when our galactic vortex loses its field of gravity, our galaxy will begin to lose its distinctive spiral shape and will continue to spread farther outward. It is the very shape of our galaxy which denotes the fact that it was formed by a vortex not a big bang. The outward movements of the galaxies also shows there was an initial vortex which set the entire universe in motion. Then other vortices formed the galaxies like our own has done. Each one is in various stages of development depending on their age.

      Just think of the way a storm can produce multiple tornadoes. There is more info about this in that posting.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 15, 2014 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

  10. Normally I don’t comment on your posts but I wanted to let you know I have placed a link to your page on my blog. I was thinking that maybe you could benefit from my visitors since we have somewhat similar pages.


    Comment by Robt Gorney — July 1, 2011 @ 2:44 am | Reply

  11. According to some rececent events I’ve checked into; It probaly won’t be the Mexicans who come over to police us. More than likely, it’ll be the Chinese. Think about it. The trade deficite; And almost every thing we’ve got over here is made in China. Maybe you remember it coming over the Web about Hillary Clinton taking the message over to the Chinese trying to bank up the US dollar because they thought it would fail, and it’s beginning to look that way. Something to the effect of, ”Eminent Domain” over the companies that went bankrupt. Maybe, whole cities! They struck the story down, but I for one belive it. For awhile they even had a commercial about that very same thing! It just makes the most sence to me. China has enough manufacturing information to build good stuff I think; It’s just that none of it gets sent here! If I’m right, [And Lord Willing, I’m not]. If you start seeing too many Chinese military actions, you’d better get plan you’re plan B ready! There may be a few bombs go off, and they’ll claim the’re Nuclear so they can claim martial law, and then here we go; All of what you said about contamination and roads being blocked and a lot left to die for no reason. Perfect senerio. Except it’ll be a lie. Thier not going to use nuclear weapons over here, that would contaminate everything over here because, after it was over; They could’nt come back up top anytime soon and use what WE left behind. I don’t know this for sure, but does’nt China frown on Christianity? Now, before I give the wrong impression; I have nothing against the China MAN or WOMAN. Black, White, Indian Watever. God made all!!! It’s the Governments that I’m talking about; Including our own! Any Gov. I’ve heard about so far will do whatever it has to to achieve it’s objective. And right now, it looks like finding a way to get rid of a lot of us! The common folk who actually built this country with the Lords guidence. But then, this is what happens when you turn you’re back on Jesus!


    Comment by Homealone777 — June 9, 2011 @ 5:47 am | Reply

  12. I’m definitly going to bookmark this site! I’ve been hunting for this information for a very long time now; Thank you for providing it! We were told on TV by someone, that America was overweight. To keep from getting this message banned, I’ll not name any names; But it’s no secret as to WHO it was! Yes; The GOV. does consider us overweight; IN POPULATION!!! So a lot of us just has to go; We’re just in the way, a burden on our wealthy Elite. It might be a good idea to start talking to some of the oldtimers who’ve seen hard times and know how to survive it because they knew how to survive with almost nothing. Giving up is not an option! And the so-called, ”Protective Government”; Do wish to thin the populus down a whole lot! A whole lot more has happened since 2008!!! And I can absolutly attest to the fact the the earth’s axis is changing with proof! I’ve lived in the same place most all of my life which sits in between 2 mountians and from a child up; I always knew where the sunset & sunrise were at and for the last 3 or more years, I’ve been noticing the summers were’nt as long as they used to be, and the winters were a lot longer and colder and snowier. The sun rises & sets in a very noticably different spot! I’m not the only one who’s noticing it either! Sunset used to be at 8:30 PM and it did’nt get dark till around 9:30, almost 10:00. Now the sunsets at 7:30 and it gets dark at 8:30! The Suns shadow on the surrondings,Though it’s very hot!; Seems like fall! And each year it gets worse. I live in eastern KY way back in the mountians and have heard other people talking about thier garden not gettin the sunshine it had been getting for years! Yes Sir; Something is happening alright, It would take a complete idiot not to see it. And yes; When all the trouble happens; If you don’t know the Lord and savior Jesus Christ, you’re going to be in for one more ride!!! Because, the GOV.’s not going to be there to help you, and everyone else will have to be looking after thier own; Maybe at you’re cost! We are in the end days, spoken of in the KJV of the Bible. Take a little time to read and you’ll see. Check out Revelations! It goes hand in hand with what we’re seeing now! And P.S. All the other sites I’ve seen so far are trying to cover it up. My guess is; they’re diliberatly doing so to give them time to make sure thier ready. Forgive me for saying this but; Does Hitlers horrible act on the Jews seem a little too close, or is it just me? My most sincier appologys if I’ve said anything to offend the Jewish People. That was a most horrible thing to do. I just could’nt find any thing to compare it too. 2012, Ah…maybe, maybe not, but it really does’nt matter. Somethings about to happen. PRAY YOU’RE READY!!!


    Comment by Homealone777 — June 8, 2011 @ 6:40 am | Reply

  13. yes this is 2011 and alot of what you said has come true and i caught on when beaches were bing built the weather and etc. the sad part is this started in the 60s and the gov. still today is involved so why dont youy update your thesis. and send it to utube facebook etc. as your right i too knew the earths has been knock off axis and wobble , that was easy weather today says we are about to go extinck not complete only know how and survial skills will save some sad tho if gov. hadnt messes with the earth , nuclear bombs tests and other stuff we can only imagine the govs done so update this is not hudini or physic this is real we are turning over and soon as the movie 2012 showed govenrments are setting us up for their wrongs But some of us will servive thats a fact our next set of problems are will families stand together when the govs take away our oil gas yes even food its get rid all over 35 yrs old mark my word but it will be whats left of the old who will start us up again not the govs of the world they will die like dinos well i got more but your story is great TELL THE WORLD MOST WILL SAY FICTION SOME WILL SAY NOT SURE LESS WILL BE PREPARED its sad its even sadder cant see the truth in front of them


    Comment by d young — February 28, 2011 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

  14. I am hard of hearing person been raised up at deaf schools all my life, but at this time I have stumbled across some of disturbing news about Earth’s axis changes made. I have notified some of my deaf friends and am still focused on these unusual occurences. I am now focused on Dec. 21, 2012 and to experience major shifts occuring that winteer solstice. This is an exciting time for me and my family. Lord help us to be available on that event. Who knows that maybe we can become people who knows how to solve all Earth’s problems, financial, and spiritual.


    Comment by Dale K Heinrichs — August 1, 2010 @ 1:58 pm | Reply

  15. Years ago I read an article in a REVEILLE newspaper; it said that a few years either side of 2000 the earth’s axis would change,( comparing it to a spinning top). The result could mean icebergs melting affecting coastlines on either side of an island; rivers could change course, creating fertile areas from desert and vice versa.
    When all the talk about global warming started, I wondered why nothing was ever mentioned about the theory in the Reveille.
    I only discovered this article, and I am amazed at how much discussion there has been. It will certainly keep me occupied for a long time reading all of it. I am 76, but there is an awful lot to think about, so I’d better get started at once.
    Thanks to everyone concerned.


    Comment by Marie Robson — March 6, 2010 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

    • It seems only those of us who were “baby boomers” and older are the ones who pay attention to things like this. Most of the info has been removed from the view of the general public. A few of us have taken the time to dig up the info but we seem to be the only ones who care to take notice of these things. But the media and education of those younger than us has been carefully “edited” and the younger ones seem to take everything at face value. I suspect when we are gone, there won’t be many left who care to look behind the veil at the things going on behind the scenes whether it is science, global conditions, politics, pollution, food safety, product safety or corporate misconduct. In about 30 years, those of us who cared will almost all be gone and rare few will be around to check into and question things like this. But it is up to them to get involved and to care what is going on around them. There isn’t much any of us can do if no one cares. But for now, there are still a few of us who do. Just ignore the nay-sayers with their targetted agendas.

      While the remainder of us are still here… you can find more information on global issues like seismic and volcanic activity… effects of the axis shift on global weather… condition of our sun, melting ice and rising seas… etc., on the website below. It will be updated in a couple months, but has quite a bit of info on it. All of the info and data include links to the official gov’t websites and sources where this data and info originated from so anyone can easily verify the validity of that data.


      Comment by mmc7 — March 7, 2010 @ 1:11 am | Reply

  16. I am so glad I found this discussion page. I have talked about and e-mailed everyone I could about our earths axis being changed, talking about the real reason for global weather change. I wrote everyone from Rush Linbaugh to George Noory (CaosttoCoastAm) and NASA with no answer. The writers on this site I know have a better understanding than most people of what’s really happening. So I’ll put my 2 cents worth into the info.
    When I was a boy back around 1970 I was watching the news and I remember the report that the Earth had tilted backwards on it’s axis by 2 degrees, I did’nt think much about that at the time. Then I noticed the reports of the weather getting cold in Florida a couple of years later and how the crops there and in California were in danger. Then started the weather changes world wide, Sooner than you all say. The jet stream and el nino and the strong hurricanes started, the yearly winds that blew the leaves off the trees here in Maryland stopped and eventually Winter changed from the beginning of November to January. Now it is so mixed up, it was almost 70 degrees on Jan 25, 2010. Now I find from reading your posts that it is worse than I thought. The tilt started around 1970 and when will it stop? I’m not as scientific as I wish but I have eyes to see with and the experience of living in the same town (Silver Spring, MD.) since 1967.


    Comment by Shannon Hensley — January 29, 2010 @ 1:14 am | Reply

    • You can see a lot of the scientific data on

      All of the info on that site comes from official government sites. All of the data presented includes links to those official websites so you can verify the authenticity and validity of the data.

      It affects many things. The global weather, the seismic and volcanic activity, the colder winters and hotter summers with increased precipitation… thus more flooding and more snow. It also affects the wildlife and plantlife.

      But there has also been significant coverup to placate the public… so take a look at the real info which you can validate from official sources..

      There is a lot of info on there… easy to follow….


      Comment by mmc7 — February 6, 2010 @ 12:45 pm | Reply

  17. You may not have to worry about the government officials in their so called safe tunnels, as I heard there were two massive earthquakes happening in the next few years in the north-eastern part of the US and Canada.

    Otherwise interesting site you have here.


    Comment by Maggie — February 23, 2009 @ 4:06 am | Reply

    • We can only hope but they have sunk enough tax dollars in those underground facilities which could have been better spent by the public they stole it from…

      I was hoping for tunnel flooding when the waters rise…

      For the past several years, they’ve been using bulldozers on most of the US beaches to modify the sand levels which so the rising waters are not as obvious. The United Kingdom has documentation on many of these US projects being done to deal with the rising ocean levels such as widening river inlets and specialized drainage systems, etc. More than 9 countries are involved in these rising ocean projects. The US is only sporadically involved but you have to read about it on the UK resilience website documents.

      These documents can also be accessed on the website


      Comment by mmc7 — February 6, 2010 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

  18. Thank you for printing this information.

    A quote…by A.Shotz

    Truth hears…Wisdom’s call…


    Comment by andrea — November 19, 2008 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

  19. For Rondo who says I did not do my homework on SF6 gas being 3200 times worse than CO2 for global warming according to the Kyoto accord…. Rondo says 22,000 times worse….

    I was looking at the chart on this Wikipedia page

    There is a chart near the bottom of that page under “values”. It shows the GWP Values and lifetimes for each of these chemical compounds on that chart.

    CO2 = 1
    SF6 = 3200

    those are the values according to the first column on that chart…. so I did do my homework.

    According to those values, SF6 is 3200 times worse on a lifetime in years basis.

    Rondo is also correct if you are looking at the same chart under a GWP of 100 years. But for 20 and 500 years, those values change yet again. So is the point trying to imply I don’t know what I’m talking about? Pick any other value and Rondo is wrong as well. It depends on which data column you wish to look under and use as a baseline…. which is why I chose the actual baseline as the comparison.

    Or is the point just to distract the readers from the real issue by misdirecting them away from the critical nature of this issue?

    ….. SF6 is the worst possible gaseous compound that our US Gov’t is paying to have sprayed in our skies on a daily basis. It is the worst violation of the Kyoto Protocol according to this Wikipedia page. But it is not surprising since the US has ignored every major treaty since 2001. If you want to find out how the current US Administration feels about complying with Kyoto….. read about how we behaved at the Nov 2001 Kyoto conference. You can find it online in old news articles.

    I don’t usually bother to respond to flyspecks in pepper, but this one is easy to check. It all depends on which part of the data you are looking at.
    Nothing but Semantics!
    I was looking at the lifetime values in years on the first column as a comparison.
    Comparisons made on other types of values are going to vary depending on which set you choose.

    And that is why I included the link to that page with the statement so each person could look at it for themselves.


    Comment by mmc7 — August 10, 2008 @ 11:06 am | Reply

  20. I would also like to add a recommendation to read the original HAB Theory…. “Cataclysms of the Sun”
    Not the semi-fiction book from the 60’s by another author… but the real work done by Hugh Auchincloss Brown in his book “Cataclysms of the Earth.”
    It is online free for you to download and read. A gift to us from his grandson.

    The book is not very long. In his book, he shows how the earth has tipped over before and other info you need to know. He is not the only one. Just a few months ago on The Universe or one of those other documentaries on the History channel, did a program documentary on how they found evidence that the earth has tipped over several times and back since it was formed. They show their evidence from glacial remains at the equator to confirmed evidence of jungles at the polar regions.

    You can also read his biography and info about the fiction book Hab Theory as well.
    Hugh Brown was the real deal. An Engineer born in the 1800’s who fought the tunnel visioned scientists and astronomers who would rather try to destroy his credibility for having a different theory rather than look at his research.

    Hugh Brown started studying and measuring the changing wobble in the tilt of the earth before 1900. It was only off by 5 miles back then. In the 1980’s, the axial wobble was more than 85 miles off. But there is a lot more info you need to know from his book.

    Today, we either have a change in axial tilt or a change in the elliptical plane around the sun or a change in distance from the sun or a change in orbit integrity which does change the shape of our orbit from time to time… you can read about that on any NASA site or just watch the TV documentaries. Any one of these could be affecting the angle of the sun and the melting of the polar regions… not to mention the global weather changes, volcanic and earthquake activity, etc.

    Don’t let the ignorance and hateful behavior of others stop you from learning. No one has the right to take away your freedom for independent thought and to explore new ideas and theories. You don’t have to take anyone else’s word for anything over another. This is why I include links to all of the original information so you can read about everything for yourselves and not hearsay from me or anyone else.

    Remember how People like that once tried to ridicule anyone who did not believe the world was flat? A round earth was considered heresy.
    Remember the dark ages when people were drawn and quartered for any ideas not approved by the Vatican?
    Remember how Louis Pasteur was treated for trying to tell the medical community about bacteria spreading diseases? They tried to destroy him over it. They would not even wash their hands or sterilize their equipment.
    Many died over this type of hate and ignorance. In fact, the Christians were hunted down and crucified by Romans for their ideas. I only mention these as a reminder of how hateful, closed minded people tried to destroy anyone with independent free thought and any new ideas.

    How would these same people have responded to the melting of the arctic ice in our lifetimes? I can tell you already that they became vicious over it. Even after CNN aired a report in Aug 07 that all polar ice would be melted by 2020…. (some scientists felt it was sooner. I felt 5 years which put it at 2012.) these same people attacked that info.

    I did not hear any apologies from the hate mail attackers when CNN announced at the beginning of July 08 that the arctic would be ice-free by Sept 08. That confirms our info was correct from the beginning. This will cause the west coast to start having hotter weather and destroying fragile crops because that nice cold arctic current which keeps California weather moderately cool will be gone. I never make statements I cannot back up with hard scientific evidence so I can provide reference sources and links.

    Remember Katrina? The gov’t wants the public in the dark as long as possible because the gov’t does not plan to help them when the flood waters start to rise. They are making no efforts to start moving people from areas which will be affected or salvaging things of value before they are destroyed by the floods in the next few years. The museums, Library of Congress and other things will all be under water. The fresh water supplies will be polluted with salt water. The factories and mines and crops will be underwater in those regions. So we are not only looking at mass shortages of food, water and other supplies, we are also looking at millions of displaced people without homes.

    The UK is different. They are trying to help their people survive the permanent changes to their weather after the 03 heat wave killed over 600 of their citizens. The UK is a country with very cool, damp climate. They are not accustomed to heat waves, floods and tornadoes. The UK government has a website set up for their citizens to help them get ready for the increasing heat waves and prepare to survive. I recommend reading the pamphlet they prepared on how to go green and survive. You can find it at this website:

    The gov’ts all know that the melting of the Greenland glacier alone will raise the sea levels 27-29 ft. “Go look at Greenland on Google earth.” Be sure to check the date of the image you are looking at. The antarctic, for example is shown on a 1999 image. The Arctic is completely blotted out so you can’t see it. The gov’ts also know that the melting of all polar ice will raise the sea levels 297 ft. So, basically, that is equivalent to a 20 story building.


    Comment by mmc7 — August 9, 2008 @ 9:09 pm | Reply

  21. Because this is all a new way of thinking, it might be worth viewing the DVD “Bracing for Tomorrow” by The Horizon Project.

    Also, Patrick Geyrl’s book, “The Orion Prophecy”

    The DVD “bracing for Tomorrow” offers the science behind a pole shift and “The Orion Prophecy” provides the history behind pole shift.

    I first read Stewart Best’s article on Pole Shift back in 1998. His article looks at this from the Bible. It can be found on the net at:


    Comment by pastor bob — August 9, 2008 @ 6:30 pm | Reply

  22. Ummm… I’ve got a problem with this;
    “Earth has always been tilted at an angle toward the sun during the summer and away from the sun in the winter due to the orientation of earth in its orbit around the sun. Hence, the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn were the points where the sun would be directly overhead On June 21st and Dec 21st. With the current increased angle of the axis, during the winter the Tropic of Capricorn is now 2000 miles farther toward the south pole (a Mirror image of the northern hemisphere). The US will be tilted 2000 miles farther to the north of our original position during the winter months, which will cause extreme cold winter conditions. The southern hemisphere, which has winter during our summer, has already reported freak cold waves and snow in places such as Peru. We can expect the same when our winter approaches.”

    If this tilt has indeed taken place New Zealand would be spending a little over 18 hours a day in darkness. I’m pretty sure that this would be noticed. As someone that lives in New Zealand I have to say that this hasn’t actually happened.


    Comment by Unifex — August 7, 2008 @ 4:37 pm | Reply

  23. Would it not be easier for people to imagine this effect if they were to use that old school chestnut of a bare light bulb and a basketball in a dark room? You must remember, you orient the ball so the nib acts as the north pole (easier to do if you actually put the needle in the ball) at the same angle, then just rotate the ball through a sixth of a rotation so that the needle is more or less at a 45 degree angle with respect to the line of shadow created by the light on the ball, this will give you an idea of what is being talked about here.

    its a revelation!

    though i’m thinking that perhaps you aren’t actually talking about axial tilt (which would put the tropic of cancer in winnipeg) but rather about eciptic plane tilt. that is that instead of the earth rotating around the sun in the same plane as the solar equator it has been shift 24 degrees south. this would better support your evidence

    with an ecliptic plane shift the position of the stars would not change radically though the relative position of the sun would
    an ecliptic plane shift also wouldn’t affect the apparent position of the moon’s path through the sky the way that an axial tilt change would
    there would be no interruption in satellite television reception during the period of the shift for the same reason the path of the moon wouldn’t change
    only two possible sources of refutation would exist: observations of the relative paths of the other planets around the sun vs the new path of the earth and the millions of extra square miles of perpetual twilight and daylight around the poles, that wouldn’t mean much in the southern hemisphere since it would mean that perpetual daylight and night would just barely scrape its way into Peru and Argentina but more than a third of Canada and Russian, significant portions of China, Japan the Aleutian islands and northern Europe would be subjected to 24 hours of daylight during summer and night during winter. that might be a bit hard to cover up.


    Comment by mesotherm — August 7, 2008 @ 2:24 pm | Reply

  24. What happened to the site

    Went to it on July 15th and it is gone. Site says “deceased.”

    Is the site mirrored anywhere?

    This showed the earth shift on 12/6/06 and I wanted to show it to a church member.


    Pastor Bob


    Comment by pastor bob — July 25, 2008 @ 9:07 am | Reply

  25. You should read about Bush’s Executive Orders he has written giving himself absolute power and the power he has given FEMA. You need to know about this. If you have not seen these, you will be shocked. I know I was.

    I’ve included a summary and links to the Executive order so you can read them for yourself.

    Executive Orders which give Bush absolute power over every citizen, business and agency:

    Bush can declare a State of Emergency at his discretion

    The power to declare Martial Law & suspend Constitutional rights

    Bush also revoked a previous Enduring constitutional government and continuity of government operations

    Bush gave himself the power to commandeer all national guard sources and Law Enforcement personnel without the consent of the Governors which basically removes the state’s abilities to protect the citizens in case of an illegal government takeover as prescribed by the founding fathers.

    To hold citizens against their will indefinitely without charges, without trial and without an attorney, without notice

    Place FEMA in control of the entire country or regions of the country as he deems fit.

    Military troops can be sent into US cities under the coordination with the Director of FEMA

    Induct & conscribe citizens into forced military service

    Induct citizens forcibly into work brigades, industrialized or professional labor at the discretion of the gov’t.

    Take over control of Agriculture, fishing industry, forestry, water resources, electricity, gas, energy supplies, industrial sector, stockpiles, acquisition of resources, etc.

    Bush has sole discretion to seize properties of any citizen he deems is interfering with his plans in Iraq

    Bush has authority to take over control of all US transportation, roads, waterways, bridges, airports, seaports, railways, etc.

    FEMA, during a national emergency has been given the authority to control, operate and shut down any telecom or phone system, radio stations and other broadcasts and has control over the Emergency Broadcast system

    Control of commerce, finances, treasury, Federal checks, stocks

    Bush gave himself the power to expedite naturalization & citizenship of noncitizens and aliens for serving in active duty military (meaning, he could induct all the illegal aliens into the military, make them citizens and use them to enforce martial law on US citizens.

    Force citizens to be vaccinated with untested vaccines against their will. senate bill 1873

    Have any citizen placed on a travel ban


    Comment by mmc7 — July 9, 2008 @ 3:00 am | Reply

  26. Those of us in the US have been officially notified by the experts that all of the ice in the arctic will be gone by Sept 2008. Last Aug 2007, CNN briefly mentioned that scientists believed all ice on the earth would be melted by 2020. Some felt it would be a lot sooner.

    · A question to ask is why are the media and the populations ignoring the arctic ice melting by Sept as if it was no big deal? As if it had nothing to do with them…. Don’t they realize what this will do? There won’t be an arctic current on the West coast of the US, which is what keeps California, Oregon and Washington cool in the summer. The west coast will be getting a lot hotter very rapidly as will Alaska, Canada, UK, Siberia. Not to mention the weather changes on the rest of us. This ice will evaporate as it melts and saturate the humidity levels and create more rains, more storms and massive flooding.

    If you look on Google earth, you will see that Siberia has completely melted. It was melted last year. Google won’t let you see the arctic ice. You’ll have to go to ESA or other satellite source to see that.

    I believe in my comments somewhere, I mentioned my personal feelings that all of the ice on both poles would be melted by 2012. I didn’t base it on the Mayan calendar or any other forecasts….. but I find it interesting that the dates coincide. I based my opinion on the rate of climate change, melting rate of the ice and certain gov’t projects where they are spraying large volumes of SF6 Sulfur Hexafloride into the air which is speeding up the melting 3200 times faster than all of the pollution levels combined.

    You need to understand that SF6 is 3200 times more damaging to the environment and global warming climate than CO2. Check this Wikipedia page to see for yourself how dangerous SF6 is and remember that the Bush Administration refused to cooperate with our support of the Kyoto treaty… check out news reports of the Nov of 2001 Kyoto meeting and see what his minions did when you have time. Here is the link showing SF6 and the effect on global warming:

    I have also included the official links to some of the gov’t weather modification projects below.

    · Another question to ask is why the US government is deliberately spraying massive amounts of SF6 in the air when they know it is the worst global warming gas in existence. It is as if they are deliberately trying to increase global warming… which does not make sense, but then again, nothing has made any sense for the past 7 years.

    · The next question you should ask, is why the US government is deliberately speeding up global warming? The only thing it will accomplish is catastrophic loss of life and property along with the loss of fresh water and other resources, which will be covered with sea water and contaminated in addition to loss of historical treasures.

    Several gov’t contractors are doing these weather modification projects, which are not only occurring in the US but over other countries around the globe at the behest of the US which you can read about online. Several of the gov’t weather modification projects are listed on the link below. I’m sure they are being paid very well for this… so this is just a job for them…. But the US Government is the one who knows what they are doing and the gov’t is the one people should be questioning.

    When reading about weather modification, you must keep in mind that “Salt” does not mean “table salt.” Very few salts are harmless. You can have all types of chemical salts with aluminum, sulfur, potassium, radioactive elements… the list is endless. If you see the suffix “ide” or “ate” or “ite” it is probably some type of chemical salt compound. And while they may list one type of chemical salt, that does not mean they aren’t also using other salts or other chemicals in the mix.

    Here is one sample gov’t contractor currently doing this and they aren’t the only ones. This is so you can read about the weather modifications projects. Remember that this is just a paid contractor. It is the gov’t paying for and creating these activities using our tax dollars. You can read about each of the gov’t projects for weather modification they are doing and you can see their use of SF6 as well as the aluminum coated fiberglass chaff.

    One of these companies or gov’t entities were spraying over North Central TX daily from at least Aug 07 through Mar 08… and that is only when it was finally noticed. (I have photos & video). Who knows how long before that? They did not even bother to stop for Christmas. It was 7 days a week. If you notice on the website above, they mention projects and seeding activities in West TX…. Dallas is hardly West TX but this is another place the spraying and seeding was being performed. They claim they are using SF6 gas as a tracer along with aluminum coated fiberglass chaff and “salting” the air. In some cases, it is so profound that you can see the powder silting from the clouds. They fly a grid pattern similar to spokes on a wheel… for the purposes of refueling up north… possibly Tinker AFB or other location in OK based on the location of the point where these trails converged. These craft seemed to be about 40,000 to 50,000 ft high level which is above the regular air traffic. Although they still spray the area here from time to time (including today), they now appear to have a new method of pumping gasses into the air from the ground without using the planes. Instant thunderstorms, which form above your heads. It is quite interesting to see these clouds and storms forming over the same spot day after day for the past few weeks. No more having to worry about seeing the storms coming on radar because they are forming on top of the community. No wonder no one can get the weather forecast right. Tomorrow, they claim the storms will be coming from 2 different directions. From the west and the southeast. We had one a few weeks ago which came from the east…. backward direction while another storm was coming from the west above the easterly storm. I have video of that too. The storms from opposing directions were causing the clouds to go in a circle as the two storms impacted… and it was not a tornado. Not to mention the jet stream has gone due south into Mexico and off the radar several dozen times last year and this year. This created a spiral storm from the gulf which sat over TX for 90 days last year. This year, it was up by Chicago feeding the floods. Take a look at the weather satellite images. I have noticed that there has been some doctoring of the weather satellite images to eliminate the false vapor trails… their satellite images are not matching what I have recorded on video but they do show the spiral storms over the midwest which look like a giant hurricane.

    It is important to keep in mind that the meteorologists cannot PO the gov’t because it controls their licenses and thus their livelihood. Same with most scientists, astrophysicists, astronomers, etc. They either work for NASA, a University, an observatory or some private DOD contractor. Every one of these jobs are controlled by the government through contracts or grants, etc. If they like their jobs, they will support the gov’t approved opinions… otherwise they will be out of work and blackballed with no chance to find another job in their career expertise. So very few will speak out against the gov’t or challenge anything the gov’t is up to.

    On those false vapor trails, the fuel costs of these daily spraying had to be exorbitant. I remember 10 years ago, a commercial pilot on a newscast said fuel for an average passenger plane was $55,000.00 per plane. I would hate to see the current price of jet fuel today….but we must have money to waste doing these gov’t projects of weather modification. They fly for hours making these trails which spread until the sky is completely overcast.

    Here is another link showing where the state of TX also licenses & regulates (using the term loosely) weather modifications (this is only one example of many agencies in the US involved… perhaps the UK & Ireland as well. I saw a photo of Belfast with the spraying being done in their skies and heard complaints from Great Britain as well.

    You can see if this is being done over your heads by keeping an eye, skyward (they like to do it in the mid afternoon). When you see vapor trails from aircraft, which do not evaporate and remain in the skies for hours and spread out until the sky becomes overcast; these are not vapor trails.

    Vapor trails are just that. Vapor! Real vapor begins to disburse within a few minutes after the aircraft passes over. I have had 3 members of my family who were aerospace engineers… and having lived near aerospace companies, vapor trails and sonic booms were a daily event.

    Don’t let someone persuade you that genuine vapor trails are supposed to remain for hours and spread out into overcast clouds. That is not vapor.

    Recently, there was also a documentary… I think it was a Planet Earth series which described how the earth has tilted over on its side and back again several times in the past and is why they found evidence of an ice age at the equator and evidence of tropical growth at the poles… per that series. I’m not certain of the exact name of the show. I think it was Planet Earth episode but it could have been an episode of The Universe but it played in the past 6 months. It described how the melting and refreezing of the ice changed the balance of earth many times in the past causing it to tip over on the axis. These were expert scientists describing the very same thing we are now beginning to see.

    Even though they claim the melting arctic ice will not increase sea levels because it is floating rather than land-based….the melting of Greenland alone will raise sea levels 27 feet. The melting of all the ice on both poles will raise the sea levels 297 ft… which is the same as 20 stories. If you live on a coastal area less than 300 ft above sea level…. I would recommend relocating to higher ground above 300 ft while you can still get buyers. Once it becomes a global emergency that the seas are rising and becoming a danger, your properties will be worthless and underwater. You should also try to make your home more self-sustaining with solar panels, wells, cisterns, gardens… shade trees…etc.

    My point in providing these links is so you can verify for yourselves that this is actually going on and won’t have to rely on anyone else’s veracity… or lack thereof. You don’t even have to take my word for it. I’m only trying to point out what I’ve found and where you can find the info to read it for yourself.

    People who try to shout others down and use intimidation and insults to bully someone from expressing their opinions are either gov’t paid disinformation cretins or just loudmouths who have nothing better to do and they are not welcome on here. They can build their own opinion site to express their own views of the global environment and show their own scientific research sources on issues affecting the earth if they don’t like the contents of this one…. Rather than making personal attacks. There is plenty of gov’t prepaid propaganda available for them to immerse themselves in.

    Read the info for yourself on the links. Don’t let anyone bully you. Take time to become educated on what is going on with our planet and government. Don’t pay attention to that worn out old ploy from minions who do not want you to know the truth, so they label these subjects as “Conspiracy Theories” to make people afraid they might be included in that label. They want you to be afraid to express your opinion and to be afraid of being labeled. That is the whole idea. Read the facts for yourself. Remember, a theory is based on FACT’s per the dictionary. Hypothesis are based on supposition. Just because some disinformation pitbull is bullying people with Conspiracy Theorist labels does not make it false. The gov’t pays for TV programs and other media to be produced which expresses THEIR propaganda which they want you to believe. Bush admitted this on TV and said he had no plans to stop. They make the propaganda documentaries slanted one side and produce loyalist experts to dish out the info they want you to believe. It is the same as all of these phony terrorist scare tactics and phony Bin Ladin videos. You should have all caught onto that one last autumn when they used an old video of him on their doctored tapes which showed him with no gray hair. All phony tapes carefully timed to coincide with Bush’s wanting legislation or bills passed or so he can send more troops…. and then there are the black ops which he has bragged about doing in Iraq as well as Iran…. and that is another very long story about the crap they do. Remember the last time when he was ranting about WMD’s…. well, he’s doing it again. Ever hear the saying about “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Think about it. Criminals like the Bush Administration has running the country are capable of doing anything without conscience, including things so morally offensive that it would be difficult for any citizen to believe they could go that far. They already have and it is far worse than you can imagine.

    See my next comment so you can read the content of Bush’s executive orders, including FEMA’s powers. I’m including links where you can read each of Bush’s EO’s and the EO’s from previous Presidnets. You should read these so you will know exactly how far this Administration will go.


    Comment by mmc7 — July 9, 2008 @ 1:25 am | Reply

  27. Thanks for this article…


    Comment by Joe sixpack — June 23, 2008 @ 10:36 pm | Reply

  28. I took a compass reading last night on the summer solstice for the setting of the sun.

    I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area – 40.45N Latitude, 79.95W Longitude.

    The sun passed below the horizon at 8.29 PM and it had a compass heading of 310-degrees NNW.

    Is this helpful and if so what are the implications as to confirming a pole shift?



    Comment by pastor bob — June 21, 2008 @ 7:03 am | Reply

  29. For some time it seemed to me that somerthing was wrong with our climate in the UK. Last night it was light until well after 10pm. An occurance which at one time may have been common in the North of Scotland but not the Midlands. I have been speculating the the earth’s Axis had changed. Now I have the proof.


    Comment by HILARY HARRISON — June 16, 2008 @ 5:24 am | Reply

  30. In reading this and the follow up responses I did not see any comments or references to HAARP as perhaps the source of the poles melting.

    I live in the Pittsburgh area and we are not far from June 21st. What can I do – what do I need – to confirm the additional shift in axis?

    This has proved eye opening to say the least.



    Comment by pastor bob — June 7, 2008 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

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